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Flasshhhh Sale @ Dench Designs

Mobile cafe was $100L now $40L 17Li

Couldn’t believe my luck , Flash sale and its this beachside café ! I had spotted it before and mentally marked it as something Id like – it was $100L and is for today just $40L !

The whole scene is only 17Li so whether you use it as a back drop or , as I have, place it in your SL space, its not gonna eat up your prims ! I confess I have edited mine as I don’t really have the type of beach that warrants surfboards, phone kiosk or a lifebuoy – so having removed those parts and the nifty sign on the roof – its now at 13Li yay! Great poses for males & females – cooking, pouring drinks etc. Thanks Amanda ❤

Sale board

Demo to try out

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Just a LM, a 101 Lesson and a mention of freebies.

The Lomomo & Kyoko shops have always ensured that outside of their shops is well landscaped and that there are builds and hang out places to make people want to loiter.

I initially took a lot of pictures of the inside of the Pink Cafe and the Carousel outside but when I returned to get the LM I spotted this stunning build just down the side and I just had to cam and snap.

Who the Hell would NOT want to get married in a place like this or just throw a party..whatever.  This, the cafe and carousel etc are just there for people to use and hopefully take lots of snaps.

So I binned the rest of the pictures to leave you a nice surprise and as for the freebies, both shops have them but they’re things like rings, socks etc.  One shop does have a pink rose skybox but this has been blogged by both of us so I won’t do it again.

Lesson 101.

Did you know that if you click on a lot of Gacha’s go into “Edit” then “Contents” and guess what…yup you can see what’s in them.  You don’t win the prizes in the order that they are listed, there must be a script to give the contents randomly, but this is also a good way to check that there are actual gifts in the Gacha’s and of course the sorts of prizes you’d like to win.  I’m talking mainly about the resale Gacha’s, so for example there is also a small room at the LM with some picture frames which are Gacha’s and at only 5Lds I went click crazy but before I did I content checked and spotted 1 of the Gacha’s had things I’d not really be able to use so I ignored that and emptied the other 2 Gacha’s. In my defence there was only a total of 6 items left in these Gacha’s so I wasn’t toooooo greedy and although I’ve been a bit slow you all know that I will at some stage pass on Gacha prizes when I get around to it so, in the end, we all gain.

Sugar Pink Cafe, Lomomo & Kyoko Shops

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Somewhere to call home (inc a Freebie).

OK first the freebie before I start to wax lyrical about a lovely new hangout place I’ve found.


Pure Poison again, I only did a post about them last week but since they now have a New GG out I thought why not.  The GG’s are in the Gacha Machine in the entrance, do not make a mistake and pay lindens for the Gacha Machine next to it but don’t worry they’re clearly marked as to which is the Group Gacha and which isn’t.  Remember though the amazing people at Pure Poison have ALL of the old GG Gacha’s in the courtyard in the middle of the shop, easy to find and lots of shoes of different styles to be found.  Make sure to check out the full priced stock and maybe spend some Lindens, we all love a bargain but shop owners also have tier fees/Linden Lab Fee’s etc that need to be paid and sometimes there may even be a few Lindens left over from those expenses which they can use for themselves.

Once I’d grabbed the shoes I decided to check out an old LM and that shop has now gone and has been replaced with this lovely, beautiful and inviting Cafe.


I did play with the piccie but the Windlight setting has already been set to create a soft and relaxing atmosphere.


Lots of seating area’s and the roof is decorated with comfy sofas, tables etc and from there you have a brilliant view of the whole sim which  from my first glance is purely a residential sim but the homes are few and far between.  When I log back inworld I will be having a good mooch around to see what other “posing” potential this place has but because I’m a good girl I won’t be going into anyones home, but I will be checking to see if this is a rental sim or not.


You don’t have to walk far from the cafe to find lovely private places, this little area is just down some steps from the cafe.

A perfect place for practising your photography it’s been so beautifully laid out and the windlight setting is so nice that anyone can zoom, click and create a piece of art.

PS the tree’s are meant to look like that lol they’re dead tree’s and not poor rendering.

Pure Poison

Rosewood Cafe


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Look Away Faith!

I was checking out some old LMs for a place to take some pictures and I stumbled on this absolutely simple and yet stunning rental sim.


The sim  is called Baja Norte and it’s a blogger, moocher, beach lover, renters delight.  I haven’t rented a property here because for a small fee of 250Lds you can join the Baja Norte group and not only use the stunning decor items but also rezz your own props and poses if you feel the need to.   It would be good to join as the fee which is a one off helps towards this great sim but it’s not compulsory as you are free to use the facilities even if you’re not a group member.

Obviously it goes without saying if you do decide to join the group so you can rezz poses and props to watch the prims! and OMG clean up after yourself! Faith and I used to run a very successful and enjoyable rental sim but the cleaning up of other people’s prims was a pain in the bum.


Although there is more than enough places for people just to sit and chat and chill  and so you may never need or want to rezz anything.


I had a mooch around the homes the note that is  sent out does ask you not to enter a rented property which goes without saying but there are some vacancies esp the ones on the top of the hill.  At 250 a week these are bargain prices homes and although you only get 50Prims you will just not need them at all.  The whole sim is your playground and all you need is a few prims for some personal items.


