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Sooo good.


As soon as I read the note from Cahsmere & Keeane I logged into the Marketplace and grabbed these.  Basically Cashmere&Keane have slashed their prices down to 50Lds for EVERYTHING but the catch is this offer is only for their MP shop and not their inworld one and it’s only for the next 5 days.  Since I only just got the note I’m going to assume thats 5 days from now.

I bought the nude shade as it’s a versatile colour and then OMG when I logged back into the Marketplace to check out more items at this sale price I found a FULL 11 colour pack of these shoes set for only 50Lds!!!! Grab grab grab, a great fit, great style, I’m not sure what price these are in the inworld shop but this isn’t cheapo carp.  You will however need to have SLink med feet for these.

Even if you’re not after a new pair of shoes check them out in anycase as a total of 402 items at only 50Lds so everything from crisp shirts to mens skins.

NP Although I haven’t had a size issue thats no guarantee that no one will so I should mention that Demos are available and although this is such an amazing offer if you want to make sure always buy the demo first.

Cashmere & Keane Marketplace