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Trudging around the sim at this time of year is no joke – can’t wait for Spring to arrive. Slung on the new release for Tres Chic from Neve and felt like superwoman! This is “Surplus” , a nifty jacket over a loose-fitting t-shirt style dress. Plenty of choices for the jacket, camo’s, washed out denim, plains and the dress has many slogans that you can fool around with (including some “wifey” ones cute!) Check it all out at Tres Chic – mesh body fits only – thanks Neve team ❤

Tres Chic

Lock & Tuft Ski Patrol hat & hair

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Together time…

Jane & fatewear_005

At last…time to wander and explore together, and fool around with balloons ! We strolled along a windswept beach, perhaps a little toooooo windy…Im wearing one of the new releases from Jane called “Tender shoots”. Yes indeedy the sweet little elf at Jane has had her nose to the grindstone and made bunches of seriously sweet dresses…this one has a double layer effect (which can also be seen in the “carolina” version)..its my personal fav of this set…easy to wear with heels or flats, and has a brilliant fit around the armholes (my bug bear mostly!) It also gives your cleavage a big boost …well so player informs me *winks*…speaking of Player, he’s recently got into guys mesh clothing, so I showed him FATEwears collection. Hog Heaven ! He snapped up the subscribo gift “Carter” which comprises of  some tasty cargo shorts and a greaaaat shirt…and then I treated him to the Andy Jacket combo and the Marty pants…hes wearing the gift shirt here and the Marty pants…

Jane & fatewear andy jacket marty pants

andddd here we are, dawdling in the bedroom, seriously..its SUCH a performance when we go out ! The thing Player loved about FATEwear are the many many variations you get of the pieces, he was boggled by them ..different pant lengths, different fits and more…Oh and yes..Im wearing the tender shoots dress againnnn, this time in a delicate oh-so-girly baby blue….isnt it just darling?

Jane NEW!

Soooo we eventually got out and about… I decide to slip into yet another change of clothes…this time its the “jayden” dress from Jane, in a bright dazzling poppy tone. Big bold flowers loop the loop across the front…and again that lovely cleavage enhancing cut neckline…my hat is from echo and handily matched perfectly.

fateWEAR - Carter shirt & cargo pants - subscribo gift FREE!

Player got all dizzy with my whirlwind changes and had to find a seat…so I took the chance to take an off-duty snap of him relaxing in his FATEwear subscribo gift outfit…the shirt is an awesomesauce fit , you can just see the camo pattern on the shorts…doesnt cost a bean to join so go DO IT ! Btw if you join the Jane subscribo there’s also a gift for the girls, a beautiful little meshy dress..

Jane Grace dress (3 colours) - FREE

Its called Grace….and its a simple classy little frock…you get three colours apricot (which I’m wearing) khaki and navy blue , so slap that subscribo button and get all prettified !  I’ve got a couple more pieces to share from Jane later hoohah! Thanks Janie ❤ Ohhh btw I got to see some fabbo poses from Eternal Dream Poses..the one above is from the beat 2 pack…great collection ! Had a look around the main store, some great offers on, especially for the guys with some 49L deals atm.

Jane (inworld store)

Jane Blog

FATEwear (inworld store)

FATEwear blog

FATEwear (market place)

Eternal Dreams Poses

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Youre in the army now

New release from Bubblez …and its a grooovy one..I love stomping about in these shorts and my military hat…and today…of all days…I feel like I need the grenades & glowing neon bullets lodged in the belt. (DONT ask me about AOL or I may have to slap you) Grade A jacket shrugged over a skimpy little camo top,frayed shorts and that brilliant belt – I have a real passion about belts and milo bubble always makes such awesome ones yay! You also get the mud streaked camouflage tattoo, great for zigzagging across deserts and forests to ambush people *winks*….now I just a need a REALLY BIG GUN and my day is 100% …thanks milo xx Oh btw…dont forget while youre at the store to check out the luckyboards, they really are kept stuff with the most fabbo gifts !


Pose by: hate me eat me

Hat by : Argrace


Iam in love with Dita

While I was on email came through on my iphone..and I KNEW…yes I did…right away..that those shoes..those gorgeous babies were mine ! Oh you don’t know huh? well shhh…I’ll let the cat-outta-the-bag..the Dita shoes are out !! Mhm..indeedy an array of colours..and whatsmore..Talena who makes all the yumminess has placed some out for her group members *faint*…as a gift (see above) It’s just 100L to join in the fun..and you surely wont be disappointed ..there’s heaps for group members on the wall of the new store (update your landmarks girlies) While I was there I snagged 2 fat packs (browns & pinks of course ) you get five shades in each pack for only 299L-thats an incredible 59l per pair! (79L in single tones)

A new group gift above “summer dreams” dress, Ive teamed it up with one of the pretty Pink Label necklace’s..

Oh and uhmm…well the goodness keeps on coming..cause Talena casually mentioned she also had a” lil bit of a sale on” and ohmai she REALLY did..I snapped up this tank & jeans for 1L a piece..the jeans are sooper lush and velvety looking..I adore Teal..the tank is just superb, great detailing…theres HEAPS there go see ! (necklace from the Dark Mouse gatcha)

Plusss don’t miss collecting this sweet memorial day gift outfit of shorts & tank…not sure how much longer this will be out…classic tank dotted with teeeny stars and racey red shorts ….(you don’t need to join the group to grab this up)

Sneak info also for you..Pink Label is in “The Wash back of a truck sale” it runs from the 1st to the 15th June…haul your butt over there for some amazing deals !

Go get shoesss: Pink Label         The Wash



Monroe’s gone camo

Monroe's camo dress in mint 0L Limited time

Haiii ! oot oot yus I’m finally back ! Andddd Ive got stacksss & heapsssss of things to show you over the next few days yay! What caught my attention this morning was this NOT xmasssy dress…Im not a huge xmasssy dresser, it’s a bit like halloween, by the time it’s here Iam soooo tired of all things orangey ! I ❤ camo…and shortness….soooooo this fits my mood purrrfectly today. Until around the 16th Dec it’s on a promotion for OL…big squidges for  Kittee Skytower the owner & designer of Monroe’s Boutique for letting me show it to you..pop along to her main store to browse other goodness…and psssssst. In February she has a GRAND OPENING of her newwwww main store (Ill remind you nearer to the date don’t worry petals !) Click the pic for a closer view..

go get the hawtness: Monroe’s Boutique

also on xstreet :