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Oh Maribel

Scarlet Creative - Maribel home for The Arcade


You can’t fail to have noticed that The Arcade has opened for its next quarterly round and Scarlet Creative has a stonking great load of goodies for you to try your luck at winning. Above is “Maribel” a fantastical home space, its mesh and at 107Li isn’t bad on prims either. The prefab is the only rare win in the set, which is sooper awesome as all the other components are just as delish!. Charlotte always asks group members for input for her designs, I’m always too shy to say anything but I have to say, this build is really quite magical and made me feel all calm and zoned out inside it. It’s a bit Tardis like really, you wander in, and it expands around you, corridors, windows, rooms.

Scarlet Creative The Arcade - Daybed,cabinet, stool Silent Woods windown

Here are a few og the common gacha wins, table, cabinet (which I adore for its simple and refined charms – and more importantly its darling drawer knobs!) I’m sat on the daybed, the fabric used is to die for – seriously! The window is a buy from last year at Silent woods – I had totally forgotten I had it until today – its lovely, touch controlled for options such as stormy view, sunset etc – you can also resize it fit in any space. The mainstore has closed and a temporary one is up for the time being – hopefully the windows are there for sale.

Scarlet Creative - Maribel for The Arcade

There is also a bed in the range, four-poster dont-you-know. Piled high with pillows and made of a burl type wood. I love Charlotte’s beds, the really make a focal point. Six commons and one rare in total.


The Arcade

Scarlet Creative blog

Silent Woods

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Colour your world

scarlet creative collabor88

Oh gosh, this round of collabor88 is almost over and I havent shared with you the new build from Scarlet Creative ! Here it is, in all its glory – Jasmine is the name and it’s a really unusual design. Charlotte says its a mix of Moroccan & Russian country house and I can certainly see those influences. You do get a choice, colourful as above, or a more neutral toned one. 188Lfor one or both for just 288L !

scarlet creative NEW collabor88

There are some beautiful details on this build (all mesh btw) Inside the colourful one there are shelves inset to the walls, and some vibrant jade / teal colours on the walls. I just Charlottes textures, so alive and warm !

scarlet creative NEW!

Outside the detailing follows on with these intricate designs on the tops of the arched windows. Very rustic yet also remind me of those Russian Winter palaces in the children’s book illustrations. Inside is airy and spacious, plenty of rooms, including one that Id love to have time to decorate as sort of indoor garden area . Thanks Charlotte ❤


Scarlet Creative blog



Safari – New round of collabor88

Scarlet Creative Safari Bed NEW - collabor88 - 88L!

Ohmailawd, I went a bit crazzzzzylegs at this months round of collabor88 ! So many goodies, so little cash pffft. If you’re looking for the deal of the century, check the new bed out from Scarlet Creative. Its SO luxurious and SO on theme. Id say it’s girly but it isn’t really, its more unisex. Four poster, with attached blinds artfully rolled up, half down, lowered etc. Actually you get two versions, one with blinds one without. 15Li is low for this size of item, and the amount of scattered pillows and detail, almost amaaaazing!. Poses for singles & couples btw. Alllll this for just 88L, can you resist? Thanks Charlotte ❤

Fairy Unique Rental - scarlet creative bed collabor88 - Teethy shirt - cheveux hair - bacalava glasses

I plundered the tee*fy stand and snapped up two of these shirts (and two pairs of matching shorts.) Nice touch that you get a shirt with or without pockets, like that. What I really wanted you to see was my newwwwww lips ! I trundled over to Pink Acid yesterday and saw this lipstick (with teeth or without), beautiful neutral summer shade, sorta peachy pink (?) I’m going back for more today ! I swear Pink Acid has the best lipsticks & glosses evaaar. O.o btw my glasses are from Balaclava – tbh I couldn’t tell if they were for guys or gals, so as it was their fifty linden friday item I took a chance. Brilliant ! You get a clear and sunglasses version in the pack, worth checking if they left them out – some merchants leave them for a coupla days.



Pink Acid


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Star Gazing

Scarlet Creative - Atlantic Gazer- collabor88

Gosh I’ve been trying to catch-up with all the goodies that are around at the moment – I’m not winning ! I really want to highlight this magnifico home by Scarlet Creative, it’s just 88L at Collabor88 ! 79 Li, and soooo beautiful, you really can’t resist , can you? Its called Atlantic Stargazer, and is mesh. If you go to Collabor88, take the teleporter up to the next level where all the builds are on display for you to take a peek at. I really enjoyed the half wood front door, its like drift wood. Inside are many twists and turns, little rooms, airy rooms, at every turn something different. My favourite space is full of light and windows, see if you can guess which room it is!

