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Make Him Muism

It’s obviously been too long since I’ve paid a visit to *Muism* as when I went down there I saw loads of brilliant gear that was new to me and of course I had to pick some up. Like the ‘Scoop Tee’ and ‘Cargo Shorts’ I’m wearing above. They come in a cool range of colours and look great. I especially love the cargos. Even from a distance you can see how amazing the detail on the textures are and the sculpted cuffs and pockets fit well.

While I was there I also came across the Make Him Over Hunt 6 item. I wasn’t even looking for it. It just magically appeared right in front of me, gotta love it when it’s easy. The gift is the Chronotech G5 in navy. A wicked, sporty looking watch with lots of options. You can change the time or leave it set for SL time, change the face colour and resize all through the handy menu, it is indeed a very cool accessory and worth picking up.

So head on down to *Muism* keep yourself on time by picking up a great watch and treat yourself to some of their awesome clothes.

Get the gear here: *Muism*

Pose by Olive Juice


Rage Rage against the day…

mmmm yummmy…Poison has some fantisque shorts out (both for guys & girls yay!) Uber sharp,baggy,pockets to stash stuff in…and a fabulous leather belt with chain…comes in 4 colours black,green,brown & blue…

Check out those details…amazing…seriously…you neeeeed these ! 200L a pop and worth every cent…I SO wanna hug Mister Torok for making these cause I’m gonna live in them for agessss ..thanks Corocota :ppp   (Oh psssst don’t forget to slap theMM boards and snag those free gifts on the floor!)

Go get raged: Poison