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Little Boxes (freebies).

Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes made of ticky tacky
Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes all the same,
There’s a pink one and a green one
And a blue one and a yellow one
And they’re all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same.

Boxes use

I became a “Baby Banana” thats the cute name you get when you join the free group belonging to Banana Mellow (great name) and her shop BananaN. A shop with bright, bold and quirky home decor items. Her style is rustic but not the rough hewn Gor type of rustic more lovely woods, retro fabrics, cottage etc.  Fireside chairs with bright or pastel patterned  fabrics, some most unusual lamps so very pretty, even the coffin coffee tables get a splash of cuteness with their lovely pastel colour, cushion and bunting.  Unashamedly  a very girl shop but I don’t care.  Some quite unique stuff at a decent price and a decent prim count.

Boxes 2

As for the group gifts you get a whole load of these lovely crafty boxes in so many style’s, single ones, pair’s, 3 in a row, 3 piled up and all are copyable and resizeable and each are only a single prim!  Then if you peer under the piles you can see a  lovely bench and you get 3 of these in different colours. there is also some weird mushroom pouffes as well to be had and a bracelet.  The only thing is that the Group Invite Board is Borked. So I’m going to drop Banana a note but it’s not a big problem because I’ll try to put the link here to join but since I’ve never tried it before if that doesn’t work then you can either check out Banana’s Profile and she has her group listed there or just type it in search.

BananaN Group Invite

BananaN Mainstore

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Time To Garden

Wow Wow and more WOW.  I loved my greenhouse, loved it details and charm and texturing but wasn’t too keen on its prims (I’m such a prim biatch). The WOW is the fact that I’ve managed to replace the greenhouse I had AND fully furnish it with amazing plants and all at either free or cut price.


EoD does it again (that’s End of Daze).  This lovely basic, rustic greenhouse has enough details to make it attractive to look at without eating up your prims (10 prims).  The glass is slightly glazed and I love the slatted wood  floor.  Because you don’t just get the greenhouse you also get the work benches that you can see just inside (3 prims) and also some starter plants (2-4Prims), wood pile (3 prims) and the 2 tools (2 Prims each) out front this also come in a handy rezzer so no fiddling either and since items aren’t linked you want to free up even more prims then just remove a few items although they’re hardly prim eaters.  I’ve also included in this photo the amazingly small primmed herb pots from a previous post. This is one of the amazing The Birds And The Bee’s Hunt items, (each item seems to be priced at 45Lds)  I’m not going to tell you where the little bird is because I want you to have a good look around EoD as it is stuffed with clean cut, well textured unfussy retro modern furniture which I have blogged before and as soon as I’ve set it up you will also see their latest offering of a tea set and trolley.

Perga 2

This potting table isn’t included in the EoD greenhouse and in fact is an excellent FREEBIE from Vespertine. I know this shop well as I have some of their skyboxes which have been well used by both Faith and myself as backgrounds for photos but of course for most people they would make small/perfect/prim light/well textured atmospheric cosy homes. Downstairs are the chairs, tables, wall decor all with a lovely touch of uniqueness and upstairs is the skyhomes.

Amélie (amelie.knelstrom) has been so kind as to set up a lovely large cafe and landscaped her sim so lovely subtle and relaxing for all to use.  If your not in the market for a home or home stuff but just want a calm place to visit this is the place to go.

Perga 3

Both Faith and I went to The Liaison Collaborative and drooled over the lovely “English Garden Party” themed items and we both went shopping.  I snagged these Hollyhocks from BA (Barnesworth Anubis).

Perga 4Normally I usually use only the one light setting which is Nams skin and prim setting but since I can use windlight and I love it all the previous pictures were taken with a windlight setting but since I know not everyone can or wants to so I’ve taken this photo to show you the beauty of this Hollyhock in normal SL midday light.  Because this is mesh this is one seamless beautifully coloured plant.  The kicker is this is ONLY 1 PRIM! Then the icing on the cake is that the pack costs only 123Lds and for that you get 4 different shaped plants and 5 different colour choices and copyably.  You could fill a whole garden with these beauties for those prims.

EoD Marketplace

EoD inworld (find the birdie)


Verpertine Demo Platform

The Liason Collaborative

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Garden Party

If you want to grab this gorgeous set from Sanctuaire you’d better hurry…its their gift in The Four Walls Hunt. This Hunt ends on the 15th September…and each gift is valued around 250L , but…youre going to pay only 10L ! I was totally surprised when I unpacked this set…so much ! Six chairs, all with poses, the long table with such a pretty runner along its length…all six place settings that are just adorable and detailed…candlesticks,a bowl of fruit..its just gorgeous.

It also comes with the wooden deck , posts and bunting ! I love that you can use as much or as little of this as you wish…Im always running out of prims ! It’s a visual feast truly..and sooper pretty..I might even have to find homes for the candlesticks around my bedroom…btw…while youre at the store hunting..take a walk outside and check out the homes in the rezzer…I had a quick peek last night…some lovely vintage feel builds and low prim too..Im going back for another gander later today, got a feeling I havent seen it all !


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Let The Games Begin!

Ok so I admit it…I blubbed last night as I watched the opening ceremony to the Olympic Games…Queeny & Phillip were awesome…did you see the James Bond clip? Gawd the Queen just ROCKS ! Fantastic start…I hope this is a great Olympics, I’m so excited ! Sooo in the spirit of all things British…I found a coupla themed things to share with you..above I have a sooper cute union jack dress…fresh of the market place and free…my bubblegum, which also comes in the Olympic flavour..was a was the bunting…the grungy Union Jack flag was a freebie!

The awesomesauce from HC Creations…LORD this is sooo coolio…Im just showing a FEW of the textures you can play with, it actually contains 33..pillows,bed cover and headboard…all can be customised ! Not only that but…its just seven prims…and has 2×30 Singles and  33 Couple animations….and they are REALLY lovely animations…(I have one of these beds in my home) The poses are cuddly..AND adult *squeee*…can you believe this is just TEN Lindens? Mhmmm it really is ! Go get into the spirit…grab yourself some British cool….and good luck to ALL of the nations participating ❤

Dress by Osome Chrome

HC Creations – bed

Bubble gum & bunting

Union Jack Flag