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Run don’t walk! (Freebie).

I’m rushing this post so much that I’m only going to give you the LM to the Freebie and later on when I’ve got more time I’ll pop the link for the Non Free Group Gift and the Gacha win.

The reason I’m being so quick is I can’t see the Free Group Gift from Hilly Halaan on the Group Gift boards but it is in the Group History and since notices only last 14 days time it’s time to go grab it.


A sexy mesh corset which comes with some Appliers and the Lola Tango Applier but as you can see even the “boobless” look sexy.


I’ve dropped Faith a note so when she gets back from her Holidays, Lucky Cow, she knows to TP straight over to Cheeky Pea because like me she is in the VIP Group which if I remember correctly is….nope can’t remember how much it costs but this is one of those groups which pay you back in spades.


A mix of poses, single, couple and sexy..not tried the last 2.  In the first picture the book is propped up on your knee’s as one hand turns the page and the other holds your wine glass.


Promised Update.  Cheeky Pea does cost 500Lds to join but again Isla Gealach the owner of CP is really good at ensuring there is not only a new monthly gift put out but often esp at holiday times she give us whopping big gift cards.  I still have 500 on my account from Christmas time.  So if you’ve got some cash to splash have a think about it.


Hilly Halaan

Cheeky Pea

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Welcome to the New Year and a new fresh start.

sport urb

This is how I’m planning on starting my New Year.  The Christmas tree is in the loft the yoga mat has been dusted off and the resistance bands I bought have turned up.  I only wish it was all as easy as this mat from LISP Bazaar makes it look.  I’ve blogged it before but since the graceful yoga poses are so good I’ll put the link in.

UPDATE and an OMG because not only did I forget how much is in these yoga mats ie the menu but also you get a colour choice and rezzable water bottles, not using it in this picture, and ALL of that is a token 5oLds!  When you rezz inworld just walk straight ahead and through the shop till you get near to the back of the shop and you can even try the mats out before you buy.

I actually bought the wall mounted yoga mats from Cheeky pea not for a gym setting, I was actually going to pop it into my craft room as I think they also look like colourful rolls of fabric.  At only 2 prims I can rezz as many copies as I like and I’ve even popped one into Faiths home.  200Lds and worth it.  A sorry here because I had a quick looksie as I was LM grabbing and I can’t see where the yoga mats are on the Cheeky Pea sim.  I should imagine they’re going to be found in the “Odds n Ends” section but a quick scan I still didn’t spot them but you may have more time.  I promise you they’re there LOL.  If you want to TP directly to the different sections there is a cute table laid out in the shape of the sim you simply click the sign of the place you want to go or what would be much better is to have a wander around.

If you have some spare Lindens, ok a lot of spare Lindens, then the cheeky Pea group is one I would recommend joining.  Lovely monthly gifts and often Gift Cards are given and for example this Christmas we all got a 500Ld Gift card which paid back the cost of joining and more.


These shorts are a really lovely Freebie from Aushka&co and you do have to join the group but it’s free and so is all the other lovely freebies which are old group gifts waiting there to be snagged, there is also some lovely Dollarbie tops which I grabbed them all and a dress for 10Lds which tbh time prevented me from trying on.  Forgot to say that although you only get the 1 colour in the shorts you get a pair for each day so on the back of these shorts is Thursday.



Cheeky Pea

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Eloquence (Free gifts) & bargain hair !

Eloquence opening gifts FREE

I was reading Renee Harvy’s blog the other day and she pointed out some fantastical freeb’s at the Grand Opening of Eloquence. So I popped over and snapped up a few treats. When you land join the group (its free to join) then walk along the walls. You will find heaps of gifts all laid out for you. Furniture, shoes, clothing, poses and more ! This gorgeous funky pigeon bench was one of the gifts I snaffled up, plus the skybox that Renee showed on her blog. (its SO pretty!)

Eloquence opening gifts Allouette, cheeky pea and jumpsuit FREE

I also scooped up this natty little mesh jumpsuit complete with HUD that gives you many colour choices. I was bowled over by the amount of gifts out and bedazzled by this set of chairs and stunning coffee table from Cheeky Pea. You actually get three chairs in differing colours, all filled up with male & female poses. My shoes were another pressie, for the Slink high feet, you get three versions of them in the bag. The photm frame behind me is also a gifty ! Have to mention my hair from KoKoLoReS ! Its grooooovy and edible and what’s more its the Fi*Friday offering this week, so get  a move on and grab yourself a Friday bargain !





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Nest with me.

I wasn’t going to do this hunt because the eggs you have to find are scattered all over the sim and in the shops and since I know The Nest has so many amazing quality, low primmed, new designs, new designers, excellent textured, STUFF I would give into temptation and spend a fortune.  But when I got a note from Cheeky Pea to say that they now have a DISCOUNT SHOP I had to go.  Whilst I was spending some Lindens I noticed that the eggs scattered about were actually pretty easy to find and those hidden in shops were even easier because only the shops involved in the hunt have the signs in their windows.

RoundAs you can see I was weak in the face of temptation. I literally collected all of this stuff in less than an hour and I still haven’t unpacked everything, but so far I’ve gained some furniture, food, eggy decorations and I have to say that although I’m not an antler lover the one I am wearing has cute Easter Eggs dangling down and I couldn’t resist wearing it.

Lots of the best quality shops are situated on The Nest and so many of them are involved in this hunt.  Here’s just a few of their names involved in the hunt, End of Daze, Senzafine, Zigana, What Next, cheeky Pea, circa, BA(barneswoth), sanctuaire, Lame, Post  and on and on and thats just 1 street and only the shops with the Egg Hunt signs in their window.  The LM I have given is for the Cheeky pea discount shop so once you’ve checked out the goodies have a pleasant time wandering around picking up your eggs.

Cheeky Pea Discount Shop

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I couldnt resist ! Ive blown my October Budget already and its only the 8th …hubbidy hubba whats a girl to do..I SO rarely buy skin…and as my favourite skin maker Gala Phoenix is sadly not able to be in Second Life and create currently..I had an itch that needed scratching..soooo there I was at Collabor88 and saw this skin by Glam Affair “Ginny”…such a lovely tone..beautiful face…I pontificated for about 20 minutes…and then WHAM, it was in the bag and I was poorer. BUT ! Only 188L poorer…such a great price, how can you not buy it? Decided after braving the crowds at collabor88 I needed a rest on my new “fly to the sky” bench from Cheeky Pea..what a  steal, Fifty Linden Friday *squeee*, couples,  singles and friends poses galore…slid into something a lot more comfy from coldLogic…the “nevin” top in lush copper…and the kime pants in cocoa…snugggly and sleek !

Ohhhh did you manage to go grab the clawtooth pack of hair for 50L? Well here it is…sooooo glam ! Called “Glamazon”, this is the wheat shade, but you get two others also…keep an eye on clawtooth..they always have great offers and stunning new hair…this offer may have ended by now…but go take a peek, bet you don’t come away empty handed ! Musnt forget to tell you about the new crema lipcolours from MOCK…gawd…sooper delishhhh and so wearabubble…Im wearing the one called smolder…not heavy or clownish…but a delicate slick of colour to transform your lips…love it.



MOCK Cosmetics

Cheeky Pea



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Arm(ed) chair and a new home

You know how it is you see something that you really really want and you then have to hunt down the designer and hope they have a shop and then hope they have it for sale in that shop and usually it ends up that it’s a one off and they don’t sell it so imagine my little happy dance when not only did I find the chair but it’s FREEEEEEE…weeee…  Now I can understand to a lot of people sitting on a chair that has very realistic human arms and legs is a bit freaky but sitting on someone in this case is pretty good because the sitting AOs are fresh, new and suit the chair so well.  4 prims and copyable and then icing on the cake is the same box contains another really good chair in a different style and a table to match.  This isn’t a furniture shop it is infact a petrol heads delight so if the smell of oil is to your taste come check it out.

19 Motorcycle

And then back to Cheeky Pea.  Now I’m a CP VIP which means you have a fee to pay but the way I look at it if I pay to join a group when I have no Lindens left I still get the occasional suprises and CP has gone and made my day.  A skybox called “It’s easy being green” which is such good quality.  A small compact skyhome which reflects the growing trend to downsize in RL but it lacks nothing! a small sideroom with 2 doorways, 2 sky lights and excellent shadows and textures and shades and at 14 Prims I have no idea of how they have managed to do it! But it’s a VIP group gift so give it a thought and if you do join then wear your tag and look in the group notices and it’s there just waiting for you.

Cheeky Pea

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Blanket Heaven

In all my years in SL I have never found a Hammock that doesn’t make you look as though your “planking” that is until now this hammock is simply the best I’ve found.  As you can see from the picture my AV is snuggled up so nicely.  All of the poses and there is a total of 21 single poses and 9 couple poses. Lovely textures to the fabrics and the netting and chain.  Shabby Chic lovelyness.  550Lds for what I consider to be the best hammock ever and at only 11 prims so reasonable.  You can pay a little bit extra 600lds (for tent and table) and get a table that matches with a tea pot, 2 mugs and a pile of magazines for 10 prims.

For those of you who are waiting for payday, aren’t we all, or prim counting then check out the matching Blanket Tent.  Same fabrics, similar poses but you get “12 animations for 2 AVs (2 sets of 6)” which basically means you can sit comfortably on your own or with a friend.  Priced at a very reasonable 125 lindens and an excellent 3prims and that includes the lights inside and the cushions! . Both are so low prim and so pretty I’m keeping them both out on my land yes if your wondering that is a Wind Turbine in the background I have a secret, that Wind Turbine is actually running SL or thats what it feels like sometimes.

Time to check out CheekyPea because they’ve had a little revamp and now have their furniture set up in boxes, very cute.

Cheeky Pea