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I had to leave.(50Ld Sale & Update).

Normally I don’t do a post when a shop is closing down but sadly Poulet Koenkamp, the owner of Purple Moon Creations, is shutting up shop but only for good RL reasons.  So as a big thank you to all of her customers old and new she has set everything to just 50Lds.

This is one of the more fanciful outfits BUT ignore this image if this isn’t your style as there is everything here from tailored pants, suits, ball gowns, jackets, cardies, undies and jewellery etc and everything is just 50Lds.

Even though I actually bought another outfit, a pants and jumper set, I’m dreading going back for the LM as I just know I will cave into temptation.

So hop on over sooner rather than later as I don’t really know how long this sale is going to be on.

PS.  And also a BIG THANKS to all of the workers behind the Purple Moon Creations, creations.  I know that when an inworld business is as big and as active as Purple Moon there is often a team of people behind the label.


I just had to buy this “Thumbelina” gown and then I just had to show you it to you.

Obviously I’ve had fun with the picture but you will try the demo on first.  There seems to be a mix of the old mesh standard fits and the newer mesh body fits.  This outfit comes in the old standard mesh fits ie XS, S, M and the S bodice fitted me perfectly but again try the demo out.  Honestly, I sometimes like to tart my AV up because after all to a lot of people SL is for dressing up.

And then back to practical and classy.  The cropped jumper is a common style but it was really the pants I wanted and the jumper was a bonus.  You can tell this is one of the newer range as it comes in so many mesh body fits.

Again everything in the shop is 50Lds and I will NOT be returning as I will just buy even more.

Purple Moon Creations

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My name is Dolores


ohmai – I started a bit of a giggle-snort when this new little frock from Neve hit my paws – NOT because of the dress but – Dolores was the fake name I used to give guys (along with my fake telephone number) when I wasn’t interested in them ! Ahhhh the memories – seriously though, Dolores isn’t a common name and they believed me?! Anyhooo onto the buzz, this IS “Dolores”, well one version of it anyway. I’m wearing the “Layered” option, and I was immediately taken with this faded antique blue. Just love the slightly puffed sleeves and sweet details round the hem. Easy to wear and mix in with other pieces in your wardrobe. I say it’s a dress but you know whut? It works as a tunic too – key item to grab, you will wear it heaps. Thanks Neve team ❤

Neve store

Neve market place

Neve Blog

Hair by no match @ The Liason Collaborative

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Short & Sweet

coldLogic kemp top kloss shorts NEW!

ohmai lawd, coldLogic has gone NUTS! They have just had thee most enormous release for summer. Seriously, set aside a bit of time to take a gander and try demo’s, theres It’s primarily shorts and shorts and more shorts, all sorts of shorts (o.O that rhymes) Plus tops, shirts, tanks. blouses to go with them. I’m a bit addicted to the kloss shorts I’m wearing above, different tones of denim from black to washed out, so soft looking. I’m wearing them with the kemp shirt, super pretty and at the back…

coldLogic new!

…is a little design secret, the shirt criss-crosses over and exposes your lower back awww ! You’ve got plenty of ways to mingle this delicious little piece in with casual or dressy skirts and pants, it’s really a brilliant “worker bee” for your closet.

coldLogic lannister top-Lancaster shorts2

You knowww how I feel about stripes ! What a winner for moi. These jaunty shorts are pretty nautical and cute with some delish colours to choose from, or snap up a great value quantum pack . Now Id usually sling on a tee with these but I tried this jacket and shirt combo and LOVED it . Yes, you wont be dragging these from my cold dead mitts for some time. Shorts are called lancaster and the jacket blouse combo is lannister. If you wanted a more casual feel try the saunders striped tied up tee.

coldLogic bowen & bliss

Last up for today are the bowen shorts and bliss halter neck top. Such a beautiful array of colours in both of these. A really retro vintage feel in the design ! Love love love the row of buttons at the hips, and the fit over your derrière is divine. The bliss top is a saucy little thing, perfectly sitting around your neck and stylishly cut around your arms. Demo’s freely available in store or on the market place, I’ll be back (as some guy once said!) over the next few days with squillions more to show you from the coldLogic team – thanks Janie, Damien & Zyrra ❤

coldLogic store 

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place store

All hair from Argrace

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Ta dah

Sonia High impact & low impact NEW!!

I have just a few of the heaps of new items from Somnia to share with you…if you go to the store prepare to spend spend spend ! Above is the high & low impact pants and tops. Sold as separates so you wont have too needlessly buy both if you want only one piece. Great for lounging about in and so easy to wear. Each pack is 200L and you get EIGHT colours  ! Mix and match your little hearts out ❤

Somnia Bohemian Diamond in purple NEW!!

