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Cheap Revenge.(Fun Freebies).

Faith won the Rare from my last post!

This is Faiths Vineyard.

This is my digger.

This is me busy working.

As you can see I’ve been a busy girl.

I had SO MUCH fun not just with this digger but from all the random stuff I picked up from the Salmaru shop where everything is FREE.  Most of the things are vehicle-related and wearables.  So yes I am wearing this digger, I also wore the Dinosaur which chases you and the bike with all the screaming babies on it and the biggest fun were the wearable octopus or is that octopi as you have one on each hand and you do a silly dance.  So basically a fun way to kill time in SL.

PS Don’t worry Faith I filled the hole in and there aren’t any bodies buried underneath.


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Help me!

I decided to do a hunt today and one of the prizes in the “Winter Blows” hunt grabbed my attention and so I made my first visit to the “Hearts and Cart Wheels” shop and although on the surface the hint given seems pretty easy I simply couldn’t find the hidden snowflake! Soooo basically if anyone has a spare moment and is a better hunter than I can you look and let me know?

Mind you even if you don’t find it there is some real interesting stuff here inc bargains and also 2 lucky emm petrol pumps.  Simply wait for your initial to come up and you too can have your own “Muff mobile”.


Yup how lucky was I.  So, of course, my first thought was to park it outside of Faiths home next to PD’s muscle car so they now have a “His n Her” set.


Don’t worry Faith I’ve driven off now.  This does come with a standard driving menu and pretty easy to drive, I only crashed about 2 times which is pretty good for me.  This is a shop packed with so many vehicles from the comic, The Flintstones car to the super serious muscle cars/bikes. Also a range of famous cars from TV and films.

The LBs only change every 30mins but the prizes seem to as well but if you don’t want to linger then once you’ve checked out the shop you will find that there is a room packed with 25Lds offers.  A whole random selection of new and old vehicles, some bits n bobs to decor your home/sim ie stage lights, generators etc.  I ended up buying nothing as I simply couldn’t make my mind up in the end and I intend on checking my invent to make sure I don’t already have some of the items.

Ladydragonshunt (LM’s & Hints)

Hogs and Cart Wheels

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Brum Brum (free Brums).

RL timetable is screwed up this week but I managed to pop in to kill some time and snagged myself a cute ride.


Not really going to say a whole lot about Aikioto, the shop where I picked up this freebie apart from the fact it has a whole range of vehicles from small fun cars to big American classics., compact continentals to big buses, girly cars to boy racers and each comes with a demo.


This was me 3 secs before I crashed.

As it happens I did drive it for a while so it’s my lack of skills and not the AO in the car which is at fault,  this comes with a nice AO that has you turning the wheel.  At 9 prims even I can spare those to park in my garage with no bother.

Whilst I was there I also grabbed the other special offers on of a non lego, lego styled car and the motorised egg because we call need a motorised egg.  The box car I’m showing you is from the Free to join group and the others are either 10Lds or 0 for the ride able pumpkin.


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Keep on truckin

wingsong bug truck (with teddybear passenger optional) 15L!

Ok, so ive been feverishly buying up a lot of vehicles from wingsong over the last few days. They are just so cute and so inexpensive ! This is the “Wingsong Bug Truck”, its wearable which is fab as it takes up no prims and you can use it anywhere – yes – even in no rez areas. In the back is a bale of hay and theres also a Teddybear passenger to keep you from feeling lonely awww. Plenty of other extras in the box, such as goggles, hitops and a tee shirt too. The lights work, the engine purrrs, wheels turn, read the info note to find out where to click to get more fantasticness ! SO much fun for only 15L. I really should get that cracked windshield fixed huh?

Wingsong marketplace store

Wingsong Store

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Fricken Awesome.

I meant what I said in a previous post and on payday I contacted Motor Loon and got myself a boat.  This is a proper boat and not the little wooden dingy we all pick up along the way in SL.  Check out this picture to check out the awesomeness.


OK so I have played a little bit with windlight but you can too so can’t you just picture yourself in this scene.  All other photos will be taken in the simple Nams Prim and Skin setting which we should ALL use because it is very similar to the normal SL lighting but less harsh and you don’t have to use a facelight to look stunning.

HelmMy RL knowledge about boating is lacking  I can use a paddle and that’s about it but I’ve checked out the menu and glanced at the easy to follow instructions and although a lot of it I allowed to go right over my head it’s easy to see that if you’re an in world sailor or just a poser like me this is a boat for both.  You get a box full of texturing which   means you can change a lot of the texturing on the boat from the hull to the flag and even I managed to change the flag to the Pure Logo.

