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Free for you

CIRCA Gacha - Karin FREE outfit and boots

This lovely little outfit of skirt, sweater & boots can be yours if you have enough patience! Karin is a tiny store but its got some sweet pieces. This was sent out as a group gift, but strangely the subscribo is no longer there in the shop – howeverrrrrrr, both items are currently on the lucky board, it turns over pretty sharpish so you wouldn’t have to hang around long. The furniture shown is by CIRCA and is currently in a gacha at the OMG! event – only open until the 24th January so get your skates on ! I have to say that the beany bag style chair Im sat on is an absolute cracker, loaded with male & femals sits and comes in at just 2Li ! Thanks Cherelle ❤

Karin FREE outfit

Another win on the lucky board at Karin, this all in one outfit, complete with hood & hair attached. Fits like a glove over my Slink Physique mesh body – win !

milky way FREE outfit

Whilst I was loitering at Karin I also kept my eye on the group only (free to join) lucky board at Milky way next door. I managed to be patient and snagged the scarf and coat with dress, there’s also boots on offer to win but I had to get to work.



milky way

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Promenading in Luxury & warmth

The Promenade - CIRCA Gacha pieces NEW!

I do love a bit of furniture arranging, and decor is close to my heart – so when Cherelle Capra, the creator at CIRCA dropped me a peek of her latest collection for The Promenade I was so excited. Cherelle has made a whole set for her gacha at the event, its called “Winter Paris” and is all kinds of pretty shades of frosty blue, with a floral hint now and again. Eleven commons and four rares to win – I haven’t been able to fit it ALL in shot, there’s also a gorgeous sideboard and a stunning chaise, plus a room divider !

The Promenade - CIRCA

As is usual with CIRCA, the level of detail is superb and the prims pretty low (range from 1- 11 Li) I LOVE the pillow chair – its my favourite piece, male & female poses included.

The Promenade - cape

I’ve also got this warm and cosy poncho to share with you, its by Fi’s Creations, I’m wearing the blue which is a common win, there’s other colours to try for including a verrrry scrummy pink. Nice touch with the fat buttons along the lovely shaped collar.

The Promenade

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Seaward !



Just in time for the sunny summer weather, Circa has released some fahhhbulous items for your space.  This is the Seaward outdoor lounger set, you get two of the trendy mesh loungers in the box . They have colour/pattern change for the towel and also choices for the wood texture. I was totally impressed with the quality of the wood and fabric textures – SO realistically done.

CIRCA - NEW! Valentina E ruffled swimsuit - Clawtooth hair Cherry Bomb (hair fair) Pink Acid lip stick FiFridays

Above is the Seaward beach dock, its got 18 beach / dock animations for males & females. Not the usual run-of-the-mill ones we see so often either ! Every item in this Seaward collection is pretty low prim, so you wont be sacrificing much of your budget, always a plus. The dock comes complete with accessories scattered about, and plants attached to the walkway.( Go and check out the animations instore, some NEW ones added that are extra chic ohlala!)

CIRCA Floatie NEW!

What would a hot summers day be without floaties ! These are really marvellous, the level of detail such as the handles and the ever-so-gentle rotation is lovely. Make sure you get the right one, there is a male and a female choice and ooodles of colours !

CIRCA Mainstore

CIRCA market place

Hair – Cherry Bomb by Clawtooth @ The Hair Fair

Ruffled swimsuit by Valentina E 

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The Blue room – Charlotte Bay Blues !


CIRCA My new lounge !

I tend to stick with what furniture I’ve got in my home for like everrrrr…I add and add things but rarely remove stuff. so when I DO remove items and change, its gotta be a bit special ! CIRCA had this set out “Charlotte Bay” at a recent event, that completely bypassed my radar, luckily though it is all for sale at the main store now yay. Anywayyy I was looking over this gorgeous collection, trying out the poses, fiddling with the texture change that throws up some really eyecatching fabrics – when it occurred to me – how fab would this look in MY home ! I can be a bit of a slow poke sometimes I know , so I removed it from the studio in the sky and took it down to my home and arranged it  there….it looks fabuloussss. Cherelle has loaded the chairs and couch with some really darling poses, which makes it a real gem to relax on. The table has three types of wood tone, so it should fit in with most décor themes.


As you can see above there is a LOT more of the set then I fitted in my pokey lounge. Lovely slatted wood bookcases,  a sideboard and really natty retro feel wall clock, plus a large freestanding vase, there is actually MORE to see, so go take a gander at the main store. It’s a really fresh style to brighten up your space for the oncoming summer ! Thanks Cherelle ❤

CIRCA mainstore

CIRCA market place store


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Foodies delight


The food fair is now over but don’t fret if you missed it, CIRCA has now moved all their deliciousness to the main store . Just walk straight in (if you’re not lured by all the pretties outside!) and head to the right a little way, et voila …I have an array of treats to share with you but there are heaps more on show instore. I love Cherelle’s quality on these pieces, So realistic and charming. You really feel as if you could reach out and pluck a croissant from the plate, or a chocolate (or five!) These plates also offer you a wearable animated edible, how yummmi.

CIRCA - Food Fair !

If you’re into decor, do check out these sets of wall plates, so quaint and shabby chic, I totally adore them and the pink set is already on the wall in my home. Lowww prim and perfect to cheer up your space. Ohhhh you’ll also find some superduper gacha machines scattered about the store, crammed with such sweet items ! Thanks Cherelle ❤