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Faith is the renter, not me. (Stunning Rentals).

Faith loves nothing best than finding a stunning and hopefully affordable rental and now it’s my time to shine.

This is my NEW HOME.  I did go for the cheapest rental as at 150Ld and 100 prims I thought this was not just a bargain but also very reasonably primmed which matters since I already have my own tier fee to pay lol.

In the end, though there is nothing cheap about this rental as it comes fully furnished with as you can see some quality decor.

Personally apart from rezzing a couple of my fav decor items and a pet or two I’d leave it as it is.

If you did want to change it I’d always suggest you contact the rental owner, Matchbook Monday, as it’s only polite.  I know that when Faith and I ran rental sims we didn’t mind if someone wanted to use their own furniture/decor items but we like most places would only allow that if the person was renting for a reasonable time and not short term.  I will just out of curiosity have a look at that when I log back in.

I’m going to be using this sim as a backdrop for pictures because it’s also packed with fantastic hangout places.  A big bowling hall, barn for dances, seating area’s both big and small, a cafe/farmers shop with an excellent outdoor seating area in the back.  Then we have this Rare Gacha rail carriage.  I think I have this carriage and I know it’s just the shell you win and this one has been again decorated inside in a classy bar/restaurant style.

I took so many photos and all of them are just using the sims windlight setting but you need to visit really to be able to see the streets of brownstone houses, trailer park, cabins, high rise flats etc and each style of building have landscaping to match the style of home, so the brownstones are on streets, the high rise flats have a tarmacked base for car parking, the cabins a Bayou feel to it.  Obviously, the different homes come with a different price tag and prim allowance.

The LM is for the rental office and you click on the pictures on the notice boards to TP to the different area’s but again it’s much better for you to walk/fly around so you can get the feel for the whole sim before you make your mind up where you’d like to live.

PS.  As soon as you rent the Group Invite is sent to you so no need to wait.

Duskwood Rental… (Rental Office).