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Beyond the pale.XXX.(Sale, Men & Women 50Ld GG’s)

I went over to the “XXX” shop to check out the skin sale that is going on but when I saw the wall of GG’s and the joining price is only 50Lds  I decided to go for them instead.

There are no demos for the GG’s but it’s pretty obvious from the pictures the style of skin you were going to get ie young, pale and kawaii.  What made this even more tempting is that you also get the body appliers to go with the heads which isn’t always the case plus there are extras such as “glassy eyes” lipsticks etc.  All of them are on the wall but you will also spot gift boxes on the desk and chairs so grab them.  These seem to be mainly clothes and I did bin them all inc the really GOOD black coat in the Halloween gift box but make sure you do check them out before you make your mind up.

In these 2 pictures, I’m wearing the same skin and I took the pictures just in my sim setting and with the lightest of light face lights.  In the bottom picture, I just added a few layers of my own makeup/freckles/lashes etc to see if this is a skin you can add your own layers to and you can.

I think you get about 5 or 6 faces and the 2 body appliers are the matching shades for these skins.

There is also skin for men and some clothing.  The men’s skins are in the same matching style as the girl’s skins ie youthful, kawaii so not “manly man” skins but lots of people do love that look, me inc.

Here is the list of the appliers for the gifts but in the full-priced skins you get many more appliers.

Body Appliers. Belleza, eBODY, Maitreya, SLink, Omega

Head Appliers. Omega, Catwa, 6Doo

PS.  There is a sign for the older skins and if you go there there is a dollarbie of freckles you can buy, not shown in the picture.