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Close but no close up.(Freebies)

Again I just popped in to check notes/notices and the lay of the land so to speak to see whats what on our sim but as always I got sidetracked with this Freebie from Radex Design, written as RaDeX DesiGn.

I’ve just done the one picture, insert usual excuse here lol, but you do get the whole lot.  Jacket, trousers and it looks like 2 sets of footwear and a Hud to change the lot.  I did slip on an undershirt which is that touch of green you can see.  It’s all good but of course, you may love one bit but not the other, some of the jacket textures are very neoprene in colour and texture while the one I’m wearing is the one I prefer.  The boots have blended into not much in this picture but they’re pretty good it’s just I could/should have done a close-up of them.  The other pair of shoes seem to be trainers/sneakers but I didn’t try them on or the other Freebies I picked up but although these are in the Radex shop and close to these GG’s you have to join a different group to get them.  They’re 2 sets of boots and one pair is particularly interesting to me I can’t remember the name of this second group because I logged off without neatly labeling my new stuff so they have vanished into my invent.

PS Obviously there are other Radex group gifts but also a hunt going on, one of those “non-hunts” in that the butterflies you’re looking for are everywhere.  This is also one of those hunts where the prizes cost lindens and so there is a board with a picture of what is in each butterfly and I might just hunt down #27 when I LM grab.

RaDeX DesiGn

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Shhh Im huntin Butterflies

ArisAris NEW!  Vintspiration  (using new materials!) Shine Bimba shape and skin FREE! Butterfly hunt

ArisAris has a new release to tempt you with, its made utilising the new materials ! You may have heard of the new materials, they allow items to be shown in a much more realistic light. I keep getting conflicting info about which viewers can currently see it, apparently the latest LL viewer can definitely view it on ultra settings, but I thought Firestorm could also. Anyyyway don’t fret, it doesn’t mean you cant see it normally whatever viewer you use. I took the photo above using ultra settings on firestorm and it looks awesome either way! Anyyyyhoo the outfit is called  Vintspiration, it’s a fitted jacket in the most stunning fabric (I’m wearing the white version, there is black also) you also get this beautiful bow tied skirt with floral print around the hem.

Shine Butterfly Hunt - Bimba skin & shape FREE!

My skin and shape are also new, and ohmaistarssss I had to hunt for TWO days to find it!! Its one of the gifts in the butterfly hunt at QQ & **Shine**…This is the Bimba skin and shape from **Shine**. You get so much in the box ! I tend to get stuck into a rut with skins and this is such a lovely surprise. It says “pale” but Id go with light tan really, which is brill for moi. Lush lips and sooo many options for freckles and teeth PLUS , not sure how to say this delicately, different shaped pubes for your err…lady garden? NO, I’m not going to show those ! I only found two of the eight hidden butterflies “boohoo” but this prize was well worth the hours of hunting, YES seriously..hoursssss !

ArisAris store

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**Shine** butterfly hunt