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What a bunch of Tarts!(Freebie & clickbait for you dirty minded peeps).

Very quick post as I was just about to log off but this Freebie from Merak was just too tempting not to grab.

You actually get the cake stand with the tarts on but of course I went into full edit mode and you can edit to a certain degree but the plate in front I’ve just lowered the cake stand so that more modern looking base is actually under the table so you can see both the stand and the tarts.

I must confess that since I was grabbing this in my last few SL moments, plus I was buck nekkid meant I’d just TPed in and snagged so I can’t tell you much about Merak but I do remember it vaguely from both the stunning sim it’s sat on and a previous visit a long time ago to grab anothe Free GG’s which is candles inside of a glass case and guess what? they’re still there.  So candles or cakes it’s up to you.


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All you can eat

FREE gift - cake stand gives out cakes & forks - plus all cakes separately for decor

Ohhh I forgot to add this to my last blog post. Whilst I was at Cedar Bay I joined the group and snapped up this group gift ! Not only do you receive the tiered cake stand compete with foodie delights. You also get a box with all the cakes and desserts in to rez around. Go mad with them they mostly seem to be 2 prims ! The cake stand gives out wearable edibles, really nicely made , with a fork to enable eating, great animation too.

Cedar Bay

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Dr Who fans its for you !

Aphrodite cakes NEW - FREE operational tardis !

All you Dr. Who fans out there – or those of you who have a fan in your SLive, listen up ! Aphrodite Store has released some really terrific new celebration cakes. Inspired from the television series, with lights on the Tardis that actually work and a Dalek that says “exterminate!” – awesome ! They give out animated slices of cake too. The Tardis is a freebie I found on the market place, it’s a HUD that you use to summon a Tardis, either beside you or around you – its got extensive functions that I haven’t got around to finding out how to use yet !

Aphrodite Tardis & Dalek cakes NEW

The chocolate Dalek is actually a Boston cream cake, its got swirrrly cream , the Tardis one dispenses 8 different pie slices flavours on touch, Caramel, chocolate, dulce de leche, lemon & choco, rainbow pie, strawberries & cream, tiramisu and two chocolates. It also plays the popular traditional happy birthday song just clicking on the platter! (Includes as well a FREE dressed table with tablecloth, as gift!) Both cakes are mad in mesh and if you have any special modifications you’d like, contact Marina Ramer who might be able to help you. (Different song or colours perhaps) Head over to the store, as there are some totally adorable wedding cake figures just released and a few more cakes to dribble over – Thanks Marina ❤

Aphrodite Store

Aphrodite market place

Free Tardis




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One prim wonders

I love visiting Zans home in Second Life…she always has interesting little nic-nacs dotted about that she’s found. usually low prim and sometimes free…this time she found both ! I really couldn’t believe that all these items were just one prim…yesyesyes…each little cup with its saucer and spoon…the delightful shortbread cakes…teapot…etc…the only thing that isn’t one prim is the wine rack…but I liked it so much I thought Id share. There is a whole coffee set…teacups that gently steam…the cakies…and more..just be careful what you’re selecting…as some boxes are NOT free !


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Tartan and cakes

Liked Steves gift from Shiki so much I made him take me there and find the girl’s gift! (yes yes yes he IS my hunt detective because Iam sooo useless at finding them myself) It’s the item for the Christmas Hunt 2 and is this terrific tartan print dress…with a swirly full skirt that happily floats around your legs..and a turtle neck but also comfortable…I have cakies ! I was mooching about poche and saw this set out for just 50L *faints*…

it’s called “a girlish tea party” and its adorbs…a cake stand with different little cakes on it..and a flat plate filled with vibrantly coloured macaroons..if you touch the receive the plate & fork that has a very lovely eating animation and hold..fantastic ! It is a little bit primmy but what the heck…when Zan comes a calling its gonna be so nice to get this out and have tea with her !

The skin I’m wearing here and in the first photo is from { essences } and is their 10L gift for the With love again hunt…called “Anka” it comes with three shades of eyebrows…gotta love that ! Sooper pretty face and gentle sweet lips, complete with the beauty mark…superb !

Tartan dress: Shiki

girlish tea party: poche

Anka skin : { essences }