Chic inc. rebranding sale!

Colette cute barbie glossy lips

Anyone who’s shopped at Chic inc. will already know what good value for your linden dollars the skins are. amazingly detailed,superb body shading…and all around pretttttiness ! Sooo Chic inc is rebranding to a new name “woman(ity)” and before the change over they are having a MASSIVE sale on their skins.

The one above was my personal fav, prolly because it has PINK lips…soft smudgy doe eyes…its devine..and only 10L ! There is a vast amount to go see, various colours…a lot at 10L some for 100L..click the pic for a good gawp at the loveliness !

go grab your pretty : chic inc.


Be a ” Chic ” Fashion Freak

Chic Inc Fashion Freaks gift

Last few days of the Fashion Freaks hunt and Hasi Nestler the designer at Chic Inc showed me her gift ! It’s a skin & Tattoo, for those who don’t wish to wear the tattoo on the face (which is sooooo beautiful) there is also a plain skin given, now that’s generous! The skin itself is uber glam..a lovely tone and facial features are beautiful..glossy lips…smudged smokey eyes….rawrrrrrrr! Its a winner for me…and I shall wear it often. Check out the rest of the store while youre there, upstairs there are some amazing sale skins for just 10 of your linden dollars, plus many more at 100 ! Such high-end quality.

go get skinned : Chic Inc