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It’s not OMG it’s TMG…(Freebie(S)).

“TMG” stands, of course, for Two Moon Gardens. Since I know this shop well I know that as well as the ground level on platform 2 & 3 are also Lucky Boards and mini mania type boards so I always know to TP to all levels and click in those boards and check the Lucky Boards for my initial and for the first time ever on “Platform 2” all 3 boards have Group Gifts for us.

This ice pond has light sparkles floating up from it. You get the pond, those purply flowers, frosty grass, ferns and that very frost tree is inc. As always it comes in a super easy to use rezzer and you can rip it apart just for the heck of it if you want to.

It’s a perfect size for a small home/garden.

The LM takes you to the ground, make sure to check out the boards there and then TP to the other 2 platforms to get this and the other Group Gifts.

UPDATE: Dayum I didn’t realise that there is also an Advent going on as well.

Two Moon Gardens.

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Ohhhh to satisfy my craving for something natty to wear…just in time *RibboN* have got a newwww gatcha out..its a BUNNEH! yipppeeeee…these are unisex..and come in alllll sorts of colours..and best of all…transferable…(I’ve got a green one for Zan!) Super easy to alpha & one bunneh voila…off you go…oooo and guess whut? Its only 31L per play…go go go !