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As is.(Dollarbie).

I’d given up trying to find something in SL and so logged out, made a cup of Chai Latte because I’m a closet Hipster and settled down to trawl the Marketplace and found this.

This top is a single piece and a single Linden.  Not too shabby at all.  Not a keeper for me but although you can’t see it I’ve teamed it up with a simple pair of jeans and it’s a very wearable outfit.

I just pulled a pose at my back door and TBH I loved the simple lighting and so I’ve left it as is, so this is how it looks in my fav setting, Nams skin n prim setting.

Blimey, when I get inworld tomorrow I have to start cleaning up my house and sim because it’s reflecting RL in that the clutter is starting to clutter up lol.

PS.  Lots of fits but even though I am wearing a SLink P fit when my arms move there is a little bit of breakthrough on the sleeve cuffs, not a big thing and if this was to be a keeper if it bothered me that much I’d try the other fits on as I’m sure I’d get one without that break through.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Neve has more !

This fast fingered elves at Neve are pumping out new releases at a super fast pace for summer ! The latest bundle of happy is a bustier styled top and frilled edge short skirt , available as separates at the latest round of Uber. Take a look at the options gawd – florals, plaids,plains,patterns – you can even fiddle about with the trims and hemline frill. I went the denim and plaid route above – I adore plaid and denim, especially with this soft butter yellow tone in the mix.

Oh of course I had to sample the salmon pink ! Swapped the hemline out for a crisp white lace and made the top a fresh cherry print in the same tone – tadah! Mesh body fits only : Slink Physique,Freya,Isis & Lara. My hair is a fairly new release from Argrace called Kirin – popped over there the other day and noticed that there is also a DISCOUNT section *faints* , naturally I checked it out and ohmydays – some great style that are still good to go for $50L!!! Go to the main store and walk outside, you’ll find the discount room just down a little way from the main store.


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