Love this new little frock “bohemian diamond”, I’m wearing it in the purple shade, there are some lovely autumnal shades in the pack too (Eight tones in the pack for 200L). It fits SO well, especially around the arm holes, which are always a bugbear for moi. Worn with my newwww Clawtooth beret & hair ” Je t’aime” currently on sale at Collabor88.

Somnia Celestial lace NEW!!

Last up from Somnia today is “Celestial”. I so enjoy the sweet detail around the hips and the two-tone colour palette, sweet! My hair is obscuring the capped sleeves that are perfectly executed so no gaping or shoulders poking through yay! Again, only 200L for EIGHT tones *faint*.

All my poses are from the Le Femme pose pack by [ ReveriE ] Poses, new to me store, market place based. Take a peek and you will see some brilliant inexpensive poses for males & females, and quite a few dollarbies to snag, great to check out the quality !

Somnia mainstore

[ ReveriE ] Poses


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One for the Guys

FATEwear  Gift !

Dont ever say that I don’t think of the guys ! FATEwear sent out a brill subscriber gift today yippeee, its called Leon and its rather “gadety”. You get the hooded top and it’s just uber cool…sort of thing the guys would sling on to mooch or hang out in.

FATEwear - FREE gift!

It also comes with a HUD, now this is the magical part ! Wear the HUD and select jacket/coat then you can choose an array of colour tones for the main part of your top, then go to the t-shirt tab and there are two further pieces you can change the colour on…the changes are endless, really, I played with it. You can still grab yourself this splendid bit of kit by going to the FATEwear mainstore and joining the subscribo , thats sooper cool, thanks Damien ❤

FATEwear mainstore

FATE wear blog

FATEwear market place

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In – Somnia

Somnia NEW!

All this hot weather, we English folk are So not used too it. I can’t sleep and keep getting up late each morning gah! Annywayyy enough about my sleeping habits and on to the good stuff right? Squillions of new pretties from Somnia (see the tentative link?) Above I’m wearing the newwww fantabulous thick cord  effect “Floozy bandit” shorts, gawd I lurve these. They also come with an optional big chunky ole belt in black or brown. I teamed the shorts up with another new release the Fizzy Curves t-shirt, so wearabubble and cute and heaps of colour options! The t-shirt is at the main store, the shorts are at The Thrift Shop event and a brilliantly low price of 95L ! For that paltry 95 bucks you get TEN colours ! (back to full price afterwards)

Somnia - NEW!!

I soooo adore this new dress “Tied up Tigs”, its casual and adorable, can be worn as a dress, or over pants / leggings, so versatile! Nine colours in the pack for an incredible 95 L *faint*, ohhhh while you’re there try your luck on the gatcha mahine, sooper sweet tanks with cartoon motif’s on for only 20L !! The Thrift Shop is pretty huge, pro-tip for finding Somnia, stand at the front and look approx four rows over from right to left.

Somnia main store

Somnia @ The Thrift Shop

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Beach Life

coldLogic fray top gomez shorts

The new releases are coming fast and furious from coldLogic…Ive got heaps to share with you. Above is the “fray” top and “gomez” shorts…the colour I picked to show them in is ocean…isnt it pretty? Turquoise is a firm favourite of mine for a day on the beach…its so seas-sidey! The top would lend itself to a dressier outfit, beautifully draped over the tum area…it has a subtle sheen to it also. The shorts have a linen feel ..and a faint stripe…o.O did you notice my necklace?


It’s from Electica…and is part of the new “solaria” collection..big plump jewel surrounded by either silver or gold. There is turquoise, ivory,sulphur or cyan to choose from…I particulary liked the gold, it’s not overly sparkly or twinkly, you know? Its more antique looking…totally gorgeous. Incase you’re wondering..YES, there are ear rings to match in the pack, but my fluffy hair always covers them ! Thanks Tiffy ❤

coldLogic fenty top mccarthy shorts

Here is  the “fenty” tank top…great range of colours in this, and with it sweet flipped-to-the side front opening its adorable. I teamed it up with the “mccarthy” shorts…sooper spotty , just right for a walk along the shore. More colours instore.


Now for something juicy ! This is the “tisdale” top…plain top and a striped bottom, the colour palette for these makes them everrrrr so versatile. You can match up any of the tones on the stripes with jeans,pants,shorts etc yay!…Im wearing it with the “dion” Capri leggings..adore this colour called flamingo…tiny calf split gives them bags of style. Go take a peek instore or the market place to see the whole massive set of new releases, its huge and fahhhbulous – thanks coldLogic team ❤

Talking of bags…I found some at =IZUMIYA=  yesterday…gawd, only 80L and in the pack you get SO many versions PLUS, colour change ! Wearable for your shoulder, hand, across your front and draped at the back…Im wearing the the “leather” one above,  you get  oodles of tones to play with, colour change via a simple to use menu, howzat?! There are a few on offer, naturally I got all of them *winks*. Look upstairs also, there are freebies scattered around for you to grab!

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog