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Springtime Smiles

Dress FREE! (womanstuff hunt) Basket (old freebie poche) Scarf old 1mm gift

One extreme to another here in the UK. Today it feels so springy ! SO my thoughts turn to gardening and planting and generally mooching about outside. I found this sweet little frock in the megastuff hunt at Butterfly Effectz. Halter neck with such a darling retro inspired print all over. I simply adore green and pink when used together, makes me feel all nostalgic somehow. Its got a nifty thin belt that slips around your hips, overall a winner for me. My scarf is a verrry old gift from 1mm as is my basket (You can get a very similar scarf from IZUMIYA in a gacha for just 20L , if that helps) Behind me you can just see peeking out a new release from Zinnias.

Zinnias Spring Chicken Gardening Set

Zinnia always comes up with something right on the trend button and quirky, so I fell in love with this spring chicken table set ! Can anyone not fall in love with this chicken? It’s so realistic and ever so adorable. She sits atop the table which in itself is beautiful, lovely wood grain and paint effect that settles so nicely in a garden environment.

Zinnias NEW!

You also get a shovel, and poster, oh look ! Another chickenlicken on the ground ! Overall its a fabulous addition to your springtime space – thanks Zinnia ❤

Megastuff hunt - forgotten flowers FREE

One last little treat, something I found that I didn’t know I needed, but now do. This is the “forgotten flowers” from Persnickety. Its their prize in the megastuff hunt and its JUST what I wanted for a spot in my garden between two borders. A forgotten pile of dirt that you left in the corner, suddenly sprouts a pretty growth of flowers, know what I mean? The pile of dirt is shaped so you can push it up against most things, totally lovely.


Butterfly Effectz



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Fag Ash Lil

freebie lazy day outfit - robe-cig, slippers & rollers - AccessoGOR baking table adult & PG anims
Im already thinking ahead to Valentines day, thought Id get baking some heart shaped cookies. Ive come across a new weekly event and Ive spent not a lotta lindens and got some real gems for my home . Its called 30L Saturday, join the group inworld for a note each week , which tells you whos in and whats on offer. Last week I got this beautiful baking table from AccessoGOR. Now I am not into GOR at all, but its a baking table, that lets you bake and cuddle and washup etc..whats not to like? If you buy it now, its 300L, pretty good price still but I got it for just 30L on the offer last Saturday! My outfit is from Butterfly Effectz – its a group gift and the group is free to join – big thanks to Virtual Vagabond for the heads up ! Mesh bathrobe,slippers and rollers plus a ciggy to complete the look – adore it !


30L Saturday  – just look up this group inworld and join for the latest info

Butterfly Effectz


Butterfly Effectz

OOooOO Saturday mornin quicky…Butterfly Effectz has  little wee hunt going on..its very simple thank goodness , or I certainly wouldn’t have found the complete outfit! You need to find seven eggs, each one contains a piece of the outfit the wedge shoes…and the dress is super floaty yay! Peek upstairs and you’ll find a lucky chair and a MM board..slap those bad boys on your way around..also noticed some cuter-than-cute tee’s stashed around the store..check it all out …

Go get huntin: butterfly effectz