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Brum Brum (free Brums).

RL timetable is screwed up this week but I managed to pop in to kill some time and snagged myself a cute ride.


Not really going to say a whole lot about Aikioto, the shop where I picked up this freebie apart from the fact it has a whole range of vehicles from small fun cars to big American classics., compact continentals to big buses, girly cars to boy racers and each comes with a demo.


This was me 3 secs before I crashed.

As it happens I did drive it for a while so it’s my lack of skills and not the AO in the car which is at fault,  this comes with a nice AO that has you turning the wheel.  At 9 prims even I can spare those to park in my garage with no bother.

Whilst I was there I also grabbed the other special offers on of a non lego, lego styled car and the motorised egg because we call need a motorised egg.  The box car I’m showing you is from the Free to join group and the others are either 10Lds or 0 for the ride able pumpkin.