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Info only.(Mention of Freebies).

NOT Free but for doggie lovers such a heartwarming scene.

I just love this little scene and if it wasn’t for the fact CATS WIN AND DOGS SUCK I’d buy it. At only 350Ld and 31 prims I think not only is that a fair price but such reasonable prims for so much details means you can plonk this on even a small patch of land.

This is very much an animal and prebuilt landscapes shop Best of all from my run around the sim most of these little scenes have animals in them, the Sunflower garden was my fav.

There is a lot of single animals you can buy, everything from bears to fish and it’s spread over I suspect the whole sim.

PS. Almost forgot the “freebies”. The group is free to join and there are 6 gifts out, all with cute animals but also all very Christmas themed and since I’m culling my invent I didn’t get any of them. There seems to be 2 main areas and 1 doesn’t have the Group Gift but you will find the area with the Group gifts close by if the LM I’ve given you doesn’t take you direct to the gifts.


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UPDATED! Two Cats One Cup (Freebie).

Thank Goodness one of us haz smarts because, just in case you miss this in the comments, check out what Faith has found “if you type /1 skymenu you get more options! It rezzes a 1 prim star field that you can see out of the window , you can also close that window up from the menu – great find!”  Clever girl.

Yes that IS the name of this shop but don’t start to have  a panic attack because you don’t have to be an adult to visit the sim it’s on, although don’t go through the curtains if you blush easily.  It’s funny because I’m still in my cat suit and this is a shop for tails, ears, props and emm the stuff behind the curtains.  So this Freebie is a little bit of an odd item to have in this shop but I’m so glad I spotted it.  You will have to pay a Linden for it but the Linden seems to get sent back to you, it showed back up this morning.


Taken in my Nams setting so you can see the stunning colours.


I’m pulling a pose in the window and in front of me is a little lower section with these steps leading up to a larger area.


Low, low prim and screams minimalist or just waiting to be turned into your sci-fi dream.


However these pictures LIE!  I’ve used my AV to try to give you some sense of the sizing but I still seem to make this look like a pretty big build but when I zoom back….xxxskyboxuse5

…Yup this is a better indication of its real size and as you can see unlike most skyboxes the walls turn invisible and you can see in from the outside.

Doesn’t mean you couldn’t still use this as a stunning build for whatever you wish and even though a box rezzed around it would hardly stop anyone who wanted to cam inside it would give you a little bit sense of privacy BUT I know for a fact that Faith will be hauling her AV ass to pick this up because it makes such a perfect backdrop for pictures.  I might use this one a bit more instead of my handy pose cube when I want to show off shoes or something close up.

Just to save you hunting for it and missing it it’s on the wall in the entrance and it has a floating cube in front of it, there is a discount sale going on, and it’s just there…clear as mud.

Two Cats One Cup

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Archie Appeal

Oh noes…Poor Archie has been in the wars…and needs a whole heap of veterinary treatment…who’s Archie huh? Welll he is a rather handsome furry chap belonging to Gospel Voom of GOS . Here is all the info about Archie from the Seraphim  blog –

“Archie” is the cat of Gospel Voom, creator of Gos. He was hit by a car last Saturday night and miraculously survived and found his way home, but he was in bad shape. He is being treated for his massive head and facial injuries, and as you can imagine, the surgeries and veterinary costs have already been and will continue to be astronomical – into the 5 digits!

Truth District and several talented friends from across the grid have come together in support by volunteering their creations as donations to help pay for these expenses. Most of the items are 100% donation, and the entire Gos store (on the Truth District sim) is 50% off. Anyone that has ever had a pet knows how they are more than just an animal, but are instead a member of the family. If you feel so inclined to help this cause, head on over to Truth District today.

Sooo because I love & adore kitties…I wanted to pop some cash into the pot and buy up some goodies at the same time…in the photo above I’m wearing something I’ve wanted for soooooo long, it’s the shoes..pimp up your pumps….quite a few versions to choose from (these are the classic platforms) They have 15 colours and 6 bow accents in the menu ! For the duration of this event they are just 248L *faints*…

I also picked up the pimp up your pumps in the point platform version, also 248L. Nifty thing is you can add all types of bow to the front and back via the touch controlled menu…totally versatile and I ❤ them big time ….don’t forget….the discount is only at the Gos store on the Truth Sim ! Outside the Gos store is a little market set up, where friends have stalls selling donation items for Archies Appeal…

I nabbed these cute mesh shirts from it is in grey…butttt…you get a whopping big pack of them…

In alllll these fab colours ! Just 100L will get you these..I call that a real bargain all helps Archie on his road to recovery yay! If you’re not looking for clothes or footwear don’t fret, there’s heaps on offer, poses, landscaping items all drop on by and take a peek.

The Archie Appeal Truth District

Poses by: Bent (the behind pack also on sale at the appeal) What next for stool and dressing screen, pinwheel pose by Adorkable

Dress photo one & two by coldLogic (who also have a fantabulous big fat sale on at the moment!)

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Kittens and Cupcakes

We all know of those pictures and paintings where the eyes freakishly seem to follow you but wait till you see this little Kitteh because as cute as he looks not only does his bright yellow eyes follow you but his whole head does!!! Yet as freakish as this is you will fall in love with him because not only is he small and adorable he’s only 2 prim (30Lds and copyable) and guess what those amazingly detailed cupcakes come to prim wise? Yup only a single prim for each cake.  Even though they have so much detail from the paper cases to the cherry on the top it still adds up to a single prim a cupcake.  You get a choice of 4 cakes, copyable,  for 75Lds and the icing on the top is click on a cake and you get one to eat with a pretty good AO. Even the glass cake stand is only 2 prims in total and again 75Lds and copyable.

Hirunreya Cupcakes and cake stand


Special mention to Kowloon.  This is an amazing sim. Cramped alleys with small shops and market stalls, places to sit and eat, the sounds and if only SL allowed it the smell of old bygone times.  Go look explore.  A whole sim to wander through the alleys and marketsm massive amount of free or really reasonable weird and wonderful stuff and remember that places like this still exsist in SL Land.