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Walk Of Shame

Yes you do know what I mean. That long trip home in the morning  from a wild night out where you’ve lost your bag, shoe and dignity.

Walk of

Rummaging in my Invent in another desperate attempt to clear out the carp and find the goodies I came across this dress.  One of those lightly sheer dresses that shows off just enough to catch peoples eyes but not so that your nude in public.  So I had to check that it was still a Freebie and not only is it still a freebie but they have an updated version of it for Lola Tangos.  Of course I binned my boobless photo and had fun with my Lolas.  I have to say that it looks equally as cheeky, sexy with both enhanced and natural boobs so do not let that put you off and it’s also NON MESH! so wearable for all.

ShameSimple shirt, simple shorts, simple price….FREE.  A group gift from Chandelle and a generous one at that because you not only get all the mesh sizes but 2 colour choices of shirts, black or white, and 5 colour choices for the shorts. Simple mesh shorts with an untucked shirt perfect for any time.

If you have a few Lindens to spare you can join the paid for group and pick up the dresses for that one and chances are if this is the quality of the Freebie then any VIP Group gifts she sends out will be quality items.

Update on the sheer dress from EB Atelier, just in case you have issues with the MP or time to kill inworld then I’d reccomend you pop to their inworld shop.  On the floor near the back of the shop is a sack which contains not only the dress but some other items but also if you join the Free Group there is a pair of Heels just waiting to be picked up for a single Linden.

AB Atelier Sheer Dress Inworld

Sheer Dress Marketplace

Chandelle Shirt&Shorts

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Footwear frenzy

I have a little stash of shooooz to share…above the straw espadrille in rose from DUH! Free gift as they have moved to a new location, so refresh your landmarks and grab these beauties up ! Packed with superrr details..a firm fav of mine the last few days…

A dollarbie from Chandelle…you dont need to be in the group to grab this item. Nix is a high high high  stiletto pump..with red bows & pearls decorating the back…quite nice but they are a bit *cankly*..prolly best worn with trousers to avoid that ankle crumple…great for 1L though ! If you do join the group while you’re there,check out the gift area just inside the door…sooper!

Finally a special market place promo from Assuan, these terrrrific combat boots…not sure how long this offer lasts but at the moment they are just 90L..great buckles and studs adorn them with what looks like steel toecaps…makes me feel like kicking some butt *dimples*

Get them here :

Go get shod: DUH   Chandelle



Its not my Birthday…

No its not..but it sure feels like it with all the gifts I’m receiving ! Ange has the second in the month long “gift a week” promotion..its this sultry silvery grey tank with a funky motif,great texturing as always gives it that stroke-ability factor ! Just head on over join the group and voila..its yours ! (Thanks Ange x) I’m also wearing the latest group gift from Ruxy Design, the Evie skin, it comes in five shades just so you can  find the perfect one …pretty pink eye makeup, I added a gloss from Glamorize over the lips (5L pack of 5 glosses VERY handy) I’m showing the “peach” tone…and I tossed on that handy dandy vest I showed you yesterday in the gift from Chandelle, plus the lil stars jeans from Candy Metal…love it !

Get it all here : Ange     Glamorize   Candy Metal     Chandelle     Ruxy Design


Grey..the new black

Last blog of the day then I SWEAR I’m going to tackle the mountain of laundry I have to do ~le-sigh~. A fahhhbulous group gift from Chandelle.(group costs just 5L to join)…soft dove grey skirt and shirt, with sweet puffed shoulder caps and theee most gorgeous prim vest to slip over ..also comes with that rather lovely belt..behind me you can see bits-n-bobs of a scavenger hunt prize I scooted over to grab at the Home & Garden expo from Designer Prims…more about that later !

Go get grey: Chandelle