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Such A Playa


lParis Luxe NEW


Had some new releases come through from Luxe Paris this week, and I’m always excited to see whats new. One collection really stood out for me, it’s called “Playa” and there are plenty of options to keep you all happy. Lets start at the top ! This pretty camisole /vest comes in mesh and a non mesh version – why? Because you might want to wear it tucked in with the other pieces – helpful huh? The colour palette is really subtle and neutral – so if you wanted to wear the trousers for example with a more dramatic sweater or blouse you could easily.

Paris Luxe

The other pieces in the set consist of mesh high-waisted trousers. Beautiful buttons at the top add a little dashhhh of detail. A leather mesh jacket, that is really well finished and executed. Zippered pockets and press studs lend it an almost biker feel but it’s really classic…this little piece will fit right into your wardrobe and steal a place in your heart. My favourite? Wellll hard choice BUT…its got to be the skirt.

Paris Luxe NEW RELEASE !

I was won over by its big patch thigh pockets, a unique addition for what I thought was going to be a plain mini ! It would take you through into spring and even summer, hardworking piece huh?! (I know… I know I’m always banging on about picking items that work with your existing clothes ) Anywayyy, this is just one of the new arrivals, the store has had a major revamp and looks totally glamorous and pretty, I spied a free gift on the steps too !

Luxe Paris


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A Few of my favourite things

Paris LUXE & Eclectica

Summery clothing is being released thick and fast this week…Iam embracing my inner sun goddess and prancing about in most of it. LUXE Paris has released a whole heap of  warm weather deliciousness, my absolute favourite is the outfit I’m wearing above…

LUXE Mesh LAquabella Set & Eclectica Eclectica 'Rhapsody' (in Blue)-at Genre

Its called ” L’Aquabella” and comprises of a ruffly layered skirt and strappy, flared hemline camisole top. It’s in such a beautiful soft blue, the skirt having bands of beige gold…Im not sure how the gauzy effect on some of the skirt ruffles is achieved but I SO love it !


My jewelry is also new, it’s from Eclectica and is currently on sale for the ‘Genre’ event,  during its Art Deco month (On now, until July 12th). It will be exclusive to there during that time, and only after then will be available at Eclectica stores. Art Deco is actually my favourite period in collecting china, and I spent quite a lot of time at antique fairs searching for new pieces…sooo I can certainly vouch for the authenticity of this sets shape and styling. Just beautiful, if you ever look at other items from that’ll notice these shape influences all over them ! All my jewelry and sun glasses in the post are from Eclectica, if you adore jewelry in general and something a little more unusual overall…head over to the mainstore and have a mooch, its brilliant! Thanks Tiffy ❤

LUXE Rose au Jardin Mesh Dress, Lingerie & Bikini

Moving on…a handy set ” Rose au Jardin”, you receive the stunning rose printed mesh dress as above but also two sets of lingerie/ tankini’s…very useful as a beach cover-up or as a fresh daytime dress. I especially like the slashed style cuffs on this…verrrrry pretty.

Paris LUXE Limette pants & shirt NEW!

Something completely different…and rather dramatic is the “Limette” set…bright lime greens. Legging style pants and a mesh tied top. SO right for heels, barefeet..strolling beaches or out and about…really liked this ensemble, easy to wear and so eye-catching!

LUXE Pineapple shift dress NEW!

Last up for today from moi… is this shift dress “Pineapple”, vintage print in muted blues and golds, it has a really nice floaty belt, unusual touch for mesh and I think it adds a little something to the appeal. There is also a rather pretty gold bangle included to complete the look.  I popped over to the main store to take a peek around…spacious and well laid out, pay a visit and see the pretties for yourself ! Thanks Paris ❤

LUXE Paris mainstore

Eclectica @ Genre

Eclectica mainstore


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Bits & Pieces

ArisAris hunt gft_001

Coupla things to share today…A new hunt has begun..cant seem to find a blog for it, however I do know ArisAris has this cheeky little number out as their prize . Lovely details on the skirt with its patched pocket….halter necked top….all you have to do is find a little pink logo “AMQS”, they can be any get your huntin goggles on !


If you’re into the Lola breast craze artMEfashion has released a new selection of really delicious camisoles for them, called ” peeky”…you get the camisole top and also two tones of a bra to wear underneath..or not if you’re feeling brave. You don’t HAVE to have Lola boobs to wear them…Im not wearing mine above and its a pretty little thing !


While I was at artMEfashion , I noticed a gift out for Valentines day, it’s this delicate dress above. Mostly sculpted so you might need to adjust parts a little. I found that if you don’t wear the leg frill pieces its much easier to avoid any breakthrough when you walk…just a thought ! Beautiful peachy pink tone..and a choice of the skirt with or without the flowers…Very feminine …

artMEfashion (these items are not at the main store but at the  B(o)(o)biealert event)


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Dottie … jewels…and sleepless over boots…

Polka dots hooohah! They always make me smile…so jolly ..coldLogic have this darrrrling little camisole out as their spring also receive it in black dots too…love love LOVE the way it wrinkles over the tummy…gorgeous sweetheart neckline..I teamed mine up with a mesh skirt from Jane…”prissy”..useful little thing that it is…also I still have my newwww HOC “chinese take out” box bag superglued to my hand *grins*…5 colours and only 50L..o.O its spotty dotty too ! To get your spring gift, head over to coldLogic and touch the subscribo…simpledimple.

Incase you spotted my divine necklace & earings…and wanted a closerrrrrr peek..its by Addiction Jewelry…”antique blossom”, Im a great fan of this designers work , attention to detail…and incredible promotions mean you can look a million bucks for not-a-lotta pennies ! This particular set was on offer for just 49L for a weds deal..but I popped over to check it out and the offer is still on – not sure for how much longer (and theres another set with lavender stones – same price) Dashhhhh and grab it up ! Thanks Atiya ❤


ohmaiiigod…Swaffette Firefly of SF Design is the reason I’m not in my bed..*shakes fist*… at approx 1.00am GMT time …she verrrrry casually mentioned that she had made some…MESH BOOTS…yes indeedy…and who could go to sleep without trying them on?!!  These are my first ever pair of high heeled meshy type boots *squeee*…they are a pair of  “take you anywhere”  boots..classy…sleek..high slim heels…and FIFTEEN preset colours to choose from, plussss tintable…the HUD is sooper easy to use…I used the medium size and they fitted perfectly, also included is large & small…can you believe they are just 300L? (When you land at SF Design, use the teleporter board to go to the shoe & boot department – or as Swaffette just told me, theres a board righttt by the Monday Mania bit- DOH!) Demo available…thanks Swaffette ❤

coldLogic inworld store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic on the market place

SF Design

Addiction Jewlery