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BFF – Big Fat Fail !

Uhoh, so I didn’t do so well on my months budget of $50L. Every thing was sailing along quite nicely in the first two weeks. Got an apartment for $20L , coupla sweet dollarbie clothes items – then BOOM – a nice Clawtooth hair on FLF – nabbed it !I thought I would keep it as my little secret, so continued on with the plan – but real life became awkward and full of WORK – like 17 hour days sort of work – and I went crazy spending in Second life. Made me realise what a stress buster Second life is for me – spending just a few pennies made me HAPPY and less stressheady !

So no budget for me for the foreseeable future ! Zan wins hands down ❤

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Something to Lounge in $1L

Oh my days – I found this on the market place – haven’t had time to scope if it’s in the store but TADAH! This is from Furtacor and is called “Isadora”, you get the dress plus a cute pair of mule style shoes. Nice shaped side hem and a racer style back, all semi sheer. There is a Hud with further patterns and plain colours included. Fits: ★ Maitreya ★Slink★Belleza ★Tonic ★ Standard .


Happy Sunday ❤

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Dollar Heaven


Quick prowl on the market place yielded some results for me this afternoon. I was thinking ahead to V day – and found these “Kiss Me! panties for $1L by Dark Betty – mesh body fits : Maitreya, Belleza, Slink Mesh Bodies. Check out my lace stockings by Reign, I really really love these – great fit with Slink high feet ! Not on the market place yet, but you can find them in store here .

Also snapped up this sweet little scrap of a dress in a lovely shade of pink from ADI…$1L mesh body fits: Belleza, Slink, Maitreya,
Ebody. My prop above is by Fashiowl (yes AGAIN!) I really dig their poses and props, wish they wouldn’t keep moving their in world store though, I keep on landing in people’s homes !

ADI dress

Dark Betty panties

Fashiowl market place store (just to be safe!)

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Be Sage

I popped over to an event that Zan highlighted the other day here and was really glad I did. The Survivors of Suicide event is a lovely small set of stalls , definitely tempting to spend – which of course I did. I played a gacha from Sage and got a couple of these cardi – dress sets – brilliant thing is not only can you make it all festive, but the Hud has loads of non festive colours ! All for $50L and the thrill of the gacha ❤

Anyway, a small waffle…when you arrive at this event you’ll find yourself in front of a big board. On the board are squares denoting different life events that you might be going through. Back in July my mum died, and the grief for that is still something of a daily occurrence for me, I took one of the note-cards from the board about “grief” and it really touched me. Such a lovely thing to do during this season when everyone is rushing about being all merry and happy – bit of a reminder to also be a little mindful that others might be going through a rough time – love your friends, family, neighbours ❤

Survivors of Suicide


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Gotta have Faith

New release from Stars Fashion and a PROMO price of just $50L ! You get an itty bitty short denim skirt, and a ruffle off the shoulder blouse. Mesh body fits plus standard mesh sizes all included. You also get a mahoosive Hud to change the colour of the skirt, the body of the t-shirt andddd the ruffled edge.

Here’s the aforementioned Hud – plenty of choices means lots of flexibility, especially as they are stand alone pieces to add to your wardrobe – brilliant! Don’t forget this is a LIMITED time promotion.

Stars Fashion

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CandyMetal - modern witch NEW!

Just in time for some major Halloween fun , Candymetal have released a sweet modern-day witch outfit for you. A short mesh mini skirt that dips just low enough at the front to reveal the lacy panties that are included. Mesh corset that fits so well..

CandyMetal modern witch shoes (come with outfit) NEW!

plus these super little orange coloured pumps with a studded bow on the front. It’s all you need to get in the mood ! The complete outfit will only set you back 30L yay!


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Beat those Budget blues

PARADISIS - Budget outfit Marie 59L NEW!

Paradisis is launching  brilliant new idea to help all us fashionistas ! There is going to be a new line of outfits a “budget” busting range. The outfits will be just 59L a set and if this first release is anything to go by, they will be outstanding value! Above is the first set , called Marie, and wowser not only is it sooooo pretty to wear all together, think about the mixing & matching action with all the items as separates.

You get the mesh plaid skirt, shoulder slot mesh top with sweet logo…mesh gloves andddd long socks/stockings – I LOVE ! I knowwww I will wear the sweater top out with jeans ..and the skirt with its stud detail is just delicious..what a great idea – thanks Paradisis ❤

Paradisis Store

Paradisis market place store (demo available)