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Lady in red


CandyMetal FREE outfit - includes dress, shoes,necklace and purse !!


Theres a lovely outfit for you as a group gift at CandyMetal ! The set comprises of a ruffled front mesh dress, matching red leather patent shooz,purse and a necklace…love love LOVE! I’m wearing the dress right now, its definitely a keeper. The clutch bag is red and has rows of metallic studs on the flap, tres chic. The shoes have an easy to use HUD for skin tone and nail colours, perfect , thank you Candymetal!




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A wardrobe full

BDR FREE! Outfit - dress - shoes & hat

I’ve got ooodles of dresses to show you…first up is this complete outfit from B:D:R, it’s this months group gift and the group is currently free to join. you get a fahbulous maxi dress with halter neck, matching toned shoes and the great big floppy hat…really lovely, go grab it up !

BDR outfit with shoes,hat & mesh maxi dress - Gloam Affair skin sale - 100L !

I must mention a skin retirement sale by Glam Affair also…I was in hog heaven ! They are having a sim refurbishment and some of the older skins have been reduced to just 100L each *faint*….if you havent been able to afford a Glam Affair skin before, nows your chance to get your paws on a  few at this small price. I’m wearing Jadis in medium tan, which is a lovely soft skin tone, uhm…if I blogged all I bought we’d be here for a longggg time. Not sure when then sale ends so dash!

CandyMetal NEW! Eclectica NEW!

CandyMetal also have a bundle of pretties released… there are 3 packs of this stylish little frock, all differently patterned and coloured. Sweet mini dress with perfect details, it’s also Lola ready if you’re into that – but looks gorgeous without if you’re not. I’m also wearing the newly released “Lotus” set by Eclectica, last post I showed this I had selected the dark heavier looking setting and metal…this time I’ve gone with the silver tone, it seems daintier and lighter, a great set for a summer look !




Glam Affair Skin Sale

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Summer Fashion Festival

Summer Festival - Aris Aris NEW!

The Summer Fashion Festival has begun hooohahhh! Love this event, its hosted by one of my fav designers ArisAris…and there are oooodles and gazillionsss of designers in it this year. All showing off their new sumer-tas-tic releases…PLUS…everyone has a freebie out for you ! Lets get the ball rolling with a new release from ArisAris…absolutely adore this two piece set. Lovely hessian effect fabric with big bold stitched on blossoms…one strap and a teeny bow to decorate.

Summer Festival - Aris Aris Mules - FREE!

ArisAris’s gift is a pair of their newly released mules yay! Such a cute colour and easy peasy to set up with your skin tone.

Summer Festival - wet cat prop(set of three) T- shirt FREE!

It’s not all about clothing & shoes , wetcat have a brilliant gift out for you to collect…three props …love love LOVE them ! I’m using the rubber ring one above , so cute. My tshirt is from Retro…kickin design, great to wear with shorts & jeans …

Summer Fashion Festival - CandyMetal gift mesh bikini FREE! (comes with long skirt)

CandyMetal are there yay! They have a superb gift out for you, this denim mesh kini, sooper summery and sweet…also in the gift is….

Summer Fashion Festival - CandyMetal gift FREE!

…this gorgy boho long mesh skirt. Bikini for the beach…slip into the skirt for a wander up to the cafe for icecreams huh?!

Summer Festival Fashion Fears Belle mesh dress FREE! - hat by Eclectica Flora

New designer to me next called Fashion Fears, wasnt sure what to expect but was impressed with their gift offering . The Belle mesh dress is beautiful, peachy cream bodice and a blue floral skirt, when I’ve got time I shall investigate their store. Gifts are a great way to try out a new store ! My hat is by Eclectica, it’s a new release and I’ve been playing with it for a few days now. It comes in two versions, with hair or without, the hair is colour change too. The hat itself is just adorable, and you can pretty much re-texture all parts of it via a simple dimple menu. It’s SO versatile, grab yourself one of these and you’ve got headwear for all occasions . I thought the white was just right for a beach stroll…but of course with the range of colour tones in the menu it will also work for evenings etc.

