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More CHIC² and Thigh High’s plus skin !

I’ve got a few pretties to share with you from the CHIC²  event that’s currently on…plussss some mesh goodness from SF Design. The dress I’m wearing is from MiaMai and is called “Nene”..its  sweet little thing…ruffled bottom…corset top…made me feel party’ish! It comes in a myriad of colours…the rose pink is especially lovely…My skin is one of three that YS&YS has out for the CHIC²  event…the one I particularly liked was this called “Rachel”…and ohmaii…Im even wearing the shape that came with it ! That doesn’t happen very often..but its such a cute face I couldn’t resist…love love LOVE the teeth layer (its optional) Sooo many extras with this set its amazing…go grab a demo and take a peek. Nowww the boots huh? Hubbidy Hubba…these are from SF Design…and gawd I love em..thigh highs  don’t figure regularly in my wardrobe BUT…these are just ooooozing smexness I had to wear them ! They do have size options..and they come with a colour HUD, with…wait for it…FIFTEEN preset colours *faints* but that’s not all…ohnoes…you can also tint them to your own special shades ! Demo available…grab em girls! Thanks Swaffette ❤


SF Design

Wardrobe poser – free group gift from Glitterati

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CHIC² – Cafe Society

A little more for you from the  CHIC² Birthday event…above Im wearing a special for the event from Somnia…theres actually three versions of this in heaps of colours..I plumped for the “storm” one..theres rainbows &  rain too…the pose is from a set by Frooti called “random chic”, great set to snap up ! The skin I have on is by Al Vulo and is called “Baba2” , a few make ups in this set..and its a real keeper for me…the caramel is a fantastic skin tone for the summer. (it also passed my partners verrrry thorough *naked test* lol) Anddd just behind me you can seee..

this pretty cafe set by Fluke..I was really impressed by the poses in each chair..and the fact that they match up with the position of the coffee cups perfectly ! Lovely for a coffee & chat with a friend…

 CHIC²  runs until the 24th was crazzzzzylegs busy yesterday , so take a gander today…every designer has one exclusive new item out for you ..


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POST..a new addiction

I so rarely go gaga over furniture…not enough to mass tp my friends in to see try lounge around ON it..but but..for this, I did. The moment it was out of the box and standing there..I just fell in love . The shape and lines of the set are just sumptous..clean but luxurious…its the sort of thing Id imagine an old movie star having in their Hollywood home. Yes, its pink (hurrah!) but..for those who do not have a pink obsession, it is colour change…some lovely shades too…clay..ivory..avacado and more..

The intricate details are stunning on the table especially…adore the cocktail shaker that actually does dispense wearable drinks and ciggies (small and large versions to fit perfectly in your hand) The poses are top-notch with something for everyone. This set is called “Haarlem Deco Lounge Set” and at the moment you can only get your paws on it at the CHIC²  event..well worth the tp to go fetch..I also popped along to the mainstore and picked up a  few goodies for myself…found quite a few free framed prints and thee most divine little smoking table which is in my SL home, pride of place.

CHIC²  event

POST mainstore

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Thought Id show you a few more items from the CHIC² event that begins later ends on the 24th June so no huge rush….yet ! I’m wearing the very lovely pale Blanca skin from Akeruka…such delicate shading makes it a gentle look…the lush lips do add a slash of colour…A new hair designer to me is Atro Patena , they have this sweet hair on offer called “Juliet”, I love up do’s, so this was a real winner for me, the hairband is also texture change and tintable – very handy. Totally adorable pose is by FructOse, its named “paint in love”, and is actually a couples pose, but as I’m a single pringle tonight, you’ve just got me . Loved how I could fiddle with this…added in another paint stripe to cover my does come with a wearable paint smear also…sooper cool !

CHIC² Blog

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Mesh around with a little CHIC² preview

omg omg omg I’m sooo excited..I was trudging about looking for hunt prizes to show you for the Mesh Around Hunt…and ohmai..I was rewarded with two incredible gifts..First I stumbled across Ploom’s prize, this darling hair..”daisy”…it comes with a HUD so you can change the color…and is so so SO pretty, it was on my head and fixed there straight away ! Then I saw that my fav shoe designer Mr Gospel Voom wa sin the off I trundled..and found his prize also ! oh…oh…OH….its not only PINK…but its ankle boots..the newwwwwwww ones *faint*…arent they just EDIBLE? Thank you ploom & GOS for being so über generous..and making my day ultra smiley ❤ If you’re wondering where my divine little blue shorts set is from…wellllll its  a sneak preview from the upcoming CHIC² event…mmhmm…gawd its adorbs…mesh puffy shorts..sweet sailor shirt and big ruffle bow…I feel a zillion bucks in it..from Jack spoon and called “saily outfit”…the skin is from {.essences.} and is named Rowena…both of these items will be available to drop into your shopping bags on June 3rd – 24th , CHIC have their 2nd Birthday..and this is a massive collection of designers to celebrate. Each brand will have one new and exclusive (for the duration of the event) item with the theme of CHIC. huzzzah!



Mesh Around blog

CHIC² blog