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Just a few more quick Sunday Freeness.

So I was meandering SL and walked into Little Llama and almost walked straight out as this is a children’s clothing/furniture shop and not something that really interests me but since I had time to kill I thought I’d checked it out.

I found 4 freebies and although I’m only showing you the 2 of them the others a big wearable beach bag and a set of Flamingo items a dresser, a lamp with adorable Flamingo legs and a wall decor item of a framed Flamingo head are really worth picking up I’m just showing you the 2 items I’m going to squeeze in my home somewhere.


Adorable fat bunny bums.  They’re “looking for Spring” which isn’t far off what I’m doing now as it’s chucking it down with rain and so cold from the wind in RL!  Each pot is only a single prim.


More plant theme here, the 3 plants are linked which means they only come to a single prim. Gorgeous colours and like the bunnies they are mod.

As I’ve said this shop is a child orientated one but IF I was child friendly I would love this shop, there are some lovely and very realistic items of furniture.  There is fort made out of a settee and the cushions and a little play kitchen which anyone who has visited a RL children’s toy shop will recognise.  Absolutely adorable.  Check out the Marketplace as it has these 2 gifts, but I can’t see the Flamingo items, and also some bargain priced childrens clutter and books.

Little Llama

Little Llama Marketplace

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Good girl gone bad!

Honestly as soon as I saw this on the Marketplace I knew it would be good and in fact it’s turned out to be great.

Good Alice2 UseSorry I’ve managed to give what is a very white a blue outfit a slightly yellowish tinge when playing with Windlight but you must make sure to check it out on the Bowtiques MP shop as it’s a pretty damned good picture of its true colouring.

BadieJust to make it even more tempting not only do you get mesh shoes, socks, dress, an Alice band for you hair, all the sizes and on top of that you get TWO versions.  The good girl one is almost luminous virginal white the bad girl one comes in a darker dress coloured and splashes of blood and with the hud you also have a change of tights and a blade of course.  Honestly this is such a bargain and such great quality I’ve been wearing it for days and I’m happily chucking out my old prim costume.  Same as the others I had to fiddle with the shoes but it just meant stretching them a tad a procedure that anyone can do.

Bowtique is owned by Jellyroll and is only on the Marketplace. She has a couple of other costumes including a wicked Queen of hearts outfit (also a 100Lds) but most items are normal clothing some lovely puffy sleeved dresses. There are demos of some of her other outfits but not of this Alice dress however I and the 8 others who have left glowing reviews can’t be that wrong.

Bowtique Marketplace