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Neve is @ IBTC ! UPDATED

Neve @ IBTC May 2021

Brand spankin new release from Neve @ The IBTC for you – be prepared to see me strutting my stuff in this, its rarely been off my bones since I unpacked it! So so so this is the “memory” top and the “Plan” pants – such a boho casual look. Seperates so you can mingle with your other wardrobe items. (sorry I was too early posting this, the gallery for the event & landmark are all working now)

Neve - Memory Top - All Colors

Here is the full pack of tops, sold in packs of four designs or a fat pack for sizes Maitreya & petite, Legacy & perky.

Neve - Plan Pant - All Colors

As you can see the pants have so many uses, from sporty to beachwear – great muted colour palette too. My bag is from C’est La Vie and was recently updated, hold pose or none plus a hud for the bag texture and the pompoms.


IBTC gallery

C’est La Vie

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Oh Dear – Fifty Linden Friday – what did I buy?

I’m a bit strapped for cash at the moment but I just CANT not look at FLF ! I couldn’t resist the pack of 3 cargo pants from Tetra – 2 packs to choose from, if I was rich Id have bought both – but I settled on the one , I love them !

Of course I wasn’t ever going to leave the Hive item behind “No troll left behind!!” lol Two choices on this beautiful hose reel, I plumped for the one with the hose laid out , just 4Li, the one without the hose trailing is 3Li.

Whilst you’re at Hive check out all the free group gifts (group is free to join) and dollarbies in the entrance way – all under 3 Li, above are my faves. Most prolly blogged a gazillion times but if you haven nabbed them yet, there they are.

FLF items showcase



Hair by Monso “Miyu”

Top by Neve “poms” ohmydays my fav ever top!

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Together time…

Jane & fatewear_005

At last…time to wander and explore together, and fool around with balloons ! We strolled along a windswept beach, perhaps a little toooooo windy…Im wearing one of the new releases from Jane called “Tender shoots”. Yes indeedy the sweet little elf at Jane has had her nose to the grindstone and made bunches of seriously sweet dresses…this one has a double layer effect (which can also be seen in the “carolina” version)..its my personal fav of this set…easy to wear with heels or flats, and has a brilliant fit around the armholes (my bug bear mostly!) It also gives your cleavage a big boost …well so player informs me *winks*…speaking of Player, he’s recently got into guys mesh clothing, so I showed him FATEwears collection. Hog Heaven ! He snapped up the subscribo gift “Carter” which comprises of  some tasty cargo shorts and a greaaaat shirt…and then I treated him to the Andy Jacket combo and the Marty pants…hes wearing the gift shirt here and the Marty pants…

Jane & fatewear andy jacket marty pants

andddd here we are, dawdling in the bedroom, seriously..its SUCH a performance when we go out ! The thing Player loved about FATEwear are the many many variations you get of the pieces, he was boggled by them ..different pant lengths, different fits and more…Oh and yes..Im wearing the tender shoots dress againnnn, this time in a delicate oh-so-girly baby blue….isnt it just darling?

Jane NEW!

Soooo we eventually got out and about… I decide to slip into yet another change of clothes…this time its the “jayden” dress from Jane, in a bright dazzling poppy tone. Big bold flowers loop the loop across the front…and again that lovely cleavage enhancing cut neckline…my hat is from echo and handily matched perfectly.

fateWEAR - Carter shirt & cargo pants - subscribo gift FREE!

Player got all dizzy with my whirlwind changes and had to find a seat…so I took the chance to take an off-duty snap of him relaxing in his FATEwear subscribo gift outfit…the shirt is an awesomesauce fit , you can just see the camo pattern on the shorts…doesnt cost a bean to join so go DO IT ! Btw if you join the Jane subscribo there’s also a gift for the girls, a beautiful little meshy dress..

Jane Grace dress (3 colours) - FREE

Its called Grace….and its a simple classy little frock…you get three colours apricot (which I’m wearing) khaki and navy blue , so slap that subscribo button and get all prettified !  I’ve got a couple more pieces to share from Jane later hoohah! Thanks Janie ❤ Ohhh btw I got to see some fabbo poses from Eternal Dream Poses..the one above is from the beat 2 pack…great collection ! Had a look around the main store, some great offers on, especially for the guys with some 49L deals atm.

Jane (inworld store)

Jane Blog

FATEwear (inworld store)

FATEwear blog

FATEwear (market place)

Eternal Dreams Poses

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June Sun

June is shaping up to be a great month: hunts galore and today you can get your Summer outfits started off right at SF Design. Since it is the start of the month, not only do I have a Monday Mania item to show you but I’ve also got SF Design’s monthly gift!

Todays monday mania gives you the chance to pick up these wicked ‘cargo cut offs’. They come in a great shade of navy blue. With their fantastic creases and details, these cargos are perfect for walking along the beach. They also feature sculpted pockets and cuffs. The cuffs come with either a scripted resizing or non-scripted version and have cool little ties hanging off the bottom of them, just brilliant.

This month’s free gift is the fabulous sunhat. The straw texture on this is just gorgeous and it also comes in two different versions. One with the hat by itself and one with hair. It is resizeable via script and the band on the hat is colour changeable with six to choose from. If that wasn’t good enough, the hair is colour changeable with six different shades to choose from there too!

What a great way  to start off June! Two brilliant items to pick up from SF Design and it will only cost you L$25 for the whole lot if you go today. Just remember, as always, that you can only get the cargo cut offs at this price from the Monday Mania board just located inside the casual men’s section and you can pick up your free gift just across the aisle.

Get the gear here: SF Design

Skin by Sacred
Tattoo by Para Designs
Poses by Exposeur


Heels & chambray days to come

SF Design March gift & cargo pants

Its sooo sunny and almost warm here today, when I popped over to SF Design to snaffle up the March gift I got all giddy and bought a pair of cargo pants too!

The shoes are a yummmmeh leopard print,menu driven to change size AND colour! (7 in total wooot!) Call me an Essex girl but sometimes I like to wear heels with casual pants *winks* (I can say this because I AM an Essex girly , so there) I slipped on my old worn SF design chambray denim shirt too, love this, comes with a midriff showing short version or the longer untucked (see below) I always seem to miss stuffage when im in SFD, I’m guessing the cargo’s have been around a while now but I just HAD to have them in white too! Great prim leg pockets and slouchy cuffs…perfect for your sneakers orrrrr heels !

SF Design chambray shirt & cargo pants

Heres the chambray shirt in its full length glory, so casual and fresh! You can also spy the awesome detailing on the leg pockets of the cargo  pants (click for a closer more detailed view) Shoes 0L, chambray shirt 160L (in various colours) Cargo pants 100L (various colours-get lots they rock!) Boys there is a fantastic pair of shoes for you as a gift also, no doubt Steve will blog these later so I wont spoil the surprise !

Go get heeled : SF Design