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Boobies.(25Ld GG).

It costs 25Lds to join the Sorbet group and before I join any group I always check out the goodies to see if it’s worth the joining fee and this bra on its own was well worth the price.

It is rather cheeky but I like that, nice crossover straps at the back and you can just about make out the little bow in the front.  You get the SLink & SLink Hourglass plus XS, S, and M fits and a small 3 colour hud but this off-white one is the prettiest.

There are other gifts and they too come in limited fits and I grabbed the big fat dangly egg earrings, the pumpkin and if you do join then grab the “Peplum”.  This isn’t the dress it’s actually just a “Peplum” we women know what that is.  You do get a colour hud with it as well and apart from the dark colour used in the picture the rest of the shade are pretty pastel colours.  I personally can’t see myself using it but someone will find it handy for dressing up a plain skirt or dress they have.  Again limited in the sizes ie non-mesh body and standard mesh fits.

PS. The Sorbet shop is on the Nouveau shopping sim and if the LM doesn’t take you to the Sorbet shop there is a TP outside of all the shops.


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Kawaii boobs.


Although I thought I’d had my fill of Gacha’s I decided to pop over to the Lily of the Valley Gacha Festaval mainly because this was my Mums fav plant.  The usual mix of clothes, make up, this n that and then I found this.  Nope I am not wearing my beloved Tangos as the boobalicious shape is from the dress.  So if you have wanted to “grow a pair” without the expense then for 50Ld this is a really cute and cheeky mesh dress..


Another clearer shot so you can see the belt and braces detail and all the butterflies you can see attached to head, arms and legs also come with the dress but you don’t have to wear them if you don’t want to but remember this is a Gacha item so I won the pink but you may end up with a different colour.

So I TPed over to Magritta’s shop ****Mag<3.B. which I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged before because she has some seriously cute outfits and all at more than reasonably price in face if you want a certain colour for this outfit then they’re in her shop at full price of 90Lds which is still pretty damned good.  She also has some really exc GG, Free to join and if it wasn’t for the fact I’m in such a rush I would have loved to have shown you them.  Make sure to check out her MP shop as well not only to see the sort of things she has but she’s also got some really bargain priced prettiness.

Lily of the Valley Gacha Festival



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Scored Big Scored Cheap (Hunt items).

Second shop on my Christmas Candy Can Hunt list and I scored so well I’m really chuffed.  First thing though wasn’t a hunt prize but check this out.

PlanterOMG 2 prims ALL of those plants on a boat shaped planter=2 prims!  This is such great quality and texturing.  Called Boat planter because it has a bowed bottom to it but in all honestly I’ve just placed mine of water for the fun of it because it can be placed anywhere.  Our sim is almost whitened out so I thought that one of the more flowery and colourful planters would be out of place so I chose the more sedate grassy one but if you’re still in SL summertime mode then the other boxes are in full bright bloom, packed with flowers and greenery.  Excellent all round including the 49Ld price tag.

WateringJust to give you a better indication of the size, depth and quality I took this picture.

Autum treeThese tree’s are the Lets Give Thanks Hunt Item (or the picture of the pumpkin) and are FREE.  Pretty generous when yet again you have such great texturing and low primmedness.  If I remember correctly you get 5/6 different shapes in the pack and they’re copyable and at 2 prims you could rezz a whole forest of them..

And then the icing on the cake is this.

CandyI had stood and admired these in the shop I didn’t really have the Lindens left to buy them(roll on payday) I had earmarked them for a later date when I had some Lindens to spend  and then I stumbled on to the Christmas Candy Cane hunt item (cupcake with a candy stick in it) and YES this was in it! and it’s copyable.  I’ve just quickly rezzed items on my land because I so want to get back to hunting as there is so much good stuff out there and I want it all, but when I get back inworld I might just rezz this cutie inside my home.  All the above photos were taken in my Nams Optimal Prim and Skin setting but esp the Peppermint Candy Cane tree looks stunning in all windlights.

3 Hunts going on in Alyxen’s shop at the moment and all can be found in his furniture shop but please check out the TP to his Garden shop, Mens Clothes and Skyboxes.  Each dept has something that stands out as being rather different.  The furniture shop, obviously the planters but it also has bed’s, thrones, Christmas Tree’s etc etc.  The garden shop has tree’s, landscaping, butterflies etc and the clothes department has some really cute and cheeky “peeking” mens boxers and I’m hoping to send Baylen there to pick a pair up (I promise piccies if he does) but even the mensware dept had something for me, bright eyes for only 9Lds.  I picked myself a pair of orange ones up and I was so pleased with them when I get back inworld my last Lindens is going on some of the bright and unusual ones.

Alyxen Designs


Check out my melons!

For those of you who thought you were going to see boobies! Shame on you.  Kidding of course but you will have to settle for the one boob flash.

MelonsI was cleaning out my invent and came across a really lovely dress which turned out to be an old group gift from OrsiniSun, that particular dress isn’t available now but as I was wandering around the shop it finally dawned on me that all the melon lollies that are scattered liberally around the place might mean something and they do they mean SALE! Each item which had a melon lolly stuck to it has it’s price slashed to only 25Lds and thats a heck of a discount from the full price.  If it wasn’t for the fact that my invent is groaning with stuff I would have happily clicked away and got  a whole new fresh wardrobe for so few Lindens.  Hatili Ishtari has 2 shops one for the “normal” clothes (OrsiniRed), mesh tops, skirts, dresses, shorts etc all sweet all well textured and all wearable whilst the other shop (OrsiniSun) is for the more fantasy look which this dress is a prime example of. The hair and cleavage flowers are add ons.  LOVE IT. Love the unique use of the flowers to cover, if only slightly, the boobs it makes it a cheeky and yet so pretty dress.  This is one of the 25Lds dresses on offer.