Now I’m not a 100% sure if all of the homes come furnished already I’m pretty sure this was one of the Vacant homes and this is the standard to expect, it’s all quality items.  I’ll be back and I’ll have a recheck.


All these photos were taken in the sims own Windlight setting which is subtle moody and beachy at the same time, you of course can use whatever setting you want.

As I said the reason I’m not going to rent a home here is because I’m going to join the Baja Norte group and  now since our own sim is very much Autumnal and grassy I  have somewhere to flash the flesh and surf. This is a busy sim with plenty of people wandering, sitting and probably mugging for the camera and yet it is so quiet and people are just having a relaxing and fun time.  I sat on a log with my new log and even though there was 2 male AVs near to me we just sat and did our own thing.  If I didn’t rent my own sim I’d move here  and I know fine well Faith would also in a heartbeat.

Must mention the brilliant person behind all of this because she won’t be making money from the rentals here as she’s asking for so little so basically she’s done this just for the joy of giving to people in SL.  Lauren Bentham is her name and her surname might be familiar to a lot of people because she’s the owner of Bentham Manor and more.  I can’t believe that high is the sky is a packed shop/forest/woodland/build of spooky and ethereal items to buy for your home although most things are set out in a themed setting ie a spooky woodland most of what you see is for sale but check out her Flickr link as a picture shows you much better than I can write.

Baja Norte

Bentham Manor



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Defeated (freebies n stuff).


I have a migraine, just a mild one and until the pain killers kick in I’m basically failing to get my act together and make a semi decent picture which is making my poor head even worse so you’re going to have to put up with this one of me jumping in frustration (as it happens I will be mentioning the pouffe soon).

Check out my previous post and you can see the sweet jumper and skirt which are group gifts from Moon Amore.  As always when visiting new shops I walk outside to check out if there is any other nice shops there and I’m so glad I did.  This is a small and well landscaped shopping area, small shops set in a garden, watery setting with lots of sitting areas to chat with friends or use for poses.  I’m so “off” today I couldn’t even take a picture of the scenery!  I know you can’t really see what it’s like in the picture that I’ve used but the dress I am wearing which is a simple spring patterned mesh dress is a Dollarbie from the shop next to Moon Amore.   I’m also wearing a really excellent camera, no poses in it, but you get different sizes, s/m/l etc and only 15Lds! I’ve given the LM for that shop as well even though all LMs are actually in the same location.  You can get the fat pack of all the cameras for only 50Lds.

Icing on the cake is there is also a Hunt going on.  So easy peasy because you’re looking for sunken chests and where do you find a sunken chest? in the water of course.  Easiest hunt ever and some real sweet prizes.  The “hunt board” LM takes you to the board where you can see exactly what you can win and there are some goodies and also a real nice mix, a skirt, cuddly octopus, owl bag, poses, tattoo’s etc so basically something for everyone.

Moon Amore

Pixicat (camera)

Hunt Board

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“easy like a monday morning” (Freebie).

monLogged in with my morning coffee and just mooched right into this lovely simple little freebie.  Comes from 2:00PM a lovely little cafe/gacha shop set in it’s own little bit of wintry loveliness.  Simply join the group (free) and click and you can have this and a black version little mesh dress.  A wall of Gachas with lovely cute and seasonal items from hats to dresses at more than reasonable prices but if you’re on a budget or just want to kill a bit of time then settle yourself down in this sweet wintry setting and wait to see if you’re initial comes up on one of the Lucky Boards.


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Meandering Pays

SkirtSeem to spend most of my time rushing from one special offer to another but occasionally meandering really pays off.  I popped to a lovely, new to me, shopping sim called Raspberry City.  Nice open shops, simple and well laid out streets (massive amount of pose potential) a bar, cafe and this cute little waterside cafe for you to pose to your heart’s content.  There is a new furniture shop there that looks very interesting so much so that I’ve joined it’s inworld group before the shop has even opened for business, so I’m hoping to bring you some fresh new decor items soon. Then I found La petite fleur.  A small shop with some lovely simple to wear mesh clothes and this sweet little outfit of mesh wrap over skirt and jumper which is only 25Lds!  Wear separately or together and she,YUKI (yukineko.jewell), has included all the Alphas you would need to wear it as seperates.  It’s just plain lovely and so easy to wear.  A choice of colours available as well all in suitable mute tones.  She has priced her clothes to make them so affordable and yet not skimped on the quality.

NOM use

And then I went looking at her main store and scored so many free shop quality gifts from them and you don’t even have to be in their group so I indulged myself.  Not that a 100Lds for this is a big expense plus it comes with a colour changing hud which allows you to change the colour of the collar, top and bottom, but this is a complete dress and not 3 seperates.   The combination is endless.  All in light pastel shades

She also has some Gatchas out and they “gotcha” me because there is an interesting chair (great poses) which is half a car and some other items well worth the few Lindens they cost.  FUN.

Raspberry City (lovely shopping sim)

Chocolat (free boots)

La petite fleur (group gifts)