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Party with foliage

Pinkcherry NEW! Casual outfit leaves in green pencil skirt & top included

New bundles of goodies to share from PinkCherry…and this outfit , for me, totally stole the show. It comprises of a leave patterned silky top, that dips down to a triangular-shaped hemline…

Pinkcherry NEW! Casual outfit leaves rear detail

…the back needs to be shown, not only for the unusual shape of the top but also the cheeky bumbum shape of the skirt and brilliant detailing of the zip that’s just begging to be lowered…this set is available instore now, in a few other colours also.

Pinkcherry party dress NEW!

One more new release that I wanted to show you is this party dress…first up, apologies for SecondLife issue with some shadow settings at the moment, it kinda goes a bit fuzzy in place…gah! However, I liked the atmosphere of the setting and decided to go with it. The dress is simplicity itself, yet pretty glamorous. A few other tones available, the silvery and black won my heart though !



For Dudes

The awesome 49 L Sale for Dudes has begun again and I’ve been busy collecting some of the gear you can pick up to show you all.

First stop was SF Design. The ‘Open Denim Jacket’ in black is the item you can pick up here. You can’t go wrong with a denim jacket and this one is gorgeous. Great texture and detail, this jacket comes with a collar, cuffs and the bottom part. Each of these comes in a regular version as well as one with a resizer script. The cuffs and bottom part of the jacket are especially great, I love the buckles attached to them.

Acid & Mala have a pack of three ‘Sugar Skull’ t-shirts you can grab for their sale item. It comes in dark, mid and light grey and across all layers for multiple wearing options. The creasing on these is fabulous, as is the skull design. Simple and cool, just the way I like my t-shirts.

The ‘Premium Sculpted Tee’ is what’s in store for you at Adjunct. With its black and teal colours, this is very easy to match with whatever you want to wear with it and look good while doing it. The sculpted sleeves and bottom fit easily and look wicked.

If you’re wanting to look your best by the water then the sale item at Zoobong is for you. The ‘Brady Swim Shorts’ are tremendously eye-catching in their bright aqua and I really like the pattern. You can wear these either on the underwear or pants layer and come with sculpted leg attachments and drawstring for the waist which all fit and look perfect.

Last but definitely not least is the ‘Grafton Outfit’ from *FIR & MNA*. This is sweater and shirt combo is absolutely gorgeous, I just love it. It features the ‘Durrow’ black shirt and the ‘Grafton Sweater’. Both the shirt and sweater vest can be worn by themselves if you wish but just look awesome when worn all together. The grey and black go together wonderfully and the sculpted attachments are fantastic. These include cuffs and collar for the shirt, a bottom part for the sweater vest and, of course, the cool little grey bow tie.

So there you have it, a great selection of items available for the 49 L Sale for Dudes. Each and every one of these are definitely a bargain at that price and well worth picking up. This sale runs until Saturday 28 May so go out and get them while it lasts. For more info and a full list of stores participating, you can go here:

Get the gear here:
Picture #1: SF Design
Picture #2: Acid & Mala
Picture #3: Adjunct
Picture #4: Zoobong
Picture #5: *FIR & MNA*

Skin by Zoobong (pre release)
Hair by MADesigns
Tattoo by Aitui
Facial Hair by Sacred
Poses by Diesel Works


The Free Dove

A few weeks ago I went over to look around The Free Dove, it’s a freebie store that’s been around for years. When I was new it had a lot of circa 2007 bling bling etc…but these days its had a real big makeover and some great designers have joined in the partay. Those of you who read this blog will already be-in-the-know about a designer called Talena Carissa @ Pink Label, she’s pretty passionate about her creations..but also shes super helpful to new people, trying to help them out with great quality gear at very reasonable prices,detailed notecards come in the boxes of her shoes explaining in very simple step-by-step terms how to get a great fit & skin colour etc…anywayyy Im rambling along..and what I really wanted to say was…

Talena has been working her little socks off making up some  gifts for The Free Dove! Two stunning outfits for the girls with shoes…and an outfit for the guys also ! Theres also some of her rather scrumptious jewelry included (see the pics-its gorgeous,necklace,bracelets & earings)

Now these aren’t throwaway gifts…these are “keepers”. The pumps “Dita” are totally fabulous,lots of options for skin shade,nail colour,metal colour etc..and super-simple to use (if unsure read the notecard)

They even have the option to change the shoe from a deep plummy red to a snazzy chocolate ssssnake skin ! glam glam glam! With the pumps is a beautiful gown, antique rose Id call the colour, on me (because im kinda tall) it’s a dainty ballerrina length..the heels match in with it perfectly..

The casual outfit is a complete wardrobe in a box really..classic long length jeans, and capris, a pair of sneakers (see top pic) but they also go with the pumps..and three different tops that co-ordinate with the pink embroidery on the jeans hoooray!

So Guys whats for you huh? Wellllll I think you’re gonna love this outfit..effortlessly casual & stylish..great sneakers (with resize for a good fit) I stole Talena’s photo cause none of the Pure boys were around to play with ~sighhh~…

So there you have it…go explore The Free Dove and find the Pink Label goodies ! Dont forget there is also a secret sale on in the store, at least 10 items, clothing and shoes have been marked down to 10l each. All you have to do is find them!

Go get clothed: The Free Dove     Pink Label secret sale