Melons 1Daft (silly) pose but I wanted to get a picture and this posted as soon as possible as I don’t know when the special offers will be withdrawn and I’d hate for people to miss it.  This is a Group Gift (free to join) and both shops have a group gift to match their style so this is from the normal clothes and the fantasy has a group gift of a bandau with a skirt which seems to consist of not much more than flowers strung together sweet but check out the crochet swim shorts and top.  Haven’t had a chance to try it on yet but again with the quality of the items I have tried on then I have high hopes it’s going to be cheeky.

You can just walk from one shop to the other rather than use my LMs.

OrsiniSun Fantasy


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Walk Of Shame

Yes you do know what I mean. That long trip home in the morning  from a wild night out where you’ve lost your bag, shoe and dignity.

Walk of

Rummaging in my Invent in another desperate attempt to clear out the carp and find the goodies I came across this dress.  One of those lightly sheer dresses that shows off just enough to catch peoples eyes but not so that your nude in public.  So I had to check that it was still a Freebie and not only is it still a freebie but they have an updated version of it for Lola Tangos.  Of course I binned my boobless photo and had fun with my Lolas.  I have to say that it looks equally as cheeky, sexy with both enhanced and natural boobs so do not let that put you off and it’s also NON MESH! so wearable for all.

ShameSimple shirt, simple shorts, simple price….FREE.  A group gift from Chandelle and a generous one at that because you not only get all the mesh sizes but 2 colour choices of shirts, black or white, and 5 colour choices for the shorts. Simple mesh shorts with an untucked shirt perfect for any time.

If you have a few Lindens to spare you can join the paid for group and pick up the dresses for that one and chances are if this is the quality of the Freebie then any VIP Group gifts she sends out will be quality items.

Update on the sheer dress from EB Atelier, just in case you have issues with the MP or time to kill inworld then I’d reccomend you pop to their inworld shop.  On the floor near the back of the shop is a sack which contains not only the dress but some other items but also if you join the Free Group there is a pair of Heels just waiting to be picked up for a single Linden.

AB Atelier Sheer Dress Inworld

Sheer Dress Marketplace

Chandelle Shirt&Shorts

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Blew It!

My budget that is.  However my excuse is I found some really great stuff at even better prices.

Perga 1

This is what happens when you “pop” into Collabor88 you find something so good you have to buy it. A cross over copper coloured  metallic mesh dress.  The dark black outline, buttons and crisp collar look so good.  I chose this colour but they have some more dramatic colour choices  The boots are a must because this finish off this look to perfection and they too come if matching colours to the dresses.  They are a separate buy but at 88Lds for each item that still works out at a more than reasonable price for a great look. Better hurry though because once removed they will go back to full price.

Perga11The strange thing is I had just been to Rei2 Aya shop, R2 Fashion, and seen this outfit just before I TPed to Collabor88.  So fate decided I had to buy it.  Cheeky cheeky and more cheek. A strapless dress but that short skirt with the exaggerated flare means you can show your undies off or if you really cheeky dare to bare all.

Perga111Only 4 colour choices with this dress so again I stuck with the beige. Wearing the boots as well and again they go a long way to finishing off this outfit.  This dress isn’t in the Collabor88 sale it’s in their main shop but 149Lds is a decent price.

This shop is about 70% shoes, 20% clothes, 10% skins and a 100% excellence.  Loving the shoes as well and I’ve grabbed a number of demos to try on at my leisure and another cheeky skirt demo with the same flare as this dress.  Her clothes and shoes have that touch of something extra that make them stand out from crown (which you certainly will do if you don’t wear your undies!).



Now walk outside of R2 and into the Love Soul shop which is packed with so many good things.  Nails, shoes, hair, accessories all with a touch of uniqueness.  You don’t find this stuff in every other shop.  I spent all my money here on hair.


Sadly for 170Ld you only get 1 shade and I want them ALL! You can buy a fatpack but thats a 1000Lds which may work out at a bargain price but I’m going to have to settle for this (just for the moment).

Hair 2Cute and short, a bit like my AV.

Perga 3

and finally this hair and then I had to leave because I just wanted all of the hairs on offer. Got to mention the shop owners name because she deserves it, 流依 Bluestarrui Villota.

Kicking myself because the one thing I do have plenty of from this shop is nails.  A great selection of colours and sizes so go on check out the claws. The check out the rest of the shops at this shopping centre.  Well laid out with good prices, good designs, good Gatchas and a few LBs.  So if your not shopping for anything in particular you will have a lovely time here.

PS as it happens I too popped to the Ribbon shop at this shopping centre and won almost the same top as Faith has just blogged but I got the “melty heart” one and it’s so cute.

Love Soul

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Sakide Rudiess

Proof positive that sending out notices of new designs works because as soon as I got this note I grabbed my remaining Lindens and TPed.  I love a little bit of boob flashing and yes this is how you are suposed to wear it but for those with more modesty than me you can of course team it up with a top because although the main skirt is mesh the straps are not and you get a choice of all 3 layers.  You also get a pair of socks with an old fashioned gaitors holding them up and they do suit this outfit really well and with a choice of 3 colours you can use them to finish off other outfits.  And the price? a more than reasonable 120Lds.

As soon as you enter the shop ignore all the goodies and zoom in on the back corner because there you will find some LBs and 2 MMs  and once you’ve scanned to make sure your initial isn’t there then you can have a leasurely time checking out all 16 Gatchas and then all  3 floors of really nice unfussy, great textured, with attutude, Sassy Kitty clothes and if you have a lot of SL time to kill the top floor is devoted to Camping Chairs.