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Boredom Busters

Oh man the boredom bus has sideswiped me today – but not to worry ! I have bought a few games on the cheap to instil the FUN back into my day. Im sure this game is familiar to most of you – Bubble Pop ! “Click the matching bubbles and try to gain a high score with this addictive Bubble Pop solitaire game. It’s 100% mesh and has sound effects, music and sparkly particles.” Who can resist at $10L and just 3Li.

I also nabbed a Mahjong set, you can also buy appliers for this in case you dont want the more trad look. 9Li and just $10L

Something compulsive about matching pairs – my memory is pretty bad – maybe this improves it?! 3Li and only $10L. There are sooo many games in the TBF store that you’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy ❤

TBF market place store

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Reach for the stars (hunt)

Strawberry Carriage - Hunt gift

I saw a hunt advertised and off I went to investigate. It’s the Star Search hunt, and its pretty easy as the stars aren’t all that hidden. This is a paid hunt, meaning each “prize” you find costs a few $, only $10L so quite the bargain really.

Now, I’m not one to complain usually, especially about gifts and hunts, but if you’re going to charge something for a hunt prize and its more than $1, and you’re not giving any previews of the gifts contained on a blog or something – please please please don’t label your prize “hunt gift” inside the box ! If I am going to spend my precious dosh on your stuff, yes, even just $10L, Id like some sort of idea of what it is first. Is it going to be useful or amusing to me ?, I don’t like to feel tricked into buying something, and trust me – because it’s a “hunt” wont make me part with my lindens willy nilly – ok moan over back to our normal coverage. Wardrobe Malfunction (they said it was a carriage on the box – so I went for it yay!) have this fun strawberry shaped carriage as their prize. Its got singles and couples poses inside and two single poses on the drivers seat. So beautifully done, the interior is rather plushhhhh and the little light even switches on and off – dead chuffed with this. You’re looking for pink stars, some in stores some scattered around the sim – have fun ❤

Star Hunt


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Purty. (freebies)

bye bye

Was doing my daily “OMG I need to clear out some of my invent!” rant and I came across this dress from Soulglitter is OK a pretty standard style in SL now but check out the texturing it’s pretty darn impressive.  As it happens I had the hair on before the outfit and although the fabric patterns are different I thought what a sweet look. FREE from Soulglitter and not only is there some other GG’s but also a shelf packed with cheapies and old hunt items waiting to be bought at a bargain price. .  LM given so you can join the free group and check out Auroris Resident’s inworld shop.


Soulglitter Marketplace

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Fun stuff (Retro Freebies)


More goodies.  The dress, hair and sideboard are the freebies but also check out the wonderful heart shaped light behind me.

The dress is a The Retro Hunt item from Soulglitter a classic SL design with a classic retro texture.  I actually loved the bow so much I made a copy and used it as a hair decoration.  Sorry I haven’t really took a good picture of the hair, again a TRH item but you get 4 high gloss colours with fat curls and a scrunchy holding it all together.  A perfect compliment to a retro look.


I decided to take a different snap of the the sideboard and lamp which come from Axo’s.  The sideboard is the hunt item and you get 3 sizes, large, medium and small so one for every home or every AV size.  However when I was in Axolotl Icthan shop picking up the prize I couldn’t help but notice how CHEAP her stuff is.  Some lovely trays for only 5Lds, posters, Shabby Chicness and the heart shaped lamp in the picture which lights up a room beautifully and is only 15Lds and 2 prims.  You really need to see her in world shop because then you can not only grab the free posters but also see the (I promise this will be the last time I say “retro”) retro stacked  tables and the shabby chic shelves that have a colour menu inc and everything is a such bargain prices.

Soulglitter (dress)

Alli&Alli (Hair)


Axo’s Marketplace

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House Crasher

Warbug FREE mesh jacket (also for guys!)

So, Zan has this new house. I absolutely love it, but…its not big enough for all my stuff ! Anyyywayyy I noodled on over to her place this morning, got myself nice and comfy in front of her fire and enjoyed a few stolen moments of P & Q. If youre a member of the Virtual Vagabonds group (and if youre not – WHY not! Link is in my groups list via my profile if you wanna) you may already have this snazzy-ready-for-Autumn mesh jacket, as a notice went out about all the gifts,dollarbies and cheapies to be found at WarBug. I sauntered over and snapped up a lotta gear, including the above. Its mesh, its deeeelicious and at just 10L whats not to like ! Guys, it also contains one in your size, brill huh?! Lovely fit and great Autmnal colours. Hurry over there and take a gander, the boardwalk is full of goodies and fun items to fool around with.