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Drifting along

Love finding a new store to mooch…”drift”..pretty store, full of pretty things…I came across them purely by chance at the Gypset Market – a monthly affair with oodles of designers showing off items priced no more than 99L…saw this plaid trench coat and just had to buy it. (Pro-tip..dont be discouraged if at events such as these you see no demo….I slipped over to the drift main store, and sure enough found a demo there, so I could be sure it fitted my shape properly before buying.) The coat cost me only 99L at the Gypset event…quite a saving compared to the full price…theres heaps more to see, from makeup to gents suits…go take a peek.

drift main store

Gypset Market

pssssst….the designer tells me this cycle of Gypset Market is almost over…so if youre wanting this version of the coat DASH!


Feeling “blu” ?

ooOOO Yipeee…I dashed over to =blu= so I could show you the new group gifties..yes thats right, plural. The ever generous blueslush @ =blu= has placed out three gifts for you to collect, above I’m wearing the burberry inspired bikini..

Theres also a pack of her new baggy shorts for you to try…two in the box, one plain and one with some roooodness on the back *laughs*..really well made…superb cuffs that I didn’t need to edit one bit (hooooray) plusss a set of bikini tops to wear with them..youre all set for a day at the beach babies (towel and sunnies both from previous group gifts)

Ohh so ok..while I was there I couldn’t resist this oh-so-sweet top..comes in a coupla other colour ways but I was lured to the pristine white…just 100L…verrrrry useful ! Like my necklace? It’s from MIAO but..I’ll tell you about it later (dontcha just hate having to wait? )

Go get beachy: =blu=