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Limited PROMO with Dollarbie action thrown in

Well well wellll – heres a nifty jacket and top combo you wont want to miss! This is “Inspired” by ArisAris – I’ve long been a big fan of this store, I just adore the textures and fabrics used. This is no exception and is currently on offer for a limited time at just $99L! You get the jacket and the bandeau style top, mesh body sizes for Slink, Belleza & Maitreya included.

The Hud is exceptional ! It means you can wear this all year round, with leathers, florals, neutrals – the whole shebang! I had a really good play around with all the options and wore it with capri pants, jeans, skirt and shorts – a real contender for my keeper jacket for the year! This is only available on the market place at the promo price. My sunnies are by Swallow, you can grab them for just $1L with a giant sized Hud for lotsa colour fun. I had actually forgotten that Player bought me these Lapointe & Bastchild capri pants – gawd they are pretty fantastico. Now at $599L for a gigantic fat pack its a considered purchase – howeverrrr – you would.never.need.another pair ! All denims, colours, colour change for the belt, buckle, even plaids for the cuffs if you like – I will be wearing these till they rot from my chubby little legs from now on!

ArisAris offer

Sunnies by Swallow

Key of Love necklace by Swallow

Friendship Key earrings by Swallow

Capri pants by Lapointe & Bastchild

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Dollarbies & Free

Found some sweet treats on the market place whilst I was sheltering from the sun. First up is this all in one skirt & top cutie from LS Diamond, a single dollar is all it costs! You get the following sizes: Maitreya Lara – Belleza Venus Isis & Freya – ebody – Slink Physique & hourglass. Brilliant fit on my Physique body. My shoes are a pack of three summertime colours from Gachapillar fits mesh feet only and they are totally FREE!

I found these Capri denim pants from FAX -a single colour but the belt does have a hud with ten tones – $1L only , following fits:Maitreya,Slink Hourglass, Physique,Isis,Freya,Venus,Standard Mesh xxs. Shoes as above and the darling little top from KvH at only $1L.

Sizes for the top: -Fitmesh top in 5 sizes
-Slink top Physique and Hourglass
-Maitreya top
-Belleza top
-Tmp top





LS Diamond

Hair by Wasabi Pills “Trixie”

Back ground by Minimal @ Summerfest

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Last for the day.(Freebies).

My cat is yowling and my tummy grumbling which means it’s time to log off and get some food.  So I decided to just TP over my fav beach and show you yet another SL Frees & Offers(sic) that I picked up whilst I’m trawling the shops on the Flawless sim.

The top and pants come from IM, sorry not the shoes.  ALL mesh sizes etc.

PS This gift is on the wall just inside the front door but there is also a gift just in the entrance and you buy it for 0Lds, you don’t need to join the group which is a paid for one I don’t know if the other item has been set to buy for 0LD  by mistake or deliberate but grab it while you can.


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In the pink

Easterling top new Easterling shoes new

More new releases from Easterling to share ! Above I’m wearing the Jasmine top, its such a sweet little scrap – and comes with a gigantic HUD with sooooo many options my head spun. Beautifully shaped right around to the back, it’s a must have for the spring & summer. The gemstones on the front can also be colour changed via the HUD which is kinda neato. My pants are a golden oldie from coldLogic, still on offer in the market place called “kendrix”, this is the taffy shade which is just deeeelicious.

Easterling Shoes NEW!!!

New shoooooz! These are also by Easterling and called “Ashley”. Fittings for Belleza , Maitreya & Slink. I’m wearing them with my Slink high feet btw. The HUD is massive with plenty of options to make them a really good addition to your closet.

Easterling Top NEW!!!

Here is the Jasmine top a little closer, the HUD gives you thirteen options for texture & style plus of course the gemstones. In the pack you will find the following sizes: Freya,Hourglass,Isis,Physique,Maitreya,Belleza ,Venus & TMP plus the standard range. Top is $150L and the shoes just $120L, demo’s available.