Scarlet Creative for collabor88 - Atlantic Stargazer

Be sure to look up ! The details don’t stop at floor level, check out the amazing skylight in the ceiling. It’s a social kind of build, plenty of nooks and crannies to place chairs and benches, heaps of windows to admire your views, sunrises and sunsets. Thanks Charlotte ❤


Scarlet creative blog (for more info)

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Try your luck

Scarlet Creative

As I’ve been away I missed the start of this round of The Arcade – which actually prolly saved me a LOT of stress. I can NEVER wait to get in and it’s always always full for days ! Anyway I’ve been, I’ve scored and left happy. Scarlet Creative is there this round, and if you fancy something delectable for your home give her machine a whirl. Theres this darling bench, lights,drapes and a stunning daybed.

Scarlet Creative for

Top quality as usual from Scarlet Creative, knubbly fabrics for summer which will also carry through all year round. Sweet birdies ! Check out the lace edging on the drapes, isn’t it just gorgeous? The rare is the “carriage house” which I took all the photos inside, it’s based upon an old train carriage sort of style, very unique! At only 50L per play you’ve got nothing to lose. Thankyou Charlotte ❤

The Arcade

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Spring is Sprung

Scarlet Creative - NEW!

Ahh the Sunday HurlyBurly, its my favourite day of the week. Friends drop in for coffee, dogs to be walked and joy all-around. Now if I had a home like this new release from Scarlet Creative, life would be purrrfect. Its called Captain’s Cornwall House, and has quite a nautical feel to it , inside and out. It really does make my mouth water a little when I see such beautiful textures used . I especially liked the decaying plaster wall outside. Lots of different levels inside, which give it a nice flow to wander around in, and for a home that’s not overly primtastic, feels so spacious!

Scarlet Creative - Arcana_006

Inside it’s not lacking on surprises ! I turned a corner and boom ! I found a splash pool and porthole decorated wall. Inspired ! The water has poses so you can lounge beside it or in it. If you look up, you wont find a bland roof or ceiling in sight, it’s all beams and nooks.

Scarlet Creative - Arcana_009

One of the larger rooms is big enough to get a couple of couches in and whatever else you’d need to be comfy. I used these “working from home” sofa by Scarlet Creative to try to show the floor space off. Note the huge windows, they make the whole build so light and airy.

Scarlet Creative - Arcana_003

Just off the main living room, is this area with a large fireplace, I settled into the Dead Nature set by Arcana. It was out at the “The Feeling” event – which has now ended but I’m hoping it might find its ways back to the mainstore now to be on sale for you. One thing I really enjoy about Arcana pieces is the oodles of choices you get on textures. The rug,chair ,table and screen all have texture changing abilities for wood (if applicable) and fabric. The old-fashioned gramaphone is actually a working radio ! For those of you that are eagle-eyed, YES I’m wearing a new release from the massive spring collection from coldLogic anddddd new shoes from SaxShepherd! My top is called hawke, and has three options of wearing it, sorta layered effects or not , as you please. The loose capris are called Jay, and my god, I haven’t removed them in TWO days! Thats a sure sign that you will be bombarded with seeing me in them for  everrrrrr. They come in a variety of denim shades, light to dark and I simply adore everything about them !

Sax Shepherd NEW

Sax Shepherd has a lot of new gear out currently and it’s not all about shoes ! The vintage petal mules I wore above are on offer and there is also an 80’s collection that I’m loving. I chose to wear the pince-nez, the HUD allows for so many texture changes its uber cool. (The frames,lenses,metal and decor stones – all have options). If you go to The Theme park event you can see the whole range. More coldLogic and Sax Shepherd later, when I’ve had time to rummmage !

The Theme Park

Sax Shepherd Designs

Sax Shepherd Blog

Scarlet Creative

coldLogic mainstore

coldLogic blog

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More pictures less prattling.

I finally managed to squeeze myself into the latest Collab88 event, giving up on The Arcade one but thank goodness for the yard sales, and I had saved some Lindens for this brilliant bargain from Scarlet Creative.

From the outside an unprepossessing sky house/shop/workroom so basically whatever you need it for it will work perfectly for you. All photos have been taken in Nam’s Optimal Skin and Prim setting (try it in windlight for perfect all round lighting) as the texturing is so damned good it doesn’t need any tweaked lighting to make it look great.


A simple(ish) square structure with an inner courtyard.


The glass to the left is the door and opens automatically when you walk up to it.  You can just about make me out in this picture.  I’m stood there so you can see the proportions better.


There I am again.  Just behind me is the stairs to the upper balcony and you can also make out the skylight.  Honestly the texturing, prim count and size are second to none but since this comes from Scarlet Creative you wouldn’t expect much less what you don’t expect is the measly price of 88 LINDENS!  All of this for just 88Lds!  Not that I personally think her full prices are unreasonable especially when you see such wonderful unique builds and quality texturing, everything is worth every linden but a bargain is always most appreciated.

As it happens and as soon as I post this I’ve noticed in Charlotte Bartlett’s profile that they have their old non mesh homes on sale at OMG 50Lds and that includes the furnishings! I’ll be TPing there as soon as I click POST.

HA! I got so excited at the thought of all those discounts I clicked POST before I added the LM’s.

Collab88 (I wish you luck)

Scarlet Creative

Scarlet Creative (discout section)