Summer Festival - Leri Miles Designs FREE!

Last up for today, is the gift from Leri Miles Designs…pretty little sheath of a frock in  a delightful china blue shade. Great fit, especially around the arm holes, which for some reason I tend to have probs with a lot.

Head over and have a mooch, theres SO much to see !

The Summer Fashion Festival

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Shine Bright Like A Diamond

CandyMetal NEW!

Oh la la…CandyMetal are at The Acid Lily event…with some super steal deals! The new kit from CM is dazzzzzly and fun…two corsets , choice of this red polka dot one I’m wearing..or a lilac colour…coolio mesh denim shorts in light or slightly darker denim…plus some fabbo platform heels …everything fitted like a dream, I was wary of the corset but I shouldnt have feared, like a glove ! You wont believe the prices…the corset is just 59L and the shorts only 65L…oot oot!! Get on downnnn there and grab it all up…thanks Emychan ❤

Acid Lily

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Goth Fair

CandyMetal Goth Fair Gift- FREE mesh dress

Oh Haii!!! A little piece of news today…apparently a Goth Fair has started…I cant tell you very much about it as I havent had time to pop over for a gander…BUT…CandyMetal have this awesome mesh oriental dress there for just 10L ! It comes in all the usual standard sizes…slinkily split up the sides of both legs…and some really pretty butterfly detail on the fabric…whats not to like?! Sounds as if it might be a good event to head too…have fun !

Goth Fair

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WoW Skins CandyMetal Acid Lilly_004

Hola everyone ! I have some amaaaazing deals and items to show you today..Firstly Id like to say a big “thanks” to WoW Skins…who have allowed me to share their skins with you…I just popped over to the main store and WoWser…theres a lot of goodies. Above I’m wearing the “Cindy” skin, in mid tone…it comes in other skin tones from light to dark with a seriously huge amount of makeup options…single pringles just 400L, fat pack of it all 2000L….Join the group and you get access to the lucky boards (fahhhbulous prizes on them) and take note of the greeter when you arrive, it tells you of some deals…two skins are currently only FIVE lindens (named Diva & Eva) *faint*…If you like my outfit..the good news is it’s a gift hurrah! Latest round at the Acid Lily Gallery..and CandyMetal are giving this gorgeous mesh dress/ top and leggings away…(just join the acid Lily group to grab it)

WoW Skins CandyMetal Acid Lilly_003

Plusss they also have these sooper striped cardi & tank sets at just 50L per set….and a flowing mesh floor skimmer skirt in coordinating tones for 65L . Btw…both my hair styles are from are having a MASSIVE sale at the moment..not sure when it ends…both styles were just 100L…upstairs is the main hair room, but also check out the discount room, you’ll find two lovely styles theres for just 20L !

WoW Skins

Acid Lily sale

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CandyMetal at The Outlet Sales Room

candymetal sale room free shoes, dress with Lola Tango applier 80L_001

oot oot ! This will get your motor running…CandyMetal are in The Outlet Sales room…theyve got squoodles of really inexpensive items PLUS a free pair of shooz yay! This leopard print mini dress is not mesh, but fits as if it is…it comes with a light brown belt and Lola Tango appliers (hurrah!) A total steal at just 80L…thats not all can grab the matching heels for freeeeee !

candymetal sale room free shoes, dress with Lola Tango applier 80L_006

Theres also a unisex pair of pants on offer…not mesh (I know some of you prefer that) “Toto Pitillos”, nice and casual with a terrific fit – full pack (7 different colors) –> 100 L$ orrr singlepringles for only 40L…Im wearing my pants with the new sport mesh dress that’s also on offer at the outlet…variety of shades, I really liked the crisp white…70L per colour….

candymetal sale room free shoes, dress with Lola Tango applier 80L_011

If that hasn’t already got you teleporting…I have some more news…in the middle of the event is a big old board…stuffed with pressies for you ! I collected this superb couch by [WM],  and the top I’m wearing is a gift from Sassy … a lot more gifts there for you !

The Outlet Sales Room