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I’m gonna fake it till I can make it, snow that is. (3Ld Hunt Prize).

I’m glad I bothered to unpack this as I was expecting “standard” and got “quality” instead.  It did look nice on the poster but I still didn’t expect this little PJ set to be actually as nice as it turns out.

The top comes with 3 colour options, I’m still going to bin that and keep these pants because I have the perfect Christmassy Sweater to go on top.

Each prize in this hunt costs 3Lds.

Walk straight ahead to the Kastle Rock Couture shop but just before you go inside the main doors to your left is a stand with a hud you can get for this hunt, a hint and it shows you what you’re looking for.  I will give you another hint, only because it’s so easy, just follow the candy cane trail.

Two things before I log off. I’m using the fakest of fake snow in this picture but when I log in it’s time to rezz the snow emitters I think. Plus I have a very old episode of Law and Order Special Victims Unit on TV in the background and the main gist of it is a Virtual Reality game which is basically Second Life but it’s so old it’s system hair, prims and not even a hint of Flexi or sculpties it’s that old.  Worth a giggle.

Kastle Rock Couture 

Candy Cane 11, Gateway LM

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Rezz in Edit. (Shhh not “Free Tree” but a single Linden).

TreeeeeeSo poor I decided to cling onto my remaining Lindens and go hunting instead.  I chose the Christmas Candy Cane Hunt because there is so many shops involved including some I love so I thought I’d be almost guaranteed to get  some Crimbo goodies.  A big plus is a comprehensive list of LMs and Hints which for idiots to me is always appreciated.

OMG I actually walked past this tree and although I noticed it because of its unusual design and great colouring I didn’t even prim check it because I thought that there was NO WAY this was going to be as low primmed as it has turned out to be.  So with a little hunting I found the CCCH item (what you’re looking for is a cupcake with a candy cane sticking out of it and the clue given is “Sweet fairies guard me”) so when I’d picked up a couple of hunt items I TPed back to my platform and was more than pleasantly suprised that this is the actual hunt prize. So chuffed with it. The colours are bright and primary, the lanterns with the candle flame are old-fashioned and not only that but a total of 11Prims means this can be rezzed anywhere…as long as it fits LOL.  As you can see this is a big un and because it’s actually animated as well you cannot resize it but again at 11 prims this is not primmy at all.

Lots of really lovely and unusual indoors and outdoor decorations at this Christmas Market.  Special mention to the excellent 3 tiered Christmas tree style Village scene which would look really unusual instead of a traditional Christmas tree and amazingly enough for all the detail only 13Prims.


“Rezz in Edit” is something you may have heard of but not really sure what it means. Simply click on something and go into edit, I’m in edit mode on that plain prim,  and then whilst still in edit drag the item you wish to rezz from your invent and rezz it and you will now see that is now in edit mode.  This is very useful for items which have unlinked bits to it. Most of the time if you forget to do this then it’s easy just to edit the pieces back together but sometimes you may find that there are too many bits or you’ve broken something such as an animation because you should have rezzed in edit.  Not too sure if I’ve made it clear but practice makes perfect.

Candy Cane Hunt LMs and Hints

Christmas Market (Hunt Item)

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Santa in the Sun

This is how Santa dresses when he visits us in Australia, when Christmas day calls for beaches and barbeques rather than sledding in the snow.

As predicted earlier by Faith, here I am to show you the tremendous Ruby Skins Candy Cane hunt gift for us guys. It is as jam-packed as the ladies gift. You get everything you see me wearing above: the super Summery Cherry swimtrunks, a lovely soft facelight as well as the Jethro skin. I can’t forget the awesome looking sculpted santa hat and Bighorn ankle boots (after all, Santa can’t travel down under without all his gear now can he?). Also included is the Cain shape and brown sparkle eyes.

I was right wasn’t I? This is a well stocked gift, full of awesomeness, how can you pass this lot up? Perfect for you aspiring Summer Santas. Thanks Carmella!

Get the gear here: Ruby Skins

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Gather your candy canes

Yusss! Another Chrismassy hunt has begun…This ones called The Candy Cane Hunt and is a massssive grid wide one…its runs from Nov 21st until Christmas take a breath and plunge in..I was lucky enough that Carmella Ruby let me review her gifty…so I havent actually got my huntin goggles on yet..anyhowwww onto the goodies *squeee*, as usual with Ruby Skins you get a ginormous bundle of items cause Ruby is mighty generous that way ❤. …so think BIG when you find and open your pressie…there is a shape…a gorjus skin…bikini…eyes, cheeky little santa hat, face light oh AND…those red bootie shooz I’m wearing *dribble*..thanks Ruby xx Ohhhh almost forgot…and Steve will prolly blog this tomorrow…theres also a gift for the guys hurrah!

Candy Cane Hunt gift: Ruby Skins

Candy Cane : Web site with info