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Love in Venice

Ahh..Venice..a place for romance…masked balls…looking effortlessly chic whilst sipping black-as-coal espresso by the canal. Never been there myself..but if I did..Id like to think I could give the locals a run for their money and look stylishly slick. Yes Id slink around wearing something like this from coldLogic..the “vergara” mesh dress..sleek enough for evening wear..but…depending on what you wear it with..day wear also. I have to say, mazza pants apart (blow torched off my legs last week btw) this new line of dresses are simply my favourite..the low dip back really falls beautifully..the wrinkles and crinkles look so real…even the way they kinda “pull” a bit across your tummy, as if you’d scoffed just one too many pastries…Im wearing the linen version, the top part is thick satin..the lower half nubbly linen..a really nice contrast. (Three other colour variations, black & white, marine & strawberry) 350L singles orrrrr 900 for a quantum pack of all four. Incase you’re wondering about the name…”vergara”, I don’t know for sure..but..I think it’s after Sofia Vergara, the actress…looks like something shed adore to wear !

As a Venice afternoon turns to half light…make sure you’re seen leaning against the rails of a picturesque bridge..smouldering and sultry…layer on the lippy..tilt your hat…and vogue bebe..mmhmm..here Iam trying to do just that in one of the other new releases from coldLogic “owens” (pricing the same as the vergara)..this time with a striped effect across the halter top and pinstripe detailing on the body..snazzy! It seems a lot more vampish somehow with the stripes…I chose the earth tone to show you..three other colours also available – summer, lilac & watermelon…these shades will take you from spring to summer easily! Was tempted to add a stole or bolero but..I so wanted you to see how perfectly the halter fits around your neck..thats a hard thing to get right with mesh..also the low back…both working well with a number of pre-made no modify shapes I own…all of the items do come in squooodles of size options and there’s demos for you at the inworld store and the market place..two other new dresses also out..go see ! Thanks coldLogic team xx

owens & vergara dress’s : coldLogic main store        market place store

Hat, photo one: Gos        market place store

Hat,photo 2: Couture Chapeau   market place store