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They’re back! (Mention of FLF Mina hair & Freebie(sssss)).

The gifts at Redeux that is. I know that for the past number of the Redeux events the gifts have been missing but not the bargains and discounts which is why I would still go. Now it is it’s 4th Anniversary not only are the bargains and discounts still there but also so many FREEBIES.

So far I’ve only done about half of this event before I decided I’d got enough and it was starting to get a bit busy, laggy. I didn’t just get freebies I actually bought 1 top and played 4 Gacha’s ( already reboxed up lol) and then decided it was time to take a break.

From a brief glance at what I picked up there is a real nice mix of items with a few more clothing items than usual. The Zoom dress is rather interesting but this Le Fil Casse top and skirt was just too pretty to not show you.

The event goes on till the 21st so plenty of time and I will return when it’s calmed down.

As for the FLF mention it’s a MINA hair! Tiffany is not a hair I wear often for no other reason than “just because” lol. I don’t have time to show it to you, although if I do get some time later then I most certainly will and I may even show you the top I bought from Redeux as for only 50Lds it may tempt you as well. As usual I’ve put a link to her main shop and one for the Seraphim blog so you can see a picture of Tiffany, the colour palettes and the style hud you get for just 50Lds.


Serpahim Blog (FLF).

Mina’s Mainshop.

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

The Thrift Shop (and freebies!)

The Thrift Shop NEW!

A new round of the Thrift Shop has begun and I’m on the spot to share some great deals with you ! My adorbs plaid trimmed skirt and tied top are by Fujiwara’s World, you can grab these up for only 25L a piece ! Heapsss of colours to choose from and with a great fit they will become a wardrobe staple as we head (hopefully) into spring.

FREE hair - FREE skirt - Citrus @ The Thrift Shop NEW!

Citrus have ooodles of stuffage at The Thrift Shop also, Loved this little cardigan and shirt combo. Lovely thick cuffs on the cardi and a stripey tee underneath. Loads of colour packs to choose from so get grabbing ! My hair was a bit of luck, I was out and about looking for something else entirely, when I happened across a new hair shop called AY.Line – strolled in, joined up (free group join) and nabbed myself this darling do. The hairband is colour change and you get a pack of every colour in the store ! Skirt is a freebie from Fujiwara’s World, free to join group and the skirt is this months group gift.

GACHA HAIR 40L ! FREE poses !

The prices are brill, around 150L per pack of two tones – then I spied a gacha o.O ! Tried my luck and won this style , plus a duplicate that I passed on to Zan and they are transferable yippeee! Only 40L a go and a bundle of diff styles to win.

The Thrift Shop