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FREE for Easter!

Skipped over to KIYOMIZU and did a little bit of the black cat hunt yay! Love these hunts, always a new shop here and there plus of course my old favourites – such as Karin. Sweet suspender style dress is the prize, all the major mesh body fits and uhm I think some standard too.

Hot footed it to Frangipani Garden and scooped up their gift of this Easter Bunny girl outfit. Maitreya fit only boohoo – I wear Slink physique buttt I somehow managed to squeeze into it with some nifty editing of my crotch area ! Love love love the wearable tray!. No group to join, all $0L and great fun – you’re looking for a cheeky black cat – enjoy!


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The Not so cuddly bunny

CandyMetal have a new group gift out yay! Its to celebrate Halloween…”The Evil Bunny” comprises of a skin (five versions included) a mesh corset – with or without blood stains, a string, and of course a pair of bunneh ears ! (there’s also a fluffy tail awwww) I’m showing the skin with the whiskers on…but I also really loved the one with blood on it…decisions decisions ! Thanks Emychan xx


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Bubblez has a very special offer on at the moment…until the end of April you will be able to buy this darling little Easter Bunny outfit for just 50L ! It comes with everything you see (apart from the basket) The big ole floppy ears & flowers in your hair, pink bunnynose & whiskers, a carrot for your mouth and some big bunny teeth…plusss the daisies for your neck and oh oh OH…the socks..SO cute with little pompoms..theres also a bunny tail at the rear ! Dont forget, this offer is only until April 30th…after that it will not be on sale.

Also recently released is this new outfit for the lucky board ! The “jailbird” dress, is stunningly stripey…with  a hoody …and turned up cuffs…go see if you can get lucky…Im never ever good at those boards but everytime I visit Bubblez..I always come away wih  a prize yay! Thanks Milo xx

Bubblez main store


Bunny girl

.Ange. Pink Bunny 165L

Easter is almost upon us the season of bunnies & copious chocolate consumption yummie. Ange Jacobus showed me her darrrling Bunny outfit today and it stole my heart. Softest shade of candy pink, fluffy cotton tail sits perkily on your tushie,the sweetest pair of bunnie ears ,proper bow tie adorns your throat, enough? Nooope…theres also a dreamy pink pair of heels to go with it! This classic bunny outfit is all yours for just 165L..get grabbby! Buy inworld or on the market place here:

.Ange. Spring Blue Tank Set 95L

Just in time for the spring break is this cutie-pie shorts set. I’m a bit picky when it comes to shorts and can’t bear those ones that go all strange at the crotch…you know? No worries with these from Ange they sit perfectly and are superbly detailed around the seams & edges. The spring bright top is a real winner, with it floral decked hem and happy-smiley colours. The body prim is so well crafted I didn’t have to fiddle one little bit phew! Available instore or on the marketplace here:

.Ange. Group Gift for April

*blinkblinkblink* suchhh a zingy lemon outfit! Yessss it’s a group gift from Ange hurrah! Gawd I just adore bright bright yellow..its makes me feel all juicy & sunbeamy. Hurry along and collect your gift today, thank you Ange !

Go get juicy: Ange