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The Human Centipede pt 3

Will you all think less of me if I admit that I love the films the Human Centipede 1 & 2?  Never said I had good taste.  In anycase there I was meandering and came across this and it was too icky for me not to hop on it and react some of my fav scenes.

CenterI hung around like this for a while and went through my notes and notices and I came across a great Freebe from FA Creations.


We all in RL have this shirt or something very similar to it because you simply cannot beat a simple oversized cotton shirt, I’m even watching some on ebay at this moment.  They’re so easy to wear, casual and yet not sloppy.  The quality of this freebie is second to none and the buckled belt a great finish.  A

hair 2

This isn’t a freebie but not only was I surprised it cost only 50Lds but I was equally surprised it actually comes with a colour changing Hud so you get in total 8 Autumnal shades.  This also comes from FA Creations and is in the entrance marked “new”.  Make sure to check out the rest of Sandie Saenz shop because it seems most of her clothing comes with colour option Huds and very reasonable price tags. I spotted a cropped, slashed back, cable knitted jumper for 70Lds which I’m going to assume also comes with a Hud and a lovely and sheer crotchet top again with a Hud the only reason I’m assuming that is because when I grabbed the Demos I forgot to relabel them so I can easily find them and they’ve been sucked into the black hole of my invent.  I’m almost hoping they’re rubbish so I don’t spend more Lindens but I have a feeling they’re going to be great.  Loads of demos here so come and be tempted.  There are more GG’s upstairs but as far as I could see they’re all non mesh so handy for non meshers but I didn’t pay much attention.

FA Creations

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Something different

Bubblez - NEW
Phew I was getting a little bit OVERLY Chrismassy ! Thank goodness Bubblez released this “Lana” outfit to calm me down. Sultry and ooozing sex appeal, this shorts and bustier bra set will set a few pulses racing. Three items in the box, big baggy velvet jacket with a zebra striped lining inside the hood, love love LOVE the halter style bra-top ! and some shorts with suspender braces dangling down.

Bubblez NEW!!!

Check out the jacket details, really lovely texturing and shape at the rear…havent taken this off yet ! Thanks Milo ❤