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Taking a break.(Freebie & 25Ld GG’s).

I got killed not just once but twice at the PaloQuest and I can take a hint! It does look like a fab hunt and if you have the time I think this will be a brilliant way to relax and as long as you don’t get killed.

So I TP’d home, with a pack of dino balloons as compensation, they are a gift set out for everyone, to continue decorating my house and this top was sent to me.

Even as it is it’s a really nice top, lots of fits, BUT it comes as separates! I’m not “ragging” on the shirt but the vest is the one with all the fold and creases and it would be a great way to tart up a lot of other tops.  So I TPed over to TBO (The Beautiful Ones) shop and yup this is a Subscribers Gift.  As always if it’s not been sent to you and you have subbed before you know what to do.

I’d totally recommend joining the TBO group as it’s ONLY 25Lds and for that, you not only get this top with a colour hud but there is actually a lot of other very wearables GG’s.  I do recognise some of them as being previously blogged but this top, the full pack not this Sub gift, is new so I don’t know what else is new esp to you.

The Sub gift is behind the reception desk and the 25Ld GG’s are on the wall nearby.

PS.  I heard the countdown noise of Lucky Chair so I did a bit of camming and although I couldn’t see them I did spot upstairs is an outlet section as well as a small selection of builds and although I’m not buying it there is one of those compact desk sets…you will know what I mean if you look at it.  Pretty different so you might want to check out upstairs as well.

The Beautiful Ones.(TBO)


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Just randomness.

I’m doing a bit of random sim hopping which is how I landed on to this fantasy/sandbox/RP/sim.

I hate purple which is about the only bad thing I can say about it lol.

Don’t worry if you hear the sounds of gunfire it’s not it’s just the excellent fireworks overhead.

I’ve saved this to use as a backdrop but even I occasionally use Sandboxes esp when our sim is down for maintenance.

You will have to be an “adult” to visit and this is a welcoming sim to all, from Furries to OMG’s everyone is welcome.  I like sandboxes like this because some sandboxes are used by people as pick up joints and I find more often than not on sims where everyone is welcomed they have a strong anti-bullying/bothering policy and these are the sims where people leave you alone to just do your own thing.

Monsterbox (Sandbox)

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Country abode

Scarlet Creative Moon rise cottage NEW

So so so a new round of collabor88 is upon us, this months theme is muted coven (whatever that might be?!) Anyway, there’s some really nice stuffage to grab up if you’re in the mood. Scarlet Creative has this stupendous bui.ld out , and at just $188L its a steal . This is “moonrise cottage”, and I’m really chuffed to see the sort of interior layout that I so enjoy from Charlotte. Lots of different levels, rooms and a really cozy feel to the whole place. It would actually lend itself to many genres of decoration, a full size model is out on display for you to poke around in !

Scarlet Creative Moon rise cottage NEW!

I’m not remotely religious but I love Church inspired design, perhaps I was a vicar in a former life ! This home has some beautiful windows allllll around, the light really does stream through them. Go check it out ! Thanks Charlotte ❤


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One door closes…

Estatica Harding Doors - Full Perms

One door closes..another opens, that’s what my mother always says. Interesting things – doors. We open them…to so many things. Celebrations, homecomings, loved ones and holidays. We also close them, with varying degrees of emotion…SLAM…it shut on a bad time, closed quietly so not to wake a child…closed and locked for when we leave…The humble door huh? It’s the first thing people see and notice of your home…it needs to say something about your style..yet its so often neglected. I have these doors from estatica called “Harding”. Traditional, solid…the sort of door that says “this is my castle, my home, all I care for is kept safe behind it”. These are for builders, full perms and if you rush across and join the group before the 16th of will get 50% off! Even if you purchase from the market place. Head over and take a look , low prim and beautifully made…thanks estatica ❤

estatica store