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Mean Motor Scooters

Faith and I are lucky ducks indeed after Tesa Carrasco got in contact with us and dropped us some her hot off the presses gear. I got the Biker Set in red while Faith got herself a capri set in pink (of course).

Both look super fantastic. The guy’s biker set features the jacket and striped shirt combo (which all come together on one layer) and the jeans. As good as the jacket and shirt looks, the jeans have to be my favourite part of this outfit as they have an awesome colour and the denim has a brilliant distressed look to it. You also get a pair of rolled cuffs for these jeans as well as cuffs, collar and lapel for the jacket, none of which I had to edit at all, I just wore them straight out of the box and they fit!

Faith’s outfit is gorgeous with her cool, tight black capris and pink and black top. Both have great designs and looks to them (I’m liking the little gaps in the capris running down the front), it’s a very simple outfit yet you have to admit she looks amazing in it.

As always with Tesa’s clothing they are amazingly affordable and I like these new items very much, especially since she told me that her new releases are half-price for the first week of them being out (which ends on the 26th I think). You definitely should run on down and check them out as well as her other gear, she always has something cool on offer. Thanks Tesa!

Get the gear here: Carrasco’s

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Its been a while since I’ve shown anything from Carrasco’s, but here’s something I’m really pleased to share with you…Tesa has made this stunning lingerie for the naughty weekend deal…in this turquoise satin for just 69L…so retro..with its shoulder pads and high shine fabric…

The set also has this sweet little skirt to wear with it…more on…more to slowly strip off *wink*…its also available in purrrple but at the regular price of 150L…so dash over and grab up the special promotion turquoise for 69 !

Like my skin? snap! I found it at Bare Sensual, called Daring and was only 10L…(its boxed on the floor by the main entrance)

Lingerie: Carrasco’s (the store is upstairs,tp on the wall)

Skin: Bare Sensual


Copper is the new gold

Brocade gown in copper

Feeling a bit lack lustre? Go snaffle up this gown from Carrasco’s, it’s just 60L this weekend ! Adore the deep copper colour and gold tones..makes you feel glitterrrrry ! Plunging v shaped back detail is edged in  thick lace..and can be worn with or without the hip detail , short or long..how much more versatile can you get??…dont forget to check the matching shoes & purse that’s right next to it in store for the finishing touches…Guys if you want to make the perfect couple..there is also a matching suit, with fab tie for 60L also yay! Click the pic for a close up of those all important details …

Go get pretty: Carrasco’s


All Business

Happy weekend folks! I’ve got a wonderful weekend deal to share with you guys courtesy of Carrasco’s.

Tesa Carrasco has put out her business suit in light tan for a stunning L$125 for this weekend. This is a gorgeous suit, I love the colour. It is definitely a very light tan, almost cream, colour. With the matching tie and white shirt, it’s a beautiful combination. All the details are great: the buttons on the coat, the creases in the coat and pants are all really well done. The same can be said about the attachments. With this suit you get cuffs for the pants and dress shirt (that come with some very nice diamond cufflinks, lapels for the coat and two different versions of shirt collar and tie: one to be worn with a vest and one not.

As good as the attachments look, sometimes you don’t feel like fitting prims or even attaching them to begin with (of course this could be just me). If that’s the case, this suit has got you covered because the jacket and dress shirt come in another version that includes the lapels, tie and collar already drawn on! So all you need do is wear these versions and presto, you’re wearing an awesome looking suit without having to play with prims.

This is such a great suit and since you can grab it for the amazing price of L$125 for this weekend, it’s even better. You should definitely take a trip down to Carrasco’s and check this out along with her other fab gear.

Get the gear here: Carrasco’s


The Belle of the Ball

Carrasco's Brocade gown & Suit in Magenta

 It’s been far too long since I’ve done a post for some Carrasco’s outfits but today Faith and I were able to get some pictures together of Tesa Carrasco’s lovely new releases: the Brocade Gown and Pant Set, both in magenta.

Carrasco's suit

 So, since I’m terrible at describing women’s fashion, I’ll start with my outfit. With the male magenta pant set you get the gorgeous magenta shirt in both tucked and untucked versions, a pair of black dress pants, a pair of black socks and a prim belt. Along with all that, you also get three different types of collar/ties to wear: a closed collar with a tight knotted tie, an open collar with a loosely knotted tie and an open collar with open tie for a very casual offset to the outfit which I chose to wear in these pictures.