Easterling market place

Easterling Store

coldLogic kendrix pants

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Baggy Bum


ArisAris - baggy capri pants with HUD

So, you know – baggy bums aren’t my “thing” – low crotches either. Howeverrrrr I succumbed and tried these baggy Capri pants from ArisAris and actually – I kinda loved them !

ArisAris Capris

Just so you can see the back view, beautifully made and textured, great creasing and details. I was super happy to see that included in the pack are sizes especially made for the Slink Physique body and also the  Belleza Venus mesh body – my inventory salutes you ! Ohhhh I must tell you about my new shape – its by Strawberry Singh and is called Indira, just 99L to buy, its mod too. Now I’ve tried to make shapes for almost 8 years and I find its not in my skill set ! So I’ve always bought my shapes, this incredibly low price is awesome and I think the face is adorable, its also perfect for mesh clothing.

ArisAris HUD

Whats more, there’s a HUD – indeedy with all sorts of different looks, makes these really really versatile, from beach wear to-night time. Big shout out for my brand new hair from Argrace “nao” – lordy theres a stack of new “do’s”, including a beany hat that I also purchased – btw the sweet little top is from coldLogic, lotsa colours to choose from – BUY it, I promise you wont stop wearing it alllllll summer long!

ArisAris Store

ArisAris market place

ArisAris Blog

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

Strawberry Singh shape

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Spruce up You Boudoir

Aphrodite - coldLogic (robbins and kendrix NEW

The one room in our home that I spend more time in than any other is the bedroom. I’ve made it peaceful, and filled it with things that are special to me. It’s not often I change the main components to be honest, however I was lucky enough to be sent two new bedroom sets by Aphrodite shop, and I’m definitely going to revamp ! The two new sets are called “seashell finder” and “Sailors sea-breeze”. Both sets are stuffed with gorgeous poses for couples and single pringles. The main differences are the décor pieces that come along in each box. I couldn’t possibly list the animations, but trust me, whatever it is you want to be doing (oh la la !) its right in there for you. From adult intimate poses, to writing in your diary, eating breakfast, feeding each other strawberries and more ! We have a LOT of Aphrodite items in our home presently, in fact Player bought me the Valentines fireplace this year, the one thing we both adore about these items is the vast array of poses. Not the bog standard ones we all know, but others that are so warm and tender. The trays actually rez drinks too !

Aphrodite detail

Here’s a selection of some of the little bits and pieces you can scatter about to make your space special, and also a sample of the fabric from one of the bedspreads. I especially liked the seashell candles, which turn on and off by touch.

Aphrodite coldLogic Mustard Seed

My naughty little sheep (only 3 prims from mustard seed!) climbed up with me and was looking hopefully at my delicious bowl of chocolate dipped strawberries! It’s not just the bed that has animations in it, try out the fireplace and the Ottoman at the foot of the bed, both are fully loaded with poses for you and your lover or friends. I loved how the drapes are copy and modify, so whatever size or shape your windows are, you can fit them up. I’ve got three huge bay windows in my bedroom , so I just copied them across and edited them to size, et voilà !

Aphrodite coldLogic

If you want to test out these sets it’s really easy, I’ve given the link to the demo rezzer below, where you can see everything and have a “try out”. Thanks Aphrodite store ❤

My top and pants are part of the new spring collection by coldLogic. Who can resist bright Barbie pink and turquoise blue together?! Squoodles of other colours to try, top is called “robbins” and the pants “kendrix”. Thanks coldLogic team ❤

Aphrodite Store main location

Aphrodite Store  demo rezzer

Aphrodite Store market place store

Aphrodite Store blog

coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place

I love eww sheep – mustard seed

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A little yard work

I went over to browse a store Id seen in an event “Maai”…and ended up finding theee most adorable little outfit as a group gift. (The group is free join) Its called “snow”, and I presume from that its really supposed to be a wintery outfit…but its sooooo cute…and just the sort of thing I like to wear on a day when Im piddling about at home….you get the stunning sweater jacket…the denim Capri’s and also the dear little blue flats…perfect! There are a coupla other gifts out too…make sure you dont miss the shoe department upstairs…gawd…REALLY great shoes…Im gonna have to return !