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percent drinking foutain

I’ve never owned a drinking fountain in Secondlife, so this was a nice surprise from % percent for the Home Show. Low Li, made in marvellous mesh and super sweet poses to boot ! Percent has a booth at the Home Show 2015, if you’re into building you can get this fountain as part of a DIY kit, or just buy it premade for your own use.

percent bench

This bench has it all, again you can get it in a builders kit, or buy it separately. Apparently the ready-made has less animations than the one in the kit but its the same build, same gorgeous design. Its part of a larger set called “Olmstead”, there are curved benches, straight ones, rubbish bins and recycling dumpsters, actually anything you could possibly need to make a park space look real. I really enjoyed the “performer” section of the menu, instruments rez , you can dance – FUN !

percent bench NEW

Plenty to keep you busy, singles & couples,eating, drinking,reading and much more! Go take a look at the Home Show.

Home Show 2015

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Fabulous Mesh

Iam getting SO excited about the home decor revolution in mesh ! So many new items are coming forth..Steve spotted this full perms mesh desk kit on the market place by Meli Imako..totally stunning and its a gift ! Because its full perms you will receive all the maps etc to build you own pieces if you wish also contains a demo of the whole thing..soooo if you’re lazy like moi..rez the demo and use it in your home study or office. It isn’t animated obviously but it sure is a good looking bit of kit…if youre into building..add your own animations , or even get into the mesh party and learn how to build it !

Mesh Desk set: Market Place store