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Vacation In Second Life – Shhhh its a secret!

Vacation in Second Life 1

I scoped the Rizzi Hotel out last year when I was looking for some where to spend some time celebrating an anniversary – it didn’t happen BUT I knew it was a place I wanted to vacation at – and I did it ! Both Zan and I are having a bit of a rough ride in real life so I decided to take a couple of days out of my Second Life home and book into this amazing hotel. Its so realistic and very glamorous. I checked in at reception and chose a junior suite, just $250L per night, so I booked for two nights. There are larger suites and a penthouse and also villas on the beach. Seriously loved the elevator ride to to my eighth floor suite. Views were amazing ! Each suite is decorated so beautifully, there is nothing else you could possibly need – you are given a small prim allowance but there was nothing my suite lacked. All the furnishings & décor were simply the best by the top designers in Second Life. The whole place is secure and safe, no unwanted crashers here!

Vacation in Sec ond Life 2

Day one I spent mooching around. On the ground floor are a couple of boutiques well worth a look at. I hung out by the pool, tried the jet skis – brilliant fun ! Then slid into the spa area to make use of the facilities on offer. It wasn’t overly busy but there were a few people dotted about. It was so lovely sitting to have coffee by the beach and seeing people chatting. One group of ladies had been to the onsite gym and were all dressed accordingly. I loved my time there as a singleton, but it would be awesome to spend time there as a couple also. Definitely will return to the Rizzi, I returned to my own home refreshed and relaxed.

Hotel Rizzi

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Pint sized

Aphrodite Sushi Boat 2 prims!

I’m always on the look out for decor for my home, its gotta be low prim and simply gorgeous! This is the sushi boat by Aphrodite – at just 2 prims its awesome-sauce. When touched you get a HUGE menu of all different types of sushi and a wearable item. Lovely chopsticks and very detailed food, brill eating animation too!

Heres the deets:

This  sushi boat is nothing short of a great way to impress your dinner guests as you serve your sushi creations as an impressive assortment with style!

This sailing boat is MESH and only 2 LI total, copyable, NO mod, NO transfer.

Aphrodite Sushi boat market place

Aphrodite store – food area

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Mega fun !

Aphrodite Shop Mega St Patricks Party set - 10L mesh romper & headband

If you’re looking for some things to help you celebrate St. Patrick’s day, look no further. I found this sweet mesh romper suit with headband on the market place for just 10L from Sugarbutton, its über cute and fitted really well – nice change from all those frou-frou gowns huh? Aphrodite shop has the biggest,hugest most mahoosive party set you’re ever gonna need! Seriously its got everrrything from balloons to food.


Aphrodite new_0044

I set up a lot of it (but by no means ALL of it) out as a little Paddy’s day party venue at home. On the back porch I used the drinks table and the Irish hat which has a variety of poses for you to use as a fun photo prop.

Aphrodite Shop St Patricks Day mega Party Pack

Inside I set up the foodie treats – SO many! Such a delight to look at all the themed items temptingly laid out. There are balloon arches, single balloons, a mesh rainbow, shamrocks to scatter over the floor and lots more. Here’s the low down:

Take a look at the lovely video, it will give you a better idea than still photos : Video Link

♣ Leprechaun hat with 5 funny St Patrick poses for pictures 2 LI ♣ Mr St Patricks funny leprechaun balloon 1 LI ♣ 5 different round St Patricks balloons 0.5 LI each ♣ Clover shaped balloon 0.5 LI
♣ MESH Rainbow 0.5 LI ♣ Rainbow colors Happy Sr Patricks day arch with sign 5 LI ♣ Shamrocks arch with Patricks day sign 5 LI ♣ Happy St Patricks day sign 0.5 LI ♣ Round dressed tables green & silver 2 LI ♣ Banquet table for buffet (rectangular) 2 LI ♣ Happy green day balloons bunch with over 10 different models 11 LI ♣ Green beer bottles bucket 10 LI ♣ Green beer can ice bucket 3LI ♣ Guinness beer bottles bucket 5 LI ♣ Guinness beer can bucket 6 LI ♣ Green tinted white chocolate fondue 3 LI ♣ Dark chocolate fondue 3 LI ♣ Patricks day petit cakes platter 2 LI
♣ Patricks day Petit fours platter 5 LI ♣ The lucky clover cake 6 LI ♣ Patricks day lolly pop dispenser 3 LI ♣ Happy St patricks cookies platter 1 LI ♣ St Patricks centrepiecesilver & green 7 LI
♣ St Patricks day green soup “pot o gold” 3 LI ♣ St Patricks day green pasta warmer, clovers shaped pasta on filetto sauce 7 LI ♣ St Patricks rainbow sandwiches 7 LI ♣ St Patricks deviled eggs 4 LI
♣ St Patricks snacks, vegetarian canapes 3LI ♣ St Patricks leprechaun sandwiches platter 6 LI ♣ Triple fun platter: rainbow sandwiches, clover sandwiches and popatoe snacks with spinach cream 8 LI ♣ Appetizers platter with cucumber leprechaun hats, and spinach filled breads with tomato and green sauces 6 LI – PHEW!

Aphrodite Store

Aphrodite market place

Sugar Button romper 10L

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Birthdays & Champagne

Aphrodite Musical Birthday cake & Rose Champagne NEW!

Aphrodite have just released a new line of Birthday cakes, they are sooper special and beautifully made. I’m showing the “Queen of  roses” which is quite literally the sweetest cake I’ve seen in a while. It has blowable candles that sparkle away, and it also plays a “Happy Birthday song” upon touch. It’s not the same old same old Birthday song, it’s a long version ! If you touch it you get a menu for all sorts of cakes. Also new is the posh rose Champagne, extra bottles to place on the table, and a beautifully animated glass with frothy bubbles for you to wear.

Aphrodite cakes New !

Heres a few of the delicious cakes, all are animated for you to hold them. The awesome thing is not only can you wear these and *eat* them, they are only 2 prims each – so scatter them around for décor ! Btw, the cake comes with the sweet table, so you’ve got the complete set up, ready to roll. Go take a peek in the market place store or the inworld one, there are a few different cakes to choose from.

coldLogic NEW! Damselfly NEW! Aphrodite musical Birthday cake - dispenses fooood NEW!

Had to try one didn’t I ? The strawberry looked so yummy so I dived in et voilà ! My dress is part of the new release from coldLogic, its called “twain” , the range of colour options is juicy and fresh. Perfect for those end of summer weddings. More on that new collection later – thanks coldLogic team ❤

Aphrodite store

Aphrodite market place

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

hair by Damsel Fly @ The Theme Park

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Slurrrrp !

Aphrodite NEW - Wine tasting

Ohmai lord, there’s so much newness bursting out from Aphrodite store at the moment ! I thought I would kick things off by sharing with you the new wine tasting table set . It’s visually stunning, SO much to look at, so much to do ! As always with Aphrodite the win is in the little details and attention to beauty. The stools hold the animations to eat and drink and what superb animations they are. For instance, you can actually serve yourself wine from the bottle, just accept the offer of animation from the popups that come as you choose your pose. The brilliant thing is it’s all rather low land impact, so it wont eat up your prim budget to have it out all the time yippeee!

Aphrodite NEW - Wine tasting set

Heres a close up of some of the goodies, heaps more that you can play with too . This set would sit so well indoors or out, beach or pool party  – heres a list of what the box contains :

Set contains:

♥ Vintage Oak Wine Barrel Bar Stool with 5 unique animations and 2 props (wine bottle and wine glass)

♥ Vintage oak & glass wine tasting table. Barrels are filled with wine corks. MESH 4 LI.

♥ Country cheeses big board: MESH only 10 LI! With over 10 different cheeses, cookies, cheese sticks, garlic toasts, olives, cherries and more. Dispenses 14 different treats on touch to eat with a graceful animations, and also says on general chat how it tastes and info about each piece, to add realism.

♥ Double country board with delicatessen: features the most expensive cheeses and salamis of the World, super luxurious treats new in SL! MESH 14 LI only. Beautiful decorated with specially made knifes and forks for cheeses. Dispenses 7 different treats on touch. Taste the world famous “moose” or “donkey” cheese, or the Italian “Caciocavallo” horse cheese, or why not a cheese made with gold, like the “White Stilton gold” or another aged for centuries like the “Bitto Storico”? Something innovative for your parties and lot of fun for your guests.

♥ Snacks bowls: peanuts and two kinds of fries as extra addition. Two prims each.

♥ Chianti red wine bottle: MESH 1 LI.

♥ Chianti white wine bottle: MESH 1 LI.

♥ Aphrodite new summer wines collection: 7 different wines to taste and enjoy (1 LI each). Bottles comes in two versions, individually or to rezz all of them together to save prims, in this case would be a total of 4 LI only (linked set with multi menu). Moscato, Riesling, Merlot, Vignoles are some of the wonderful options to taste.

♥ Set of 6 red wine glasses decorative. MESH 1 LI.

♥ Set of barrels and grapes, decorative. MESH 3 LI.

It’s quite a huge amount isn’t it?! You can go to the store and rez a demo if you’d like to try it all out. Thanks Marina ❤

Aphrodite mainstore

Aphrodite market place store

Aphrodite Blog


Easter Parade

Finishing Touches Easter decor_002

Such a lovely time of year, all those Spring flowers peeking up from the ground. Finishing Touches has absolutely ooodles of pretties for your home ! There are quite a few different styles of planters & flowers for your perusal over at Cookie Jar Designer Warehouse where you can find an assortment at 50% off the usual price, until the 4th of April…I so loved the little tricycle and the paper bag…

finishing touches wheelbarrow with day lillies & foxgloves

I thought the wheelbarrow was just perfect for your seasonal gardening…a really good variety of flowers to make a beautiful display…

finishing touches wagon with daylillies

Theres also this little pull along…complete with a tub of flowers for planting…as you can see I’m busy gardening already !

finishing touches cart_001

In the main store location there’s plenty of new pieces to get into the Easter celebrations with…Im lounging about in the gift from Finishing Touches, it’s for The Evil Bunny Hunt…brimming with poses so you can cozy up too Mister Bunneh while he decorates an egg ! Make sure you don’t miss out on the “wall pouches”, I adore them, available in different colours , ohhhhhh and take a look at the mesh Easter Egg tree while you’re there, its glorious!

Finishing Touches

Cookie Jar Designer Warehouse

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Spot light on….Valentino’s

For as long as I can recall…I’ve been going to Valentino’s to buy my greeting cards and gifts. I can’t remember how I found it but once I did (in 2007 I think?) Ive returned each time I need a special card. Anniversaries, birthday’s , Christmas, valentines day, and sometimes just because I wanted to say “I love you” or “I’m thinking of you”. The range of cards is amazing as is the style of them. You have the choice of buying ones that you can add your own customised greeting (it’s very simple to do) or you can purchase one with a greeting built right in.

I have a huge collection of Valentino Teddies ! Player sneaks one in my gift boxes on most occasions and I adore them, not too high prim either hurrah! Have a snoop around  at the myriad of celebration items, balloons,gift boxes,party poppers and some really lovely things like small blankets and drinks , boxes of chocolates etc..Ive received such a large amount of gifts from this store and they always thrill me to receive..thank you Valentino Tendaze !

Greeting cards & gifts : Valentino’s