Easter Parade

Finishing Touches Easter decor_002

Such a lovely time of year, all those Spring flowers peeking up from the ground. Finishing Touches has absolutely ooodles of pretties for your home ! There are quite a few different styles of planters & flowers for your perusal over at Cookie Jar Designer Warehouse where you can find an assortment at 50% off the usual price, until the 4th of April…I so loved the little tricycle and the paper bag…

finishing touches wheelbarrow with day lillies & foxgloves

I thought the wheelbarrow was just perfect for your seasonal gardening…a really good variety of flowers to make a beautiful display…

finishing touches wagon with daylillies

Theres also this little pull along…complete with a tub of flowers for planting…as you can see I’m busy gardening already !

finishing touches cart_001

In the main store location there’s plenty of new pieces to get into the Easter celebrations with…Im lounging about in the gift from Finishing Touches, it’s for The Evil Bunny Hunt…brimming with poses so you can cozy up too Mister Bunneh while he decorates an egg ! Make sure you don’t miss out on the “wall pouches”, I adore them, available in different colours , ohhhhhh and take a look at the mesh Easter Egg tree while you’re there, its glorious!

Finishing Touches

Cookie Jar Designer Warehouse


Bubblez Easter hunt & Argyle Anonymous new release!

Bubblez & Argyle Anonymous

Ever go to a store..see all the newness and just swoon? That would be me as I innocently mooched into Argyle Anonymous the other day..oh-mai-lawd..Swan Ling has been working her little puddies to the bone ! There are new shoesss, new frocks, and some gorjusss cupcake tee’s…new items are just splattered allllll around yay! Swan let me show you thisssss new “woodstock” dress..and its just lully..washed out floral fabric, with pockets on the front..now I think those are lollipops in the pocket butttt Swan says they are shroooms..because I have led a sheltered life…Im gonna go with lollipops ! (never argue with the designer btw cause ya know..they are alwaysssss right dammit lol) and whats that in my hand hmmm? Wellll Bubblez has an easter hunt yippeee! The hunt gift is this dahling wearable bunny in a bottle and a necklace ! The bunnies eye even blink awww ! Clue for the bubblez hunt is ” I’m by the lake outside the shop” go finddddd it! *squidges for Swan & milo* thank you for letting me show !

Go get shrooomed & bunneh’d: Argyle Anonymous   (I have no idea why but I always land in the water when using this LM,fly up and straight ahead to get to AA)        Bubblez