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I’m getting hangry!(Dollarbies).

Going to keep this simple, and a bit primmy.

40 Prims to be exact so for a lot of people too primmy but this is a real statement piece.  

I didn’t want to stand next to it to show you how big this thing is so I dug out this ruler so you could get some idea lol.  Sadly it’s non-mod so not only could I not TEAR IT APART but I couldn’t even shrink it.  Not that I think shrinking it would reduce the prims that much and it does need to be kept big as it is rather bold statement piece.

There are a few other Dollabies and cheapies in the “Diabolical Alderson Creations” marketplace shop.  Check out the first pumpkin set which is pretty stylised, large and thats only 9 prims, and the small one is just 1 prim.  Feeling a bit annoyed with myself that I didn’t bother taking a picture of that to show you but again just follow the link and check out the MP shop.

Diabolical Alderson Creations (Marketplace)