KitchenLets think “outside of the box” as they say.  If you own a tiny plot with the minimum of Prims then you could make this your home because as compact as it is it has everything inc the kitchen sink because everything comes to a tiny 32prims which means anyone could own a boat of this quality. If you don’t want to sink any of your land when you rezz your boat it comes on a low primmed dry dock stand, a lovely touch.

Nav system

A lot of thing on here are a simple touch control even the lighting, curtains, hatch or from the menu although the menu is mainly for the sailing bit.  Whats shown here is the steps down to the living quarters and you can see the radio and even ………………………..

Snapshot_038… Ta Dah the toilet!

BedroomBedroom is through a little crawl space under the the rear of the boat or is that stern? From what I can tell it’s just a few poses I don’t even know it it has a cuddle menu in it but not everything needs it nor does everyone want it so that’s not an issue.

Bedroom2One of the poses is of you lying on your belly looking out of the little door into the living area which is so cute.  The whole boat comes packed with poses and the blurb says “Smooth moving parts (doors/hatches etc) and support for up to 32 passengers all with individual animations (though I may not recommend that many for sim crossings). Boat also features working sails (luffing and shaping to wind), automatic spinnaker, working folding prop, working inboard motor (you can flip up the staircase to expose it), working cabin lights, deployable fenders, working anchor and lots lots more”.  Don’t let any of the sailing jargon put you off if your a boating noob like me it’s still so easy.

LivingroomLast photo I promise.  It was so hard to chose which photos to use because they all turned out so well.  This of course it the seating area and you can see that yet again although this is a compact boat it’s damned roomy enough.  The table in the centre is drop leafed so one click and one side is lowered another click and down goes the other side so  it’s even easy to walk around.

As I’ve said this is a real sailing boat and so I braved the open seas and YES it works.  I will have to read the instructions a bit better but all I know is even I managed to steer it and it was FUN.  You get a great AO of you steering the helm and the lovely relaxing sound of waves crashing on the front bit, prow?, even crests of small waves as you cut through the open water  and I deliberately went through 3 sim crossings and not a single issue.

Thanks to a Pure reader who pointed out to me that you can pick up a demo model of the Oceanic from the MP I had gotten a taster of what it would be like but in all honestly I and even  the Pure reader would say PAY the difference and get the Loonetta.  She maybe a bit more expensive than the Oceanic but she definitely has the updated edge to her and is so worth the extra (Loonetta 3500 Oceanic 3000).

So the MP to get the Oceanic demo and the inworld LM so you can have a better look at the Loonetta  for yourself. Almost forgot to say that MLCC  is even bigger on the bikes and cars a real petrol head paradise.

MLCC Marketplace

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Sniff Sniff

Banish to the back door no wonder he looks so sad.


To think I resisted the shagging reindeer, the dead hanging reindeer and even the dance stage where we can all have a dance not around our handbags but a disemboweled Reindeer.

Trashy use

Will sit up to 4 avatars (if you could find 4 people who would want to sit on him). A total of 9 anims, on or off for falling snow (nice big snowflakes which I forgot to put on for the picture) and click his ciggie to turn on or off the smoke.  This sweetie is copyable and 16 prims.  Other Crimbo scenes set out not all so rudie so check them out.

The best clubs in SL have Pixlights club lightening and effects.  They are so good you can walk through the showrooms with them and although they’re all on and flashing there is no lag.  But you don’t have to have a club to own their lights.  So reasonably priced so I picked up my new Crimbo tree light for 90Lds.


I’ve actually now moved it up over my house and highlighted by a starry background it is so pretty and yet I managed to take a rotten picture of it so I’ve used this one.


This is a close up of the swirly lights to show you it’s depth and prettiness.  But you really need to see them in action so pop to the shop and check them all out. So reasonaly priced, so low primmed and copyable.

I’ve blogged Pixlights before and  will do it again and again probably.  Only a small collection of mens clothes and jewelry here and no womens clothes at all but their furniture is totally funky, fun, unisexed.  Their bikes are gleaming and their cars are sleek and very driveable. A shop that takes design seriously but not without humour and imagination.

Make sure you don’t miss the rezzer as well.  They can supply everything from a complete club, stage and sadly only a couple of homes so far but the attention to detail and shading is so good.

Pixlights Factory

Pixlights Marketplace