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The great cover up

Frighteningly often when Janie Marlowe of “Jane” releases something, I get this little voice in my head that says “ohhhhh I wish I had this in real life”…and she’s done it yet again! Fantastic concept…you get the lacey beach cover up for free, in 3 colours (even with a prim bit for those blessed with larger hip sizes) and thennn…you can choose from a huge selection of bikini tops & bottoms ! I looked high and low for a cover up like this in May for my rl holiday*foldy arms* and I couldn’t find it…

Sooooo I dithered about a bit…and really…I will prolly have to go back and get a couple more sets..I chose this top & bottom…of courrrse in chocolate because I lurve it so much… I suppose I’m a bit of a dullard but it went so nicely with the 3 tones of cream coverup…you could go for a more striking colour pallette than me! Boy shorts, strings..all sorts of kini bottoms..and soooo many choices of top..only 25L per item,cover up free…like my fabbo sandals? Yeah me tooo..I cant stop slipping them on…Pink label “Ariadne* in tortoise heaps of colour change options for the beads and nails…seems like Talena has moved store location again..I will post a link to her place when I get it !

Go get covered: Jane      lully sandals: Pink Label

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Taste The Rainbow

Oh Haiiii! Gosh I’ve been a little busy with uhm “things”…but here I am again…bad penny etc..Sooo I found this dress…its dotty & spotty…its twirly & girly…with a sooper fresh pure white background…this is the subscribo gift just for joining up…go slap that baby !

Every now and again you come across something that makes you go ” w o w ” and here is mine for this week…this is the HoX  gift for the “sour pickles hunt” and its shockingly pretty..I cant show you in a photo just how this dress moves around you..but it flows…and swayss…and the silver petals seem to be suspended all around you…~happy sigh~…its a keeper. You have to find a little orange fish for this gift – hint..”take the weight off and rest your feet”…

Go get girly: HoX

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Get cute

I love plaid! There I’ve said it…Im out of the closet…yesyesyes Iam a plaid lover *phew*..Sooo you can imagine how chuffed I was with Bubblez new release “Sona”…its plaid…its greeeen…and sooper girly! It has lacey bits..a bow…frilly puffy sleeves..and it made me feel so summery & sweet..dare I saw “cute” ? This darling little dress is on special offer until the 31st July for just 75 of your Linden dollars…hurrrrrrrry and get one! Thank you milo xx

Go get plaid: Bubblez

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Urban Girl

Happy Monday everyone! To get your week off right..Ive found a new store with some lush gear for very little Linden pennies yay! Its called Urban Girl..and everything in it is just 10L..we like that right?! Above Im posing with new sooper cool bicycle that’s in the Seasons Hunt from {what next} and wearing a long shorts & plaid blouse outfit …cost 10L

I fell in love with the style of the long shorts…big ole chunky cuffs…great colours ! This pair comes with a shorty sweater that skims your boobs…and a lovely floppy collar…again just 10L

I thought Id better snap up an outfit without shorts also to show you,and saw this black & white combo of sleeveless skinny fit top and flowing two tiered skirt…also comes with the gorgeous wide suede belt…and youve guessed it…10L for the complete thing…

Ohhhhh so ok…just one more shorts set ! Tartan black and white..great belt..and a pure jet black vee neck sweater,..whats not to love?!

Take a look around..theres also skins for 10L, shoooooz…and a group members lucky board…

Go get Urbanised: Urban Girl


Be Insatiable

Insatiable Fashions has moved! I dasshhhed over to take a peek and the new store is scrummmmmy. You will notice on the desk a TOSL hunt gift…and on the floor a stupendously huge box of free gifts! Theres jeans (a couple of pairs) tanks,tops,and this delicious yellow dress that I chose to wear as a tank…take a wander around.. lots to see..very reasonable prices…theres also some rather cool stores around the area..check them out !

Go get snoopy: Insatiable Fashions   Photo taken on location at Thinis

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Cool Blue

I fancied a virtual cool off this mawnin…its been so muggy and clammy here the last few days ! So I slipped into my newness from “Argyle Anonymous”, the sooper two-tone leggings & Lace tank. (oh yus and I have the denim Janes on- lovelovelove them!) Easy to wear…no prim fiddling required and a whole-heapa-coolio for your summer wardrobe

There’s stacks of colours to choose from..but I just fell in love with this frosty blue…oh AND the store has had a makeover…its rather plush and stylish…think spotlights and sleek black…oh AND..boys theres stuffage for you now!! Prices from around 69L for a pair of boy jeans ! Now for the bit where you neeeed to listen…When you land…and dont ask me why…(cause I have NO idea) walk down the pathway towards the little rows of flags & bunting..you’ll see Argyle Anon on the left buttttt…take a right and head towards the store with the massive balloon over it..thats the new store! (and haz all the new gear)

Go get icey: Argyle Anonymous       Photo taken on location here : Frost

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Daydream Believer

Ohhhhh sweetness ! Arisaris have this melt-in-your-mouth complete outfit out..its called “daydream” and I’m lovin it. The blouse is an extravaganza of tiny multi coloured flowers…rich frilly neckline and pufffy capped sleeves…add to that a shorter than short skirt and high gloss leggings plus a lush bra !

Close up view of the deelightful blouse…it reminds me of tutti frutti icecream..all the different colours and nibbly lil bits…beautiful!  Guys there are plenty of goodies for you at the store,plus a coupla lucky boards and midnight mania’s to slap!  Ohhh and dont forget to join the group (free join) and  snap up all the generous group gifts at the top of the stairs,theres a beautiful satin top this month –  Thanks Ariadna xx

Go get flowery: Arisaris