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Popping Pumpkins (Freebies).

I was just admiring some really brightly colourful pumpkins in a shop and for a moment, just a nanosecond, I was tempted to buy the set as I just thought they would stand out on my porch and then I glanced at my Linden balance and at this moment I couldn’t afford a Gacha lol. So how lucky it was that literally at my next stop I found these for FREEEEEEEE.

I slapped them down and clicked and even in our, new, sim setting they just look great.  This is a whole pack of these pumpkins in groups or singles.  You get a full pack of linked and unlinked pumpkins, I’m showing the 2 linked versions.

The shop they come from is called “CCDesign” and it’s a “Full Perm” shop.  Some full perm shops actually sell their items at the same price you’d pay for just one set from a normal shop so don’t let the fact that it is a “full perm” shop put you off.

I don’t know the rules if you want to give copies to friends or even sell, BUT the rules about full perm and reselling is in a note with this product so follow the rules…it’s only fair.