Carrasco's Brocade gown

Faith’s brocade gown is gorgeous, with lovely details and colour throughout. The flexi skirt flows very nicely with her movements and she is most definitely belle of the ball material in this gown. You get two versions of the flexi skirt: one you can wear with the system skirt overlay and one without. You can also wear the lace overlay system skirt by itself and turn the gown into a mini dress.

Both of these fine outfits are available for the fantastic price of L$55 each – a bargain! And as always with Carrasco’s, there are plenty of sales and hunt gifts to be found. Go get ’em.

Get the gear here: Carrasco’s


Getting down to business…

Carrasco's Olive Business Suit

I was chatting to Tesa Carrasco, designer at Carrasco’s, the other day and she was super excited about her new line of business suits. When she showed me the piccies of them I had a strange deja vu moment. For years now I’ve collected clothing from a designer that’s no longer in SL (or real life sadly) and these new suits just so reminded me of her work. It’s the luxurious texturing of the fabric, the detail of things like the buttons, creases in the cloth..I was pretty blown away really (infact, I don’t think I really could express to Tesa how much I adored them, I went all quiet aww lol) Sooo here they are…I hope you feel the same way about them as I do. Each suit comes with trousers and a girly twirly skirt. Check the pics for the close up view..and see what I mean about precise tailoring & details..

Carrasco's Business Suit skirt version in Olive

I’ve always loved a sharp jacket over a girly skirt..just something sooo smexy about it..

Business suit in PINK yay!

I’m hoping Tesa doesn’t mind me telling you this..but shes a fiery redhead..(gotta love them!) anddd I had noticed that she rarely uses my favourite colour in her designs *le-sigh* you knowww PINK ! Tesa says this is because pink doesn’t suit redheads…WHAT!!!! ohmaiiii…so all us blondies have to go without??? no no no…unfair!!! Soooo we had a little chat about this..(I was only teasinggg) and a few hours later..a little parcel arrived in my hot little paws..*faints*.. a suit..bless her cotton redhead socks…in Pinkkkkkkk !!! Not only is it pink but such a glorious shade..sorta faded and strokable..gawd I love it..

Pink business suit Carrasco's

Now the sooper fab news..these suits are up for grabs right now..still hot from the oven ! But..the even better’er news is…for the sixty linden weekend gig, the tan suit is just 60L andddddd right now the rather amazing PINK one is just 75L..both these and the other colours in the range are usually 200L each (which is still very good value for two suits in one) So rushhhhhhh and grab them up today! Guys..get over there, all these outfits are transferable, grreat for valentines gifties huh? Also…the suits that are part of the business collection are just gorjusssss…go see go see ! (I will try to get Player or Steve to show one-off )

More newness? okkkk…

OTB Hunt gift @ Carrasco's

Carrasco’s is also in the Off The Bend hunt (OTB) and thissss frothy creation in purrrrrple & pink is the prize ! I simply adore the striking colours together…youre looking for a purple U , find it and its alllll yours !

Tesa is in a few other hunts & upcoming ones, always check the board outside the store to see whats  happening…usually a LOT is going on !

Go get suited : Carrasco’s


Did you?

Did you remember to cast your votes at  Carrasco’s for the dress? If you did..and guessed the most popular, you would’ve received your FREE copy by now ! It’s such a fun thing to do, just go along to Tesa’s store  Carrasco’s and find the voting board, look at the gowns and choose your fav, simple dimple huh? ! If your favourite is the winner, you receive a copy yay! If you didn’t pick the winner no worries, Tesa also sends all participants a 25% coupon against purchases of any of the top 3 dresses!  Heres this months dresses…I didnt choose the winner but Tesa is sooooo lully she spoilt me with the one I loved so much *big squidges for her*…pssst guys, all the dresses are transferable, treat your special girl !

Carrasco's 1st place

1st place went to the “Oprah ” dress, monochrome & stunning

Carrasco's 2nd place Pamela

Thissss one was my personal favourite, all glittery & sparkly and deeeelicious…I dont know how Tesa makes the textures look SO real but I’m very glad she does !

Carrasco's 3rd place Quaila

3rd place is the Quaila dress…beautiful satin in blue with a diamonte encrusted design that slithers alllll the way to your tootsies!

The voting board is up with a new selection of dresses for you to choose from now..(you get 3 choices, great for those who dither like me ).I’m on my way over see you there! Ohhhh btw…incase you were worried you’d missed the chance to grab these gowns…ALL of them are now for sale for 100L each ! (ohhhhh I can see the newwwwness…its short dresses this time *swooons* okokok I’ve chosen !)

Fai ❤ (the voting board is rightttt at the back of the store against the wall)

Go vote & get prettty! : Carrasco’s