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Aphrodite NEW - Wine tasting

Ohmai lord, there’s so much newness bursting out from Aphrodite store at the moment ! I thought I would kick things off by sharing with you the new wine tasting table set . It’s visually stunning, SO much to look at, so much to do ! As always with Aphrodite the win is in the little details and attention to beauty. The stools hold the animations to eat and drink and what superb animations they are. For instance, you can actually serve yourself wine from the bottle, just accept the offer of animation from the popups that come as you choose your pose. The brilliant thing is it’s all rather low land impact, so it wont eat up your prim budget to have it out all the time yippeee!

Aphrodite NEW - Wine tasting set

Heres a close up of some of the goodies, heaps more that you can play with too . This set would sit so well indoors or out, beach or pool party  – heres a list of what the box contains :

Set contains:

♥ Vintage Oak Wine Barrel Bar Stool with 5 unique animations and 2 props (wine bottle and wine glass)

♥ Vintage oak & glass wine tasting table. Barrels are filled with wine corks. MESH 4 LI.

♥ Country cheeses big board: MESH only 10 LI! With over 10 different cheeses, cookies, cheese sticks, garlic toasts, olives, cherries and more. Dispenses 14 different treats on touch to eat with a graceful animations, and also says on general chat how it tastes and info about each piece, to add realism.

♥ Double country board with delicatessen: features the most expensive cheeses and salamis of the World, super luxurious treats new in SL! MESH 14 LI only. Beautiful decorated with specially made knifes and forks for cheeses. Dispenses 7 different treats on touch. Taste the world famous “moose” or “donkey” cheese, or the Italian “Caciocavallo” horse cheese, or why not a cheese made with gold, like the “White Stilton gold” or another aged for centuries like the “Bitto Storico”? Something innovative for your parties and lot of fun for your guests.

♥ Snacks bowls: peanuts and two kinds of fries as extra addition. Two prims each.

♥ Chianti red wine bottle: MESH 1 LI.

♥ Chianti white wine bottle: MESH 1 LI.

♥ Aphrodite new summer wines collection: 7 different wines to taste and enjoy (1 LI each). Bottles comes in two versions, individually or to rezz all of them together to save prims, in this case would be a total of 4 LI only (linked set with multi menu). Moscato, Riesling, Merlot, Vignoles are some of the wonderful options to taste.

♥ Set of 6 red wine glasses decorative. MESH 1 LI.

♥ Set of barrels and grapes, decorative. MESH 3 LI.

It’s quite a huge amount isn’t it?! You can go to the store and rez a demo if you’d like to try it all out. Thanks Marina ❤

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