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Winds of Change – The Free Dove

Scooted around The Free Dove today – nice to see it is so well curated and seasonal! You will find a table full of brilliant Halloween items for males & females. This stunning outfit is by GGVG Fashion – wow what a stunner. Mesh bodysuit with a high jewelled collar, stockings, high heels and layers and layers of frothy feathers, naturally the hat is included – dramatic !

Also some lovely Autumn & Winter pieces around, this sweet woollen sweater dress by Kinsia is totally fab, comes with a texture Hud also. Just join The Free Dove group and enjoy collecting your free items.

The Free Dove

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Lollipops !

ohhhh it says “Lolliflower”..welll hey easy mistake to make..*dimples*…so so so..Arisaris have some mesh jeansss hooorayyy! And boy-oh-boy..these are some gorjusss well textured…great creasing….made in a few size options so you can play around and find a pair to suit you…the set also comes with a sweet printed tee and belt…thanks Ariadne xx

I’ve also got some news from a store that I showed you at the Fashion For Life event- Hush Skins..they have a group gift skin out for March called “BabyDoll”, I just love love LOVE it…gorg skin tone…choices for eyebrow colour (thank you!) and cheeky pink blush..adorbs. The group is free go grab yourself a box and try it out…

Lolliflower mesh jeans set: Arisaris

BabyDoll group gift skin: Hush



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Somedays… want to be a diva…on others maybe goth…but when you’ve got a cold and you feel desperate for a snuggly want something like this ! I found chichi’s pocket  when I was collecting gifts from Seraphim ..and sooo loved their free outfit,  I followed through to their mainstore to take a gander. Lots of fun things on offer..a group pose gift..and some seriously sugarsweet outfits. I fell in love with the “Teddybear” outfit. At just 75L its a real bargain. You get the whole,socks,leggings,net rara style skirt, tee & cardigan!! (You can also wear one layer of the skirt alone with just the tee if you prefer)  It so cheered me up to wrap myself in frothy net & general pinkness…

Mainstore: Chichi’s Pocket

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Covering The Bases

Zan has been on fire as of late and she’s come back to us yet again. This time with a little bit of everything for every taste. Enjoy.

I didn’t think there was a sale on at Cupcakes at the moment but now I’m not sure because at these prices there seems to be too many bargains for it not to be a sale. Outside of the store they have two large stalls set up with reduced price gift bags stuffed with skins,eyes, clothes etc all mixed so check before you buy but all seems to be L$50. Good looking skins as well. Inside, however, everything seems to be priced at a shocking L$20! I decided on this simple Bandeau Heart Bikini and the brown and red jackets (see picture below) because I have so many dresses it’s embarrassing. A lot of quality for not a lot of lindens. Take a look inside, especially the lovely dresses at the back.

I was on a roll when I visited *Suzy*, as I managed to find all 3 hunt items!  Your looking for a shark, waffle and a strawberry. The Seasons Hunt shark is easy peasy to find and as a hint for the others, all I will say is that there is an upstairs to this shop.  A small shop with a mix of clothes and furniture but I highly recommend you check out both!  Their dresses are very prim and proper.

As for the prize I’m showing: it’s the rather naughty black jeans you see above.  The description is “loosely” unzipped.  Teamed with some colourful undies helps to hide my blushes.  You also get prim cuffs for these jeans as well. The other prizes are nice flattie shoes.

I yelled with happiness when I found this hunt item from The Seasons Hunt as it certainly looked good on the poster and it  didn’t disappoint once I’d gotten it on. This lovely dress is patterned with leaves in shades of brown, orange, yellow and a light blue. The top half comes in all layers and a poofy prims skirt finished with a neat white belt. Skirt does come with a resizer although I didn’t have to edit it for it to fit nicely. And as a nice finishing touch you can then delete the script once you have edited the skirt to your liking. Always a handy feature. Four hunts are going on in this store at the moment so there is plenty to tempt you there.

Get pretty here:


Community thrift & trade Event

Ohhh yeah !!! It’s almost here…on the 1st of July the community thrift & trade fair opens…lets seee…theres gacha machines ..wearable balloons from Lisp (omg heapssss of FUN!) Anddd *drum roll puhlease* Argyle Anonymous has some brand-spankin-finger-lickin-good newwww releases specially for it! To define it more clearly here’s a line or three from the notes: “Community Thrift & Trade is a social shopping experience.Featuring a group yard sale, new releases from some fabulous designers, and gacha machines.” Tadaaaa!

Onto the newness from Argyle Anon you’re gonna see these “Rollie shorts” ,that come with big soft ole cuffs and a retro/vintage floral fabric all over…lotsa colours to choose from…also the crochet tank…sooper pritty..fluted & flared body prim gives it a real feminine appeal…and its deep vee back edged in lace is to-die-for ..there’s even a little daisy applique to wear on the bodice …quite a few shades to grab in this also..all delicate & subtle tones …beauuuutiful! (my artfully slung over the shoulder guitar is from a gacha by u.f.o..just 50L)

“Mox” is the name of the new shoes …comfybumfy casuals in soft squidgy leather (I have some like this in real life!) above I’m wearing them on my hot little trotters in “mocha” but I’m also lovingggg them in vanilla bean shown below…

Dont forget, the event opens on the 1st of July…no peeking till then!!! (and nothings set for sale yet anyway- trust me I checked !)

Go get thrifty: Community thrift & trade


Funny Bone

Always sure to make me chuckle..newness from T Junction !  Five a Sure whyyyy not..

Combo of hot nights & insomnia this Tee kinda sums up my WORLD over the last two weeks !

Saved my fav till damm cute, I’m wearing it right NOW ! As always all Tee’s are 75L a pop…heaps more instore…plus luckyboards & special discounts…whizzzz over today and grab some up! (also on the market place for gift giving) thanks Kalli x

Go get funny: T Junction                        (Hair by D!va – group members gift)



I think someone put rocket fuel in milo bubbles  tank..hubbidy hubba she’s been busy again…and Usami is the latest release ! I tried it all on this morning and havent taken it off yet…another absolute winner for my wardrobe…what sets this apart? Welllll…its all in the details girls..lets take a closer peek…

This is how it went on to me straight-off-the peg…no fiddling…no messing about…but each piece does have resizers in it anyway…the little ties are perfect and you’ll find them dotted about at various points of the outfit..the hat I did have to make larger, but once again that handy resize function made it effortless!. Check out my bag…it carries a fab animation..zoooom in, and look at the items inside..aint that just sooper cute  *laughs*. I see milo & gang on the magazine cover..a and I think some it ! The pants are stylish black…and have a slight sheen to them for glossy appeal..fantastic outfit for mooching about & shopping…and all your for just 199L ..oh btw…the get TWO colours for that price black & maroon *faints*..

Go get bubbly: Bubblez