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Free home

Free home mesh & sculpts inc some furniture

I think I’m going senile, I meant to post this along with the pool party release and totally forgot. This home is by BBX and is currently up for grabs for free on the market place. I was pleasantly surprised by it, Id only nabbed it to take some photos in ! Pretty bungalow style living space, here’s the deets:

• Permission: Copy – Modify – No Transfer

• Area: 32×32 – Perfect for 1024 sqm lands or more !

• Prims: 90

• Easy Rez system !

• Have Sculpted & Mesh Parts,

• Menu Driving Bed, Couches

• Furnished

• Television System ( Gift Pack )

• Windows System ( TOUCH )

• Animated Carpet (color changeable)

• Nice Colours

• High Detail Textures

I was impressed with the general build, some nice features for a freebie, grab it and take a look?!

BBX marketplace

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Home & Garden Expo part quatre


HGE Glas Houses - Veronika prefab

I had the pleasure of taking a look at some of the new builds by Sandi Glas, the one above is “Veronika” and its my favourite ! Veronika is a large and spacious bungalow type home. A huge lounge area with bricked wall one end which is perfect for placing a fire against. Some lovely features with working blinds (open,closed and a little of both) The front is very traditional with flower beds all ready to plant up and a rear patio area that’s large enough to take furniture and plants. It feel so homely and cozy inside, beautiful cream doors fitted throughout.

HGE Veronika home - Loks plants

I found the patio of the Veronika home ideal for the Lok planters, which I totally fell in love with as they are almost identical to the one in my real life garden. Pumpkin patches for seasonal colour above . Free bucket & mop from [DDD] btw.

HGE Veronika home Lok's

Some vibrant daisies in a quadrant shaped pallet  which stole my heart right away (yes I’m a sucker for pretty flowers)

HGE Lok's

At the front in those bedding areas I placed these vibrant sunflowers ! I adore sunflowers, they always remind me of soldiers in a row. Loks has plenty of new items to get you busy ferreting in your wallets – from plants to industrial styled bedrooms and lounges.

Glas Houses @ The Home & Garden Expo

Lok’s @ The Home & Garden Expo

Home & Garden Expo Blog

[DDD] Group gift bucket & mop


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Challenging Times

The Challenge  [bauwerk] California Bungalow Night Stand

I have a few more pieces to share with you from this months round of The Challenge. The theme is Californian Bungalow…lets get the party started with this stylish night stand from  [bauwerk]. Despite being called a night stand, which  it also makes a really cool side table . I’m using it in my lounge at home and the lamp casts a cozy glow for a great chilled atmosphere…in the box you’ll find not only this version with everything on (books,vase etc) but also a plain version, and the decor items separate. Brilliant if you want to create your own unique look.

The Challenge L&K Californian bungalow

Also in this months round is L & K Prefabs, they have made this stunning bungalow. YES, a whole home ! Deep purple with a blueish hue on the outside, the interior is more organic in tone. You also get a choice of version in the box, with or without baked shadows…oh AND…nifty little feature is the drapes on the interior doors have a control unit by them that offers a choice of drapes & glass…I totally loved that. I placed some of the set from Cleo Design on the porch..just looked SO right there ! Low prim and totally mesh …go see it.

The Challenge End of Daze dining at home 11 prims total

Last for today is the “Dinner at Home” set from End Of Daze…Ive come to love EoD’s low prim style, and this is no disappointment. An incredible 11 prims for the whole set *gasp*, each chair is just 2 prims, the table only 3 prims, and I have to say, the poses in the chairs are soooo fab ! New round of The Challenge begins on the 30th of April…I cant wait !

The Challenge web site  (if you’re a designer and wish to join The Challenge, you’ll find all the info here also)

End of Daze


L & K