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Getting Grimey @ Uber

New goodies from Neve for the latest round of Uber yay! Have to say – this is SO me ❤ So so so whatcha get? Wellll the “Grime” top has a long casual shirt and crop top, so adorably cute. Plenty of patterns and colours to chose from for both pieces.

The “Grit” shorts are delish – frayed hem, choice of a stitched pattern or not – and a damm fine fit to boot. I’ve been strolling around in this outfit for a few days now, teamed up with sneakers but actually I also tried on a pair of cowboy type boots and that really worked too. Demos on offer at the event, mesh body fits only – thanks Neve team ❤


Uber Cam Sim

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coldLogic – always on trend

coldLogic NEW!!

yippee newness from coldLogic ! Always on trend and with a wonderful eye for those details lets launch into the goodies. This is “allen”, I’m a big fan of this sort of look and have seen quite a lot of it around in real life stores for the season. It hits that perfect note between coat to sweater, dress and jacket altogether. I adore the fabric change from upper arm to lower, so chic. This comes in a heap-o-colours so go take a peek , or treat yourself to a great big quantum pack – you know it makes sense !

coldLogic NEW

Here we have “joplin”, similar to allen but with a different vibe going on. The collar ruff is more sheepskin – retro baby ! The dress underneath is a light jacquard print , to be honest it was difficult to decide which colour to share with you, the cream version is sooper scrummy too. I helpfully haven’t shown you the back view – but both have a sweet hood that hangs down, really nicely et so it doesn’t interfere with your hair. Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

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Beach time


Boy-oh- boy it’s SO hot here today, I wish I was on a beach with nothing to do but read and soak up the rays. I’m making do with a SL type of sun break though and what better way than to slip into something cool and fresh from Egoxentrikax. A new store for me so I popped over and took a gander. Moderately priced, nice variety and this version of the Bohemi Outfit above is just 50L at the moment – I don’t know if that’s a limited time offer so dash before it ends. You get a lovely long mesh skirt, sweet tank and sunnies included. Other colours available at the full price (the aqua green is to-die-for – just thought Id let you know!)


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Three For Monday

Oh I’m being royally spoilt today..not only the fab Monday Mania item below but threeeee outfits from some great designers! All three designers are going for a relaxed denim style which I so enjoy…First up is CandyMetal..Christie is the name of this get the mesh front tied shirt, the darling short short SHORT shorts andddd the boots ! Really lovely fit on all three pieces…couldnt resist wearing mah cowboy hat …

Next we have the “Rock & Rolla” set from Poison..youre getting a whole lotta pieces for your pennies with this..mesh jeans with a fabbo design all over them…slightly low slung which I prefer to the “I’m losing my pants look” …the rock tee to wear underneath or with the jeans alone, plus the terrrrrific glitter mesh jacket..break this set up for separates or wear all together…cracking !

Last of the three is this ensemble from AriAris..”See Mee” is the name…I SO adore the pattern on the shirt…if I could find this shirt in real life, Id be a very happy bunneh…it fits so well…and is shaped nicely at the hem to compliment the skinny mesh jeans that also come with it…ohhhh almost forgot…my shooz! They are the current group gift from ArisAris..lully wedges, easy to use HUD that controls pedicure colours and skin tone…a real breeze to use (and I’m rubbish with HUDS !) Just head over and join the group, grab them up.




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Really, Truly

If you check out the marketplace, you will be able to find yourself this funky little casual outfit from *Stars* Fashion for the even funkier promotional price of L$99! This outfit, named ‘Truly’ features everything you see above except the shoes. The pants and two shirts are what you’ll get and they look pretty cool indeed. The trousers have a nice texture to them with some fantastic crease-work and they come with sculpted cuffs that are easy to fit.

The two shirts can be worn simultaneously or one at a time. I have to say that I like them worn both at the same time more though. The black, white and red colours of the check shirt look brilliant and it comes with sculpted collar and sleeves as well as a sculpted body part for the top, but you don’t have to wear it if you don’t want and there is a separate layer for those who choose not to. This sculpted body part comes in two versions, one for manual resizing and one with a scripted resizer included so you’re covered for fitting this perfectly. The white shirt also comes with sculpted sleeves for those times when you just want to wear it all by itself.

As I said earlier, this is a very cool, casual outfit that looks great. It’s an absolute bargain at L$99 and you don’t even have to go out anywhere to get it! Pick it up while you can.

Get the gear here:

Visit them inworld: *Stars* Fashion

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Like Clockwork

I was checking out the marketplace tonight when I saw this cool-looking free t-shirt from Guarded Cross. I didn’t recognise the same so I decided to investigate the in-world store and wow, I found not one but a whole wall full of free t-shirts. I grabbed a few to show you guys here.

They all come on multiple layers and are really well made with lovely creases, designs and colours. As I mentioned, there’s a whole wall of shirts so you are spoiled for choice as well.

If you are looking for a t-shirt, you should definitely take a look at this store. Fantastic choices and awesome looks, you can’t go wrong.

Get the gear here: Guarded Cross

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Can you hear me…I can hear you…

New store [Echo] has another coupla gifties out for us all ! The Adagio sweater in a really pretty purrrrply colour…such a sweety with its little bow sat jauntily on the front…

Also this fabbo sleeveless shirt Cadence..fresh minty green tone…and lovely detailing at the side with crisp silver buttons …check out the newness while you’re there !

Gift shirts: [Echo]