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Sorry NOT free. (Info only).

Since Faith has found some great freebies I decided that today I would check out old LM’s which is how I came to the M&M Creations shop and WOW.

I will say that the photos are NOT of the same building, I ended up taking dozens of pictures of all the buildings and couldn’t chose which one to show you so in the end I decided I’d show you just a hint of what you will find at this shop.

This is a “Full Perm” shop which also has full builds/homes out for sale and I love each and everyone of them.

I’ve just spent a most pleasant 45 mins wandering and camming around some of the best “themed” homes.

I say “themed” in the sense they have a rustic/RP/Gor/village/mansionesque feel. I really do hate to “label” the style of these builds as I think they have something for everyone. The attention to detail is just excellent from the soot stained fireplaces to the hidden room with marble seats etc.

The quality of texturing is second to none, that big grinding wheel turns around and behind it is a built in stone sink.

The person who built these builds has such a brilliant eye for details. Take for example this stone sink and the more modern window which opens to a deep window sill and you can see the older outside window frame. Anyone who lives in the UK or has visited an old castle knows that the walls are feet thick and have often when they’ve been modernised have a new window frame inside.

Every home and every room has something which makes you go “oooh, what a great idea”.

I was actually going to buy and live in this split level cottage once.

You may remember at the begining of this year we completely stripped our sim back, got a new terrain map, and then rebuilt from scratch and this build was going to be my new home. Even though I didn’t go for it in the end I can still see how it would have looked. I won’t tell you the prims because I must be wrong as they’re just way too low so I’m not sure about them.

The builds are split over 2 levels so check the ones on the ground and then hop on the TP for this cottage and some more builds.

Now for the downside, price tag. Sometimes I love a home so much I buy it even though I know that the chances are I will never ever use it, just knowing I have it in my invent is enough but although I really do think you’re getting your moneys worth I can’t justify it in this case as we are talking about 1000++++Lds.

However I can’t stress enough that you are paying for such great quality and attention to detail and remember, Christmas is around the corner so why not treat the RL and SL you a dream home to live in as a Christmas Treat.

PS. Don’t rush over and buy as I’m going to do another post on homes. As much as I hope you fall in love this these buildings I’d hate for you to see my next post and then have “buyers remorse”.

M&M Creations


Watermelons, A Castle and a whole heap of FUN!

There’s been a lot of excitement at the Pure Studio the last few days..we received an invitation to the castle in honour of Queen Milo’s birthday !  (that’s milo bubble who makes all the gorjussness for Bubblez) The dress code was castle wear…and we had strict orders to have FUN *squeal* !!!

Upon arrival at the castle gates, we were stunned by the beauty of the building..enchanting doesnt do it justice…the bigggg wooden doors swung open to admit us and we entered into the grand hall. *gasp* Soooo beautiful, her Majesty the tiny queen was there to greet us..(little booger kept hiding under my skirts !!) Her Royal Highness Lady Jean was most gracious and ushered us in, making us welcome..

All royal subjects received two divine castle made gowns as a gift *gasp* sumptuously layered gold gown and a watermelon themed party dress..why watermelons hmm? Welllll there was also a GUN *laughs* and chaos ensued with much shooting and shouting and various other types of weapons being drawn!!

HRH decreed that a handsome courtier and myself were the best dressed Castle guests *faints* I was so honoured to stand beside him that I granted him special birthday wishes with my fairy wand…*grins*…then poked him with it a bit for FUN !

Sir Steve from-down-under was in attendance, and looked on at the wild behaviour with amusement …I think he especially enjoyed the pancake gun and exploding frogs *winks*

And at the stroke of  midnight…it was time to go home *le-sigh* what a party…thank you milo &  jean ,it certainly was an occasion to remember and may we take this opportunity to wish Queen milo a  VERY very very Happy Birthday!!!